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Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake.

Chocolate Layer Cake is a dessert recipe that I think we can all agree on, yes? This vegan version uses my fluffy vegan chocolate buttercream frosting, and a bit of my fudge frosting in the center as well. This rich and super decadent dessert is perfect for a birthday, celebration or midnight-fridge-cake-snacking cravings. If you are not afraid of a little chocolate and vegan butter, press on to get my recipe. And do not forget a big fork!..


Bagel Pizzas, a la Lemon.

Bagel pizzas must be stopped. They must be stopped I am telling you. They are just too good. Too amazing. Too easy to make. Too tempting to devour once they are staring you in the face with their satiny marinara pizza sauce, glistening melty vegan cheese and crusty, oven-toasted bagel base. Too good. Too easy. Too much.

Bagel pizzas must be stopped.

Or not.

Sigh. OK. I give in. I give up. I will drape my arm dramatically over my forehead as you hand me a platter of bagel pizzas. Lets just call them dinner and be on with it. My Vegan Bagel Pizzas a la lemon coming up...


Two Vegan Frostings: Chocolate Buttercream and Chocolate Fudge

Two vegan chocolate frosting recipes to share with you! One is a fudge frosting made using melted chocolate, the other is a fluffy buttercream frosting using cocoa powder and generous amounts of vegan butter..


My Book Party! Celebrating Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen. {PHOTOS}

I am not a party planner. But I played one in real life .. for this amazing party. My Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen book party. I found myself so proud of my new cookbook, and grateful for my community of friends here in Los Angeles that I knew I wanted to throw a book party to celebrate.

Now the big question was: how does one do that?? Throw a book party?

Luckily, I had some advice, help and inspiration along the way and everything came together even more beautifully than I had imagined. So I am more than happy to share my book party photos with you guys!..


Easy Turmeric Bean Burgers with Spicy Secret Sauce + Melty Vegan Cheese.

Is it the weekend yet? Is it summer yet? Because all I can think of is veggie burgers, warm nights, sunsets, aqua water, the smell of coconut sunscreen, flip flops, sunbeams, sand in my toes, freshly sliced watermelon, smoothies, sunglasses, blue skies, adventures, road trips, laughing faces, hot pink tank tops, ice cream parties, hiking, grilled veggies, dipping sauces and oh, did I mention veggie burgers?? Because that was actually where I was going with this little side road daydream run-on sentence. Yes, burgers.

Veggie burgers. Easy. Amazing. And oh so freaking fantastic.

Every time i make veggie burgers I wonder why I do not just eat veggie burgers all day every day.

And these Easy Turmeric Bean Burgers with Spicy Secret Sauce are just the thing to carry you into a blissful summertime!.. Let's go.