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This is SO GOOD. Avocados make the best chocolate pudding. Seriously..

DIY nut butter cups in a flash..

DIY a Starbucks-style matcha Frappe!..

This tofu makes a delicious salad-topper or protein-rich side!

Go-to vegan lunch idea!..

Not into coffee or looking for alternatives? I've got you covered!..

This is one of my favorite salad dressings everrrrrr. Spicy and sweet.

Vegan cheesecake worth making. And it is easier than you may think! Peanut butter and jelly flavors..

This big entree salad bowl has the most amazing flavors! Flavor bomb recipe..

Love these cookies as an after-school style treat! Filled with healthy ingredients..

These rolls are so flavorful with avocado and tempeh bacon..

Snickers bars gone vegan..

Love these flavorful mushroom burgers. The sauce is amazing..

Artichokes are not so scary when you know how to work with them!..

English muffins make fun and fast pizza crusts!..

Frosty, minty, lovely green shake..

Pasta night is easy with this blender avocado sauce..

I love using hummus instead of cheese for "quesadillas" like these..

These are all my fave things, in a cute savory parfait bowl..

Brunch or breakfast go-to! Tofu in a skillet..

Vegan Grilled Cheese amazingness..

My go-to latte in the morning!..

Quickie dinner option, classic flavors. Spaghetti and "meat"balls..

Craving a quick and cozy fall dessert? This pumpkin pudding will do it!..

DIY candy is the best. These turtles are so caramel-y and perfect!..

Pumpkin-infused chocolate desserts are the best. One of my fave brownie recipes..

Bring me all the nog... Especially when pumpkin spice is involved!..

Love this creamy, comforting soup with skillet chickpeas on top!..

This is the yummiest thing to do with a date..

Some clips of my fave video moments! Meet me! Hi.

Watermelon blender ice cream is a summertime favorite of mine! So healthy and refreshing!..

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