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Vegan Breakfast Recipes: Free Recipe E-Book! Plus a Super Fruit & Veggie Giveaway

Vegan breakfast time is probably my favorite part of the day. Colorful smoothies that pop in colors of pink, orange, green or purple. Lively fresh cut fruit in big beautiful bowls. Steamy, fluffy tofu scramble scooped from a warm skillet. Deep smoothie bowls with mountains of fun + healthy toppings. Chia pudding parfaits. Warming mugs of lemon tea. Zenergizing matcha lattes. Dreamy vegan donuts, waffles and pancakes. I could go on and on... But instead, onto the fun stuff.

Two Weeks of Vegan Mornings? Easy! It is so cool to be able to work with brands that do one thing: bring delicious fruits and veggies to the world. So I was so excited to collaborate with a few of my favorite produce brands on this brand new E-book: Two Weeks of Vegan Breakfasts. Inside this free downloadable PDF, you will find 15 recipes, tips, vegan resources and beautiful color photos.

Snag your copy to make your mornings a little more delicious + easy! These plant-based recipes will inspire you.

Plus, enter a super fruit and veggie giveaway. Details ahead..


Sweet Potato Hummus Shiitake Bacon Avocado Quesadillas, Jalapeños Optional

In yesterday's post, I promised a yummy recipe to go along with my shiitake bacon. Well here it is! Sweet Potato Hummus Shiitake Bacon Avocado 'Dillas. These cheese-free quesadillas are packed with flavor and perfect for the upcoming Super or Puppy Bowl weekend. Warm up a skillet and let's go!..


Vegan Shiitake Bacon

Here is what you can do with those beautiful, fluffy shiitakes sitting in your fridge. And next time you pass the mushroom section in the store you will really want to slow down and stock up! (Note: this recipe could actually be used with any type of mushroom...)

This super easy vegan Shiitake Bacon is sassy and smoky with a hint of sweet. Perfect for topping soups, salads and sandwiches. Get the recipe and find out why I still call it shiitake bacon, even though people hate that word..


Vegan Chocolate Mousse! + My Two-Step Valentine's Day. (Giveaway too!)

My recipe for Silky Chocolate Avocado Mousse is the perfect Valentine's Day dessert plan. And I know just what to pair it with! Find out my wellness date night idea, get a special offer and enter a giveaway.. (recipe video too!)


Peanut Caramel Apple Popcorn Snack Bowls

Today I am bringing some BOOMCHICKAPOP to Game Day..

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest event in America for most food consumption — following Thanksgiving? Yup, it's a fact guys. So it is kinda funny to me that most people spend weeks planning their Thanksgiving Day menu, days shopping and cooking and yet for Super Bowl Sunday, most of us stroll through the grocery store, toss a few things in our cart and call it a day. Well this year, add some fun and deliciousness to your Game Day menu by making popcorn mix-in snack bowls!..

Today's creation features Peanut Caramel Apple Popcorn Snack Bowls. Plus enter my giveaway to win a $50 Amazon gift card for all your Game Day goodies!