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BIG Vegan Cheese Guide + Reviews!

I am SO excited to finally bring you guys this post: my BIG Vegan Cheese Guide and Review! Over the past few months (and years really) I have been doing extremely intensive research, all in the name of blogging, on the topic of vegan cheese brands. Yes, I dove in cracker first to sniff out and nibble every vegan cheese brand under the sun. All for you guys. OK, and I TOTALLY loved this research project too!

I tried some new brands and also chat about brands I have used for a while now. Get all the info in my big vegan cheese guide!...


10 Amazing Things You Will Find in My New Cookbook

The muffins above are a batch I made yesterday in my brand new jumbo muffin tin. Love that thing. Because really, one regular sized muffin is just never enough, right? Jumbo sized: perfect. The recipe I used was my Orange Glow Muffins from my new book. I love cooking from my cookbook and sharing the photos with you. I cannot wait until you guys can share your HHVK photos with me!

One Week! In less than a week (April 28th) Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen will be in bookstores and I really hope you can snag yourself a copy very close to the release date! I will be having a few virtual PARTIES to celebrate the book. Lets just say that the 28th is going to be a "party" kind of day online. I am doing a Facebook party, details in yesterday's post, and I might be hosting a, wait for it, Periscope party. Because I LOVE that new App. Still brainstorming ideas though. More details on that in my next post.

But for today, I wanted to share with you guys ten amazing things you will find in my new book to get you excited about diving into the pages. And delicious recipes are just the beginning!..


Frothy Fresh Pineapple Lemonade.

This is a sponsored post as part of my 2015 DOLE ambassadorship, all opinions are my own.

This Fresh and Frothy DOLE Pineapple Lemonade is a beverage I whipped up over the weekend and knew I wanted to share on my blog. It is a delicious, super refreshing, no sugar added way to enjoy lemonade. Plus since it is a blended beverage, you are actually getting all that healthy whole fruit fiber in each sip too!

DOLE Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, fiber and the enzyme bromelain. Pineapple has been one of my favorite fruits the past few months. It is sweet and sassy and hydrating. And bromelain is so healthy for all sorts of things including digestion - and it may even help with spring allergies! So as the spring and summer seasons roll on, try this beverage for some super thirst quenching action. And because there is coconut water in this recipe, this lemonade has natural electrolytes like magnesium, manganese and potassium built into each sip!

Get my recipe and a video, plus a strawberry-infused pink spin on it too!..


Lemon Asparagus Mushroom Cheezy Pasta Bake. Creamy Amazing. Vegan.

Perfect for spring, this spring pasta bake is filled with veggie ingredients like asparagus, spinach and shiitake mushrooms. Creamy pasta merges perfectly with a hint of vibrant lemon and hearty veggie flavors. This super cheezy vegan recipe is a delicious go-to dinner. You can easily make it ahead of time and pop it in the oven a few minutes before you are ready to serve it. Get my Cheezy, Amazing Asparagus Lemon Pasta Bake recipe!..


My Cookbook Blog Tour + HHVK Giveaway. Over $4,000 in Prizes!

Well today is a fun day. An exciting day. For me and for you! Today I am announcing the amazing bloggers who are participating in my Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen Blogger Cookbook Tour, as well as all the details on my BIG cookbook giveaway with over $4,000 in prizes.

HHVK Giveaway. To celebrate my cookbook launch, I wanted to put together a giveaway to thank you guys for supporting me through the years, and to celebrate this book. I know only five of you will win a prize, but I hope you know that I wish I could award you all these wellness-infused prizes. You are all amazing, wellness, superfood, vegan recipe superstars to me.

So for this giveaway I went to a few of my favorite brands and asked them to bring their A game. And they did! Five winners, five epic prizes. From a Vitamix to a full year of matcha happiness, an Essentia shopping spree and more. So without further chatter, lets kick off the tour + giveaway today!..