Life Updates + Personal Posts

Life Updates + Personal Posts + Random Essays

I don't always post about food. Though these stories sometimes involve wellness, food habits, eating, veganism and food culture - I also love to explore life journeys in general. From personal growth to grief and sadness to joy and light and gratitude and sometimes just some silly ramblings that inspire me. Work life balance, relationships, the internet, mindfulness, wellness habits, love, loss and more.

I hope you enjoy browsing my personal writings and essays. I adore reading your comments on them and appreciate that you are here not just for the food, but also for a slice of life and thoughtfulness and growth. One of my favorite quotes about blogging says something like, "If you guys wanted a recipe for peach pie, you would grab a cookbook. But if you want peach pie with a side of life, and a big scoop of the unexpected, you will come to a blog. Once, twice and for the long journey of it." I totally paraphrased and embellished that, but you get the idea!

Food blogs are not just online cookbooks, they are constantly evolving online spaces for food, family, love, growth, lessons, fun and stories. So while I try to weave a bit of my life into each and every recipe post, these blogposts are my most thoughtful and targeted on specific things I have gone through, learned or contemplated. Thank you for giving me a safe space on the internet to share some of my most precious stories. Thank you. ps. You can view more adventures here: View my TRAVEL stories + posts.

11/2017 Swim in the Adriatic

11/2017 Catch Up: Interviews

10/2017 Kitty Teeth: Sochi Cat

6/2017 Baby Talk

3/2017 On Healing... Patience. Uncertainty. Optimism. And Everything In Between.

1/2017 10 Things About Birthdays

9/2016 Your Life Will Change When You Realize "Perfect" is Overrated

7/2016 Sensitive Person Like Me? 5 Tips

5/2016 10 Ways to Feel Better When You Feel Like Crap

3/2016 March Martras. Slowing Down.

1/2016 Losing My Dad

11/2015 To Share or Not to Share? Privacy and What it Means to be Real Online.

9/2015 101 Things That I Love. Happiness Reflection.

5/2015 My Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen Cookbook Launch Party

4/2015 On Mindfulness: My Phone Died and it was Awesome

3/2015 10 cool Things This Week: Natural Products Expo and More

3/2015 Hosting and Event at SXSW in Austin

2/2015 I'm Having a Moment: My Books Came!

2015 5 Reasons Why I am Vegan and Thoughts of Veganism

10/2014 Wellness Gets Real: My Story with Food, Unhealthy Habits and Overcoming an Eating Disorder

9/2014 Friendly Kitchen Safety Reminder: MY Thumb vs. The Pumpkin Can

8/2014 Scenes from a Celebrity Gifting Suite: 365 Vegan Smoothies Promotion

7/2014 Vegans are not Annoying: 10 Reasons Why

6/2014 Smoothie Videos with Sophie

5/2014 The Social Side of Blogging: Camp Blogaway and More

2/2014 Sochi and MrWhite: A Valentine's Day Kitten Adoption Love Story

12/2013 Three Weeks (Since Nelly Passed..) Lessons Learned: Loss. Tears of Joy. And the Appreciation of Sadness.

11/2013 In Loving Memory of Nelly the Cat: Love, Light, Gratitude and Loss

9/2013 Nelly Update (And Pie)

6/2013 Smoothies Book Sneak Peek + Fridge Photo Shoot

5/2013 Fireworks + Summer Adventures

5/2012 News to Share! 365 Vegan Smoothie Book

7/2011 Recipe Videos with Gena Hamshaw

3/2010 Fake Meat Products: Defending or Defeating the Point??

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