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Food Burnout + What to Eat (When You Don't Really Feel Like Cooking)

Hey guys! So today's post is about how to feed yourself for health and happiness when you (honestly) just don't feel like cooking. When you just want to feed yourself well - with extreme ease and satisfaction. Plus, a bit on my personal experience with food burnout. And if you don't know what food burnout is, well don't worry, neither did I until I wrote this post.

So here is my "What to Eat When You Don't Feel Like Cooking" Meal Ideas. And spoiler alert, yes, there is a (little) cooking involved for some of them...


Rustic White Bean Tomato Sauce

Pasta is an easy go-to meal that can pack a lot of flavor and nutrition. I whipped up this Rustic White Bean Tomato Sauce and served it over top veggie spirals for a fast and super yummy lunch today. This recipe is easy and simple. Serve this sauce over top any variety of pasta. You could even serve it with rice or add a few more veggies and eat it like chili, with a chunk of crusty bread on the side. I also share a few fun ways you can tweak this recipe...


Easy Blueberry Sauce

This Easy Blueberry Sauce is the perfect topping for waffles, pancakes, a yogurt parfait, oatmeal or basically anything you can think of. It can be made in just a few minutes using fresh or frozen berries, and has the perfect thick, yet (not too thick) consistency. You can even try this using strawberries, raspberries and more, but blueberries are my fave. I usually use frozen blueberries, because frozen berries taste just as good as fresh and pack all the nutrients - and they are super convenient and usually a bit cheaper than fresh, but fresh berries could work too. Get my easy + speedy recipe!...


Banana Cream Pudding Parfait

Comfort food dessert right here! This Banana Cream Pudding Parfait has fluffy layers of coconut whip, crumbly bits and fresh banana pudding. This easy dessert or snack is even packed with plant-based protein. Whip up this recipe for a pretty spring dessert..


Natural Food Coloring for Easter

Easter is one of my favorite food seasons because of all the lovely pastel, spring colors that pop up. And recently, it has become so easy to find Natural Food Colorings for all your Easter recipes. So today, I want to share a few of my faves with you and show you just how gorgeous they are!...