Vegan Holiday Main Dish: Mushroom-Chickpea-Hazelnut Tart

This Mushroom-Sage-Hazelnut-Chickpea Tart is your vegan main dish for your holiday season dinner. Christmas-approved recipe. The number one question I have been getting lately is "Kathy! I really want an amazing vegan main dish for Christmas dinner, any ideas for me?" My usual answer is to refer you guys to my entrees section of my recipe index, or this holiday menu, or the holiday section of or other amazing recipes online. But this year, I have to suggest this recipe, I made it last week and after one bite I was swooning. With green veggies and red pepper on top, this Christmas-y recipe is your vegan main dish solution to holiday feasting!..


Christmas Morning Pancakes. Pecan-Citrus-Spice. Gluten-Free.

These are them. These are the pancakes you want to make on Christmas morning. I should know because I just taste tested them for you today, on a non-holiday morning, and they were blissful. So I can only imagine how much better they will taste (if possible) in between opening presents, listening to holiday music and feeling that cozy, happy Christmas morning feeling.

Flavors. Citrus. Spice. Vanilla. Pumpkin. Pecan. Maple. These Christmas Morning Pancakes are a big warm hug from me to you. Oat flour-based, and packed with festive flavors. Totally gluten-free, yet still fluffy and delicious. And ps. If you want to use regular flour in place of oat flour, you can do that too. Get my recipe, plus my THREE tips to gluten-free pancake-ing..


Peppermint Stick Shake + My 4 Steps to a Cozy Night In. Video!

It is all twirling by so fast. This holiday season thing. I want more Santa hats, mulling spices, marshmallows, candy canes, Christmas cookies, holiday music and jolly parties. More holiday-ing. So far, I will confess to you, that I have barely spent half a day Xmas shopping, but I have spent more hours than I can count laughing with friends. I have been lucky to cross paths with so many groups of my girl and guy friends these past few weeks. Forget Christmas cookies, those experiences, giggles, long chats, smiles and hugs are food for my soul, I tell you. My mug is full.

So as 2014 fades away, I am going to embrace this happy feeling that has been buzzing around me lately. Lets call it joy, just to be all festive.

And I hope you are living it up with me. Are you? I mean, really, are you? You deserve more than shopping stress, frazzled nerves and omg-I-am-way-too-busy feelings this season. You deserve something magical. Special. You deserve COZY. So lets..


Spicy Tomato Pasta Stew. Easy Vegan Dinner + 3 secret ingredients

This past busy week I have been having hearty vegan stew for dinner just about every night. I love stews this time of year for a few reasons:

* Stews are warming.
* Stews are very customizable based on ingredients on hand.
* Stews are vegan-friendly and easily healthy!
* Stews taste amazing! Comfort food bliss...
* Stews are fuss-free.

Ahead, I share one of my favorite stew recipes for a Spicy Tomato Pasta Stew, as well as a video featuring my three favorite not-so-secret ingredients for making any stew, stew-pendous! Or, just really yummy....


50+ Vegan Holiday Recipes, by FindingVegan Bloggers. Roundup!

As you guys might already know, when I am not in the kitchen, I spend a lot of time online, not only working on my own projects, but also supporting my fellow food bloggers out there on the web. One way I do that is by running my other website FindingVegan. I am so in love with all the creative bloggers that submit their delicious vegan recipes for that site. Well this year I wanted to round-up a few of their favorite recipes, and share them with you. But instead of choosing my faves, I asked bloggers to email me their favorites! It is a FV Link Love Party.

Check out the over 30 bloggers that contributed and over 50 blogger-favorite vegan recipes for the holidays and beyond! From vegan eggnog to raw vegan cinnamon rolls and even a vegan gingerbread house, check it out..



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