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Finding Vegan is a website I started in July 2011. I started it because I realized that there were SO many amazing vegan blogs and recipes on the internet. I really wanted one website where I could browse vegan recipes and keep up to date with my favorite bloggers. Instead of remembering to visit ten, twenty blogs a day - I can just browse FV daily and check out which recipes catch my eye. The front page changes every hour, so checking the site can become quite addicting! And the best part about FV is that it allows me to discover blogs and recipes I might never have come across otherwise. Some of my favorite blogs were discovered via Finding Vegan!

New Vegan Heaven. I send ALL my newbie vegan friends to Finding Vegan. Using the search box and categories, I tell them that they can find a vegan recipes for pretty much just about ANYTHING they crave. Thousands of recipes to search..

Trusted Resource.
FV has grown to become a go-to resource for anyone looking for a wide variety of blogger-created vegan recipes. Browse the photos and click on any post to be taken directly to the full recipe on the authors' website. ALL our content has been submitted by the bloggers themselves - no funny business. (Bloggers submit, we approve our favorites!)

PPK 100! was listed on the 2012 PPK 100!

Come Visit! I really hope you will click over, register for an account, start "heart-ing" your favorite recipes to store them in your private "favorites" folder, and if you are a food blogger - vegan or not - I hope you will start submitting your own recipes! Just make sure that they are free of all animal products. Vegan or not, I invite all food bloggers to submit to FV and to discover how responsive, friendly and enthusiastic the vegan-recipe loving community is! is quickly growing, always improving and always open to your feedback and ideas. And in case you haven't noticed, I am so very proud of it!

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But I'm not the only one .. check out all the kind words Finding Vegan bloggers have to say about the site:

Blogger Testimonials:

"Finding Vegan is the number-one traffic source for my blog, Vegan Iowan. When I began blogging, I felt like I had valuable content to share, but didn't have anyone to whom it really spoke. Finding Vegan has drawn thousands of people to my blog in the few short months of its existence, and its readers have sparked great conversation and provided excellent feedback to my posts. As a relatively new vegan, Finding Vegan is also an invaluable resource as I discover recipes and navigate my new lifestyle. It's the perfect platform for vegans to exchange recipes and learn from each other!" - Kelly, Vegan Iowan

"Finding Vegan has been a main driver for my blog traffic and had undoubtedly resulted in many new readers. It is my go-to site for discovering vegan recipes, resources and blogs. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my posts via this platform."
- Livvy Z, 86 Lemons

"Finding Vegan is such an amazing website for food bloggers. By simply submitting our recipe images, we've seen a HUGE increase in engagement and readership. Furthermore, Kathy knows what she's doing and always kindly re-shares our images on Twitter and Facebook. We've connected with so many vegans this way! I can't say enough about this site - join and start submitting!" - Dana of Minimalist Baker

"Finding Vegan brings a lot of deeply engaged readers to my site. The people who are referred from FV hang around my site much longer than traffic from other recipe/blog submission sites. There's a built-in interest in food that nourishes the body + earth with its users that's really helped to grow my audience." - Laura, The First Mess

"Finding Vegan has been an enormous inspiration for me since I stumbled across the website both as a photographer and blogger, but also as a community member. I find great joy in sharing with like minded men and women who are as committed to a cruelty free lifestyle as myself. Thank you, Finding Vegan, for all you are-- and keep up the great work!"
- Nicole Leigh, Willow & Thyme Photography / Nicole Eats

"Finding Vegan is one of my very favorite websites--period! Drool-worthy photos that always lead me to some great new culinary discovery, plus a chance to share my own creations with a huge, appreciative, vegan audience--what more could you ask for as a food blogger? I've been submitting since the beginning and have enjoyed watching how the site has evolved and grown (and how referrals to my blog have grown, too!). It's so great to see that all kinds of bloggers, vegan and non-vegan alike, are tapped into Finding Vegan."
- Ricki Heller, Diet Dessert and Dogs

"FindingVegan has been a fantastic resource to share my own video recipes and to discover more delicious vegan blogs. I'm always inspired (and hungry!) after browsing the site." - Cobi, Veggietorials

"I didn't realize how just much demand there was for good vegan food until I started submitted my recipes to Finding Vegan. Now Finding Vegan is my number one source of referral traffic for my blog. And I love that I get to share my passion with so many like-minded people. Thank you. :)" - Nikki, Eating Vibrantly

