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Shop Now -- Philosophie Online Store -- CODE: LunchboxLove <- 10% off all orders! SuperFoods. I adore my friend Sophie's Superfood brand, Philosophie. Some of my favorite products from her brand, that I always have in my kitchen, are:

* Green Dream Superfood Powder -- green goodness, packed with protein, greens and other superfoods - a nutty delicious flavor.
* Berry Bliss Superfood Powder -- Mild amazing berry flavor, loads of vitamin C, protein and other superfoods.
* Cacao Magic Superfood Powder. Pretty much the best chocolate superfood powder I have ever tasted. Protein, raw cacao, maca, reishi and more. Hot or cold, this stuff is amazing.

Love this superfood mama!..

Some blogposts I have done featuring Philosophie:

* Trio of Smoothies
* Big Protein Powder Guide

I also love her Philosophie Cleanse! My mom even ordered it once without telling me about it, a week later she was raving about the "superfood cleanse" she was on. I was like, "What cleanse?" And she proceeded to rave about the goodies in Sophie's wellness cleanse program.

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Watch Sophie and I blend up superfood smoothies here.

disclaimer: I receive and affiliate % from each Philosophie purchase using my code LunchboxLove, starting March 2015.