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Three fave improvements in the 'vegan scene' in the past five years. One, vegan cheese. I mean, there are SO many options these days. Two, vegan ice cream. Same thing. And so many mainstream brands now have vegan options. And three, vegan shoes!!

I spent many early vegan years feeling shoe shopping deprived. I wandered the shoe section at Bloomingdales or wherever and every single boot or heel was made from leather. I left, with empty arms and a sad face. Shoes are overrated anyways, right? But flash forward to today, I proudly have an over-stuffed vegan shoe closet and a big smile on my face when I look down at happy feet! From boots and heels to ballet flats and loafers, vegan shoes are diverse and sophisticated these days. I'll include a list of my favorite vegan shoe brands ahead, but....

But today, I really want to talk about Rothy's. Basically because they are the shoes I am living in right now and I think shoes like these could save the world. I mean, not really, but small steps, right? Maybe steps in some ballet pink Rothy's...

So ahead, check out my ten things to know about Rothy's - and snag a $20 off coupon code. And just to be clear, this post is not sponsored in any way. Just fan-girling here....

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First off, I want to re-cap some of my fave vegan shoe brands. So here they are...

1. Beyond Skin
2. Bhava -- probably my fave shoe brand right now for boots + heels...
3. Nae
4. Stella McCartney
5. Rothy's (obvi..)
6. website/store
7. SUSI Studio
8. Mink
9. Good Guys
10. Wills Vegan Shoes
11. Vans
12. B Boheme
13. Olsenhaus
14. GUNAS New York. - I have GUNA's bags and love them.

...and there are SO many more than this. But these are my faves right now.

But back to the post topic: Rothy's!...

The Flat. I love the ballet pink color that makes these feel like ballet slippers!..

I think my shoes match one of my fave desserts too. Vegan Pink Flamingo Cheesecake Bars.

The Point. Here is the silver/gray color in the Point. Apologies for the foot veins, I was running around and they were out! Haha, oh well. Real life, real bodies, guys.

No joke, I legit wear these around the house all day because they are cozier than walking around bare-footed!

I recently added the Petal Pink Point to my collection and I love them. I think I definitely have a thing for pink shoes. Anyone else? I feel like the go so well with jeans, black leggings, a white tee, anything. And they compliment my fair skin tone. I also like that they add color, but not too much bright color.

Matched my Watermelon "Milk" Shake. (Smoothie #108 in 365 Vegan Smoothies)

I have washed my Rothy's a few times now and they come out looking sparkling clean! These probably need another wash after a long weekend stomping around city streets, but I wanted to take these pics just as is! Even with a few spots from wear, I love them.

I have not tried the other Rothy's yet, but the sneakers and loafers both look cute and comfy too.

The first time I ever noticed someone wearing Rothy's was when my friend Stacy came over. She was wearing these adorable bright red round-toe ballet-type flats and I was just in love. But I knew that Rothy's were over a hundred dollars and I had plenty of ballet flats in my closet already. So.....

Flash forward to a few months ago when my friend Angela, shared Rothy's on Instagram. "Oh yeah, those. I actually kinda need some light summer shoes..." I thought to myself.

So I snagged her refer-a-friend $20 off code and hopped over to the site.

From thought to wearing, here are my ten things I want you to know about this shoe...

1. They Might Be Out Of Your Size in the color You Want.

EEKS. But yes. Once you finally decide on your dream Rothy's shoe, you might scroll down to the size bubbles and be in for a sore awakening: Rothy's sell out. Especially in common sizes like size nine. Oh hi, that's my shoe size, of course. So after browsing the site for a while, the colors I wanted were unavailable. But wait, I want Rothy's now. Like soon. I can't wait. Call me a product of my generation, but I didn't really want to wait weeks to months for the color I wanted to pop back in stock. So I decided on a different color in my size.

2. Sizing May Be a Challenge at First...

I have come across this with a few other shoe brands, but sometimes the sizes can be tricky for new brands. Especially when you cannot try shoes on first, it becomes a sort of shot in the dark. Do I half size up or maybe down??? Well, most advice for Rothy's point shoe says to size up. So I did. But sadly, the 9 1/2 was too long and kept slipping off. Even though I loved the shoe. So for me, sizing took a bit of trial and error. I am still waiting to see if another pair of points might fit better in my proper size.

3. There's No Break In Process! But...

I slipped on my first pair of properly fitting Rothy's, and they felt amazing. Like they were molded to my foot. Light yet sturdy and soft, yet durable. No blisters for me and I could easily see myself trekking all around Disneyland, Europe or whatever adventure I might be going on that requires happy feet.

BUT... I will say that a few months in and the shoes feel even softer now! So win-win.

4. They Are Vegan.

Every product in the Rothy's line is vegan. "Rothy’s are made from recycled plastic water bottles. The bottles are hot washed, sterilized, then fused into fiber that is knit into yarn."

Kitty cat alert.

5. Cool Features Abound.

So the things that I really love: Rothy's are machine washable. Lightweight. You can remove the insoles, swap them out if you'd like. And you can wash your shoes! How cool is that? Also, the seamless constriction means more comfort and less spots on the shoe that press or pull.

6. Colors, Colors, Colors.

My fave part of the Rothy's experience is the many different colors that they offer. But once you love one pair, you will want more, so proceed with caution and a pre-set budget!!

I love the rounded toe for everyday wear and the pointed toe for something with a bit more edge.

7. Different Styles.

There are currently four styles. The Loafer, The Sneaker, The Point and The Flat. The Loafer is the most expensive and The Sneaker is actually a great buy because of the way the produce it, they said they were able to lower the price a bit. I love the rounded toe for everyday wear, they are the most feminine yet casual option. The are a true ballet flat, which I love. I have several ballet style Tieks.

The point is perfect for work or a slightly more polished look. The pointed toe is super trendy right now and I love it.

8. How Do They Compare to Tieks?

Tieks is a great company because they have a few vegan color options. I own and heavily wore several pairs of the dark gray color. But the Tieks I wore were fabric, and sometimes felt like my toe could eventually poke right through. Not waterproof either.. I think both brands are great, but it's pretty cool that Rothy's is a 100% vegan company, while Tieks sells leather shoes. But hooray for vegan options of any sort, ya know?

9. You Will FanGirl.

I can't really believe I am dedicating an entire post to a shoe. A shoe that is not sponsored and isn't made of chocolate or rainbow sprinkles or anything else recipe or food related. But here I am! I seriously think these shoes are so fun and lovely. I bought a pair for my sweetie-pie niece for her birthday and I think they have a great gifting program too. More vegan shoes in the world! Especially ones that are rainbow-colored.

10. You'll Want to Use the Coupon Code!!

So the first time you buy Rothy's you get the opportunity to use a coupon code. Definitely use it!

Get $20 off your first Rothy's order with my code right here.

...So there ya go. I could fangirl about these fun, colorful, mood-lifting vegan shoes all day long. If you have a fave Rothy's style/color I'd love to hear it! Or any questions, I'll do my best to answer. Happy shoe shopping! ~ Kathy xoxox

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disclosure: This post is not sponsored, but does contain a few affiliate links. If you purchase a pair of Rothy's via my link above, using the $20 off coupon, I receive a $20 credit towards a future Rothy's purchase.
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