What's in My Camera Bag!

For everyone who is wondering what I shoot with for food photography and my lifestyle photography, here is what is in my camera bag + my wishlist!

9/2016 -- I Currently Shoot With:

My Camera Body: Canon 6D. About five years ago I upgraded from the Canon EOS 7D to the 6D and I have been very happy. Both cameras are awesome and perform beautifully. The next step up would be the Canon Mark 5D. That camera body has a larger style and it is the one that most professionals call their go-to Canon body. But I am happy with my 6D and don't feel the need to upgrade anytime soon!


* The one that I use most often for food photography: Canon Macro EF 100mm 2.8 L - fixed lens
I loooove this lens for food photos. It is so versatile because I can get far away shots as well as close up "food porn" shots without needing to change lenses. I very rarely take this lens off of my camera when I am shooting food at home! The only time is when I need to get a zoomed out shot wit a lot of elements. I adore this lens and it is my favorite macro. If you want to be a food photographer or food blogger this is my #1 must have lens!

* My favorite lens ever: Canon EF 50mm 1.2 L - fixed lens
I am in love with this baby. It is so dreamy, like a warm summer breeze with the aroma of fresh honeysuckle blossoms and coconut sun tan lotion. Or like a crisp breeze on the first day of fall. Or a fresh layer of snow on a hillside, dotted with pine trees. I love this lens. If I could only have one lens on my camera - ever - I would choose this lens. It takes the most amazing 'true to life' and portrait style photos. I love it when I travel. I shot all my photos in Switzerland Florence Italy London and Ireland with this lens. (Photo examples at end of post!)

This lens DOES take gorgeous food photos, but you don't get those up close macro shots with it so you have to keep that in mind. This lens captures color, texture and LIGHT beautifully. Oh this lens loves natural light so so much.

* The lens I love for dreamy landscape shots: Canon 16-35mm EF 1:4 L
I purchased this camera specifically for our recent trip to Kauai Hawaii. I really wanted a zoom lens and also one that is a wide angle zoom to get in gorgeous landscape shots. I love this lens for dramatic landscapes. It really picks up the scenery beautiful with crisp shots and gorgeous colors. However, I do not really like this lens for shots with people. Only because it the person is on the edge of the shot and you are zoomed out at all, it will distort their body a bit. This lens distorts the images. But in a GOOD way for landscapes. This is a great zoom lens and I am glad I have it in my kit.

But wait, these are so expensive!.. And yes, my lenses are more expensive because I like to buy the EF quality. If I am charging a client for a project, I like to make sure I have professional quality lenses.

But you can absolutely go with something less expensive if you are just getting started with photography. There are a bunch of reviews out there for lenses under $500 that are amazing.

A note about fixed vs. zoom. For crisp shots, I really adore fixed lenses. They certainly do not give you the flexibility of a zoom lens, but I just find that they perform so well. That is why I love my two main lenses - both fixed!! I have owned a few zoom lenses for food photography in the past and just didn't like them as much.

I hope this helps you on your food photography journey!!

Photo examples:

50mm Lens:

* Switzerland

* Switzerland

As macro as you can get for food with this lens -- gorgeous "blur" or "bokeh" though!..

* London, Pont st - vegan oatmeal

* Belfast, Northern Ireland

* dark hedges, Northern Ireland - aka Game of Thrones "King's Road"

100mm Macro Lens: vegan avocado pizza post

16-35mm Zoom lens: (Kauai)

And a girl can dream..

My Camera Wishlist:

I would love to try out the Canon 85mm fixed lens at some point, I bet it is amazing - similar to the 50mm.

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