Nii Bars Review + Giveaway! #OwnTheDay

Reading the ingredients list off the side of a snack you are about to eat can be a scary thing. Well what if it sounded like this: "Organic peanuts, organic dates, organic tapioca syrup, organic coconut nectar, organic dark chocolate, organic sunflower seeds, organic rice protein, organic hemp seeds, organic walnuts and organic sprouted quinoa." Not so scary after all! Well those are the ingredients in the Peanut Butter flavor (my favorite) of Nii Bars. Learn about Nii Bars, hear my #OwnTheDay story and enter an awesome giveaway. 16 giveaway winners will be chosen - wow!..


Pumpkin Pie Pillows. Low-Sugar, Vegan Cookies to Nibble!

Yesterday I shared my favorite healthy fall beverage, Spicy Fresh Ginger Tea. And today I want to share with you the cookie recipe that I think pairs perfectly with it! These Pumpkin Pie Pillows are low in sugar, soft and tender. They are delicious served on-the-go or settle in and pause on your busy day as you nibble each bite and sip some tea. Spices, pumpkin, oats, apple, chia - plenty of healthy ingredients in each tender pumpkin pillow. Get this vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar recipe!..


Speedy Spicy Fresh Ginger Tea (or Apple-Spice Ginger Tea!)

This is my absolute favorite healthy, warming beverage for fall. Today I share two versions. Classic Ginger-Lemon and Apple-Spice Ginger.

If you have never tasted fresh ginger tea, and experienced the health benefits, then you are in for a treat. Warming, spicy ginger is excellent for digestion and warming the body from the inside out. I sip ginger tea just upon rising with loads of bright lemon, in the afternoon with a hint of maple syrup as sweetener and also after dinner, as a spicy digestion-enhancing beverage. Once you learn how to make basic ginger tea, using my super-speedy method, you will be livening it up in all sorts of creative ways!..


Savory-Sweet Snack! Cashew Butter Dip with Curry-Coconut Flavor.

This savory sweet recipe is my new favorite snack for fall. Pair a little bowl of this Cashew Butter Dip with fall apple slices, veggie sticks or rustic grain crackers and let the nibble-fest begin. This inviting nut butter dip is flavored with warming ginger, silky cashew, coconut, sweet maple and warm spices like curry, cinnamon and optional cayenne. There is even a little boost of leafy greens in each bite! Thank you to the talented chefs at Vitamix headquarters for this recipe idea..


10 Superfoods for Smoothies I am Loving Right Now! VIDEO.

Today I am sharing ten of the smoothie add-in superfoods I am crushing on now. You all know I embrace a smoothie-a-day wellness habit. Well one easy way to super-boost the nutrient profile of your smoothie is by adding in superfoods. And just to be clear, I am using the term "superfood" quite loosely. Basically anything that adds some wellness OOMPH to my smoothie, I like to call a superfood.

There is a long laundry list of superfood possibilities including things like chia seeds, cacao, moringa, aloe vera, hemp seeds, acai powder, mushroom powder, turmeric, spirulina, protein powders, apple cider vinegar, matcha green tea, camu powder, Ayruvedic herbs, cinnamon, pitaya, cayenne, maca powder and on and on. Just hop on over to the supplement section of any Whole Foods or vitamin store and see what I mean! Well my superfood list changes frequently, but right now, these are ten superfood add-ins I am generously rotating into my smoothies. And this post includes a "fuss-free, aka no-makeup or wardrobe" chat and list, VLOG video!

Plus a bonus for 365 Vegan Smoothies book owners! Print out my 10-Day Smoothie challenge Scorecard. Print it out, challenge yourself and friends!..



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