"I've been submitting to Finding Vegan since the beginning. It's easy and quick to post, and the site is very welcoming and accessible for bloggers. I'm not a superstar photographer, and my photos are often rejected by the 'glamorous' sites, but I know they always have a home on Finding Vegan. That's because Finding Vegan is primarily about the food, vegan food, and sharing ideas and inspiration with others. I love perusing the site as a visitor, as I always find something creative and delicious-looking to whip up in my kitchen. Finding Vegan has also brought tremendous exposure to my blog. It is the #5 all-time referrer to my site. Whenever I have a post on Finding Vegan, I always get lots of click-thru's. Kathy has featured my posts on Facebook and Twitter numerous times, which I really appreciate. But it's not just about the traffic - Finding Vegan is a way for food bloggers to discover and get to know one another, which has been fun and rewarding for all of us." - Sondi Bruner, The Copycat Cook

"I submit all my recipe posts to Finding Vegan because their audience is passionate about vegan food! I get consistent quality traffic from their followers, traffic that spends time on my site and digs into other recipes."
- Stephanie Weaver, The Recipe Renovator

"FindingVegan continues to bring communities together whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, health conscious, simply have dietary restrictions, or even anyone. The website gives us an opportunity to not only expand and share our love for vegan and healthy cuisine, but to also interact with amazing bloggers around the world. Thanks to Kathy, who made this happen." - Rika, Vegan Miam

"While there are other image driven food sites, is the only one that consistently provides me the perfect selection of veg friendly mouth-watering images. As images are featured on the site, my traffic dramatically increases. I am so glad that there is a kind and animal friendly way to enjoy food photography thanks to Finding Vegan!" - Amanda Prince, Sunny Vegan

"Finding Vegan is an amazing site that has allowed me to connect to other vegan people, websites and blogs. It not only lets us share our wonderful creations and yumyums, but also inspires us daily with high quality food photography." - Madison, Veggieful

"I am very thankful for Finding Vegan- it is the only food gallery site I use alongside Food Gawker and Tastespotting so it is definitely up there with the best! What makes it such a pleasure you use is knowing that every gorgeous image I drool over is also plant based! It's steadily brought an increase in traffic to my blog over the last year and is now one of my most consistent sources. Keep up the good work!" - Jo, Including Cake

"I love having access to a foodporn site completely devoted to vegan dishes - finally there is the opportunity to get my blog out to the perfect audience. And it really has brought some of the best, most interested and loyal readers to my blog, Quiche-Week."
- Molly, Quiche a Week

"Finding Vegan is a wonderful site for everyone to come together and share all of the beautiful and delicious food that they've created. It's a great way for bloggers to get their dishes seen by the countless readers that visit Finding Vegan every day. I know it's been true for me - every time a picture of mine is posted to Finding Vegan I see such a huge influx of new readers visiting my site. I absolutely love Finding Vegan!" - Matthew, Vegan Heartland

"I have been submitting most of my dishes at FindingVegan, and in my initial days of blogging, I can say my main source of traffic was FindingVegan, I should be thankful for that. I should also add that it's one place where vegans and vegetarians can see so many recipes, thanks Kathy for that and now with the all the improvisations, it's even better. Great Work Kathy, keep going.." - Hema, Aromatic Cooking

"Finding Vegan is such a great tool not only for vegans and vegetarians but also for omnivores that likes to experiment with vegan food. You can get endless inspiration for vegan recipes and make amazing vegan culinary discoveries. A whole new world will unravel on your computer screen as you'll flip through the pages. Who knew you can bake mouth-watering vegan chocolate chip cookies or vegan blueberry muffins that are just as good (probably better) than the non-vegan version? Certainly not me just a couple of years ago. That's why I love FV soooo much!" - Mike, TheIronYou

"Seven months ago, when I submitted my first food photo to Finding Vegan, I had no idea how important FV would become to the health of my blog, Vegan Yumminess. In the last three months alone, FV has referred over 4,400 visits to my blog. To say that I'm grateful and thrilled is an understatement!" - Lindsay, Vegan Yumminess

"Finding Vegan is a fabulous site! I have discovered blogs I never new even knew about that are now current readers of my own blog. FV has definitely helped me to reach out to other bloggers like myself."
- Jenn, Edible Sound Bites

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