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Spin on "Butterfinger" Candy Bars: Littlefingers!

*Promise, no spoilers here! Don't worry I am not talking about the show plot at all. Just some candy, inspired by the best show on TV right now, and one of my fave love-to-hate-him characters!..*

Slimy, sneaky, chaos ladder climber-y. These Littlefinger Candy Bars, brought to you by Game of Thrones character, Petyr Baelish, are the perfect treat when you are in a sinister sort of mood.

(Keep reading to see the GOT candy wrapper I made for these.)

Butterfinger-inspired, these sweet, slightly crunchy, peanut butter flavored and chocolate-coated bars are the perfect treat for any GOT fan.

You can even print out some silly wrappers like I did and serve these up at your next GOT-watching party - or just for yourself because you totally deserve these to get you through the long week wait for Sunday night.

These bars are healthier than the real thing, with a short ingredients list. Vegan and dairy-free bars. GOT and DIY candy fans, hope you can give these good-treats-gone-bad a try! Plus, I share why I am so into escapism like GOT lately...


Vegan Ranch Salad Dressing

Today's salad dressing recipe is a crowd-pleaser. Creamy, vibrant, zesty, satisfying and a classic, gone vegan: Vegan Ranch Dressing.

And today I am pairing this dressing with curly kale for a few serving suggestions like a Vegan Ranch BBQ Bowl. Ranch-tossed kale is topped with sticky-sweet tempeh cubes, warm chunks of my favorite cornbread, avocado and sliced peaches too. Video for the dressing too!...


The Best Vegan Cornbread

Today I am sharing The Best Vegan Cornbread. Cornbread might not seem like the most summery of recipes, but when you are using fresh corn, it certainly qualifies!

One of my favorite additions to most any meal is a fluffy nugget of warm, golden yellow corn bread - crumbly, buttery and cake-like. This recipe really satisfied every characteristic I look for in a cornbread! I enjoyed it warmed up with some vegan butter and maple syrup, and I also crumbled it over top a vegan ranch summer salad - similar to this BBQ tofu Ranch Salad. And of course, if you are making veggie chili, cornbread is the perfect side.

If you are a cornbread fan like me, hope you can give this recipe a try!..


Cashew-Banana Bread French Toast with Whip

It is 5pm in the afternoon and a day-old loaf of super yummy whole grain crusty loaf is calling my name. French Toast! I don't know why, but I had been dreaming of this creation all day and of course, 5pm seemed like the perfect time to whip it up, photoshoot it and get it ready for posting before the weekend so you guys can try it for brunch!

This Banana Bread French Toast with Coconut Whip and Cashews is super dreamy. It takes very simple (easy!) banana french toast and turns it into something that looks restaurant-ready. If I ever open my own little cafe, this dish is definitely going on the menu!
Get the recipe ahead, and happy brunching! (Or breakfast-for-dinner-ing...)...


Purple-Citrus Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Since this week's Meal Plan is all about smoothies and salads, I wanted to share a favorite smoothie that I have been making lately. This Purple-Citrus Strawberry Banana Smoothie is an upgraded version of a classic banana-strawberry smoothie. I add in some blueberries for bonus antioxidants and a pretty purple color. And the real secret ingredient is the orange citrus zest! It adds such a bright accent of flavor. This blend is sweet, vibrant and summery. I have been making this as a late afternoon post-workout smoothie. Give it a spin, also I share a documentary I recently loved..