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Hey guys, I hope you are all having a happy long weekend. Something about long weekends make my creative juices really flow so yesterday I put the finishing touches on my Finding Vegan Meals Summer Challenge and rolled it out to my FV Meals community. Basically, it is a collection of some of my favorite summer-approved recipes. Smoothies, veggie burgers, salads and more. Loads of recipe photos. Plus a fun challenge card to inspire you to load up on plant-based foods this summer. It's just a tiny piece of content to help inspire some summertime cooking! I hope it helps and I hope you can try these recipes.

If you have already purchased Finding Vegan Meals, you can download the full challenge book in the private Facebook group.

But today I'm giving everyone a free sample with twelve recipes.

You Can Do it. This PDF is totally printable too, so you can keep it in your kitchen or tack a few recipes to your fridge. Gentle reminders always help me when I don't feel like cooking. One delicious photo and a recipe and I remember, cooking my own food makes me happiest and "YES, you can totally do that!"

Keep reading to snag the free PDF!..

So as I said, today I want to invite all my HHL readers to snag a sample version of the Summer Challenge! It features twelve recipes, the challenge card and a few more goodies in there like a salad and sandwich ingredients guide.

Get it Now! Hop over to to snag the link!

Here are a few recipes..

Each recipe is in a print-friendly page with a photo and recipe details..

These teriyaki portobello burgers with grilled pineapple are so yummy for grilling season!

Summer corn is delicious all on it's own, but make it street corn and infuse even more spicy-cheesy-buttery-sweet corn flavor in each bite!

Pitaya is such a fun flavor for summer with it's bright pink pigment. This pitaya pink smoothie is always a crowd-pleaser and tastes amazing.

There are SO MANY vegan burgers on the market these days! My goodness. But really, I still adore this classic burger for it's soft texture and nutty amazing flavor from chickpeas, tahini and sweet potato. If you haven't tried my famous Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers yet, now is the time!..

Protein-packed, this quinoa, corn and black bean salad is a delicious meal this time of year!

I get really addicted to cole slaw in the summer! I love adding it to veggie dogs and veggie burgers and of course eating it straight from the bowl. This pink slaw is really fun and delicious!

Frosty-sweet pineapple whip on a hot summer afternoon??? Yes and yes!

One of my fave salads ever, this mango and avocado infused salad is always a winner.

Watermelon frosty
season will soon be in full swing. I start prepping by buying watermelons, chopping them into cubes and freezing them. Once a bright sunshiny day hits, I'll be more than ready! Stock up on some limes too..

Lunchtime made easy and delicious with a TTLA using summer tomatoes. Protein-packed from tempeh 'bacon.'

I love these lentil sloppy joes in summer because I add a bit of summer corn for sweetness and color!

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