22 Dreamy Summer Travel Destinations

Being that it's May and my impending summer wanderlust is looming, I wanted to take a trip over to my "Travel Stories" section and shares a few of my most favorite trips! Here are my 22 Dreamy Summer (Or Anytime!) Travel Destinations + my fave photos that share my adventures...

Summer travel (xoxoxoxoox) Am I right? By Memorial Day, I think we all deserve a bit of a break. Some fun. Play time. Well today, I hope to inspire your next escape!

* Dubrovnik

Get Away. There is nothing that gets my creative energy flowing like a good adventure. Travel is such an important part of my happiness + wellness goals. Getting away from my everyday routine and experiencing life in a whole new way is such an enriching and FUN experience. I feel like my mind, body and spirit grows significantly every time I travel. So here are a few of my fave trips. Perfect for a summer trip - or really, year-round adventure. Check out more of my travel stories here.

22 Dreamy Summer Travel Destinations

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fresh off of the final season of Game of Thrones, no matter what you thought/think of this season, if you've ever loved the show, a trip to Dubrovnik is definitely worth it. Dubrovnik is one of my most favorite places I have ever visited. Sitting on the brim of the sparkling turquoise Adriatic Sea, with metallic peach and golden flame sunsets that look simply unreal when you witness them first hand. This tiny little town has only a few hotels, but trust me, strolling the streets and wall of Dubrovnik is something you will never forget. Dubrovnik Trip. Adriatic Sea Beach Break.

2. Kauai, Hawaii

I visited Kauai for the first time a few years ago. Each of the Hawaiian island have their own personality, but if you want the most lush and green, misty and magical of all, head to Kauai. As my physical therapist described it to me when I was trying to decide if we should go, "It's like you are adventuring through Jurassic Park, but there are no dinosaurs and lots of waterfalls and beaches and jungles." And I will add, adorable roosters running around the edges of the beaches. And the Jurassic Park vibes are real. You will need a car and you will want to leave your hotel grounds. The magic of Hawaii is rich on the island of Kauai.

3. London, UK

A trip to jolly ol' Londontown is always welcome! I have been to London a few times now and I always enjoy it so much. It remind me of New York, but has a richer, elegant, older sort of charm. There are tons of yummy vegan-friendly restaurants and I love all the sprawling parks and pretty swans. The West End has some amazing shows and just like NYC, you can spend an entire day just walking aimlessly and enjoy it! Plus there is the O2 Arena, those adorable red 'telephone' booths, the Palace and so much more. London.

4. Iceland

I have been to Iceland twice now and have fallen in love with it. In winter you get the perfect winter white setting with glaciers, snowy hills, magical Icelandic horses, the sea, cozy Reykjavik with plenty of vegan-friendly options, and so many outdoor adventure. Plus, an opportunity to see the Northern Lights! I love the Blue Lagoon for some de-stressing wellness time and making snow angels in Iceland is pretty fun too. In summer, things are dry and greenish, brown and black from the dried lava field and algae and whatever else covers the unique Icelandic earth. I loved staying at the Canopy Hotel, it's right across the street from one of my faves, Joe and the Juice. Iceland.

5. NYC

Ok, so this one is an obvious one, but you can't go wrong with a trip to the bustling, energy-filled island of Manhattan. We lived there for about five years and loved every second of it. From Broadway and the Lower East Side to the Village and allllllll the amazing vegan spots in the city. I will say my fave time to visit NYC is in fall or spring. August can get a bit hot and sticky, you have been warned. NYC (Seed) Event.

6. Rome, Italy

Rome! Oh man, this might be my most favorite city outside of the USA. It is elegant and glamorous and vibrant and walkable and historic and just a joy to experience. There is plenty to do for new and experienced visitors, and you can easily hop a train to another city in Italy! (I totally haven't put together a Rome post yet, which is crazy! I will, promise..)

7. Palm Springs, California

Looking fro a spa-centered getaway with magical desert vibes all day and night? Palm Springs, guys. A popular spot is called Two Bunch Palms, where they have loads of wellness activities and classes all day long and mineral pools to soak in. I also love to go for the big Indian Wells Tennis Tournament in the spring. Summer can get pretty scorching, but if you really need some sun and pool time, this is your place!

8. Maine

I have only been to Maine once, on a wild blueberries press trip, but it was so refreshing! The air felt super clean and crisp and healing. The water, the same. It just felt like a really healthy environment to be in, right off the Atlantic Ocean with mountains and trees and wide open spaces. Maine.

9. Ireland

I have been to IReland a few times and I always fall in love with the rolling green hills, crisp crashing waves along the rugged coastline and most of all, the people! Irish natives are so friendly and I just always have a wonderful time on the emerald isle. And don't skip Northern Ireland if you want some amazing Titanic history and Game of Thrones vibes. Ireland.

10. Disneyland

Not technically a city, and definitely not a state, but Disneyland is indeed the most magical place on Earth in my opinion. And I'm not talking magic like rainbow-tinted waterfalls and crystal blue water, I mean like the most magical place for your imagination! I always get warm fuzzy feelings in Disneyland, and I hope that feeling never goes away, no matter what age! If you have kids or visiting family or friends with kids and live in LA, D-land is a most-go spot. It has gotten pretty pricey the past few years, but well worth it for Disney fans.

11. Barcelona, Spain

I wasn't expecting to enjoy Barcelona as much as I did. Super walkable and such a mix of laid-back beach vibes with modern touches and plenty of historic charm. Barcelona.

12. Los Angeles, California

Well, of course I have to include my current city of residence: la la land. I admit I have a love/hate relationship with La since I despise traffic and air pollution, but the positive things absolutely outweigh the negatives. And this city is so much fun for tourists! You can visit the gorgeous beaches of Malibu or Manhattan Beach. You can do the whole Hollywood or Beverly Hills tourist scenes. You can stroll a Farmer's Market or check out the diverse, incredible dining spots. Shop on Abbott Kinney or take a boat to Catalina Island!

13. Zurich, Switzerland

I'm obsessed with Switzerland! From the alps and lakes to all the fresh fluffy snow that comes in winter, Switzerland is a gorgeous place to visit. We flew into Zurich and trained all around Lucerne for a few days. I have yet to visit Lake Geneva, but that is another spot to try. Tip: Train it! The trains are so gorgeous because you get to see the countryside. It looks picture perfect, just like you might imagine. Switzerland, fairytaleland.

15. Miami / Florida

I got married in Miami, so it will always have a special place in my heart. The bright turquoise water on South Beach is super memorable and enchanting. Spending a day, lazing away in the sunshine, while sipping bevies and enjoying the view and people watching, then retiring to your trendy-cool hotel, just off the sand, is a great way to spend a vaycay. I love the Delano and the Mandarin Oriental (not on the beach). Florida.

16. Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, baby! Ok, so whenever I go to Vegas, I end up complaining about all the cigarette smoke, but even still, that doesn't keep me from enjoying myself. I have asthma, so it really urks me, but if you know how to hold your breath, and run through a smoky casino, you should be ok. I just adore staying at The Wynn because of all the amazing vegan options. Plus, the spas are lovely. I usually do a half spa day and catch a show and eat out plentifully.

17. Maui + Oahu, Hawaii

I already mentioned Kauai, but of course the other islands are just as beautiful. I always say that Maui is the best island for families and first-timers. But Oahu is super convenient and Waikiki Bay is gorgeous as well. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with Hawaii, which ever island you choose.

17. Mexico

I love Cabo and also my time at Rancho La Puerta, a wellness resort, just over the border near San Diego.

18. Washington DC

I lived in DC for many years. I finished college in DC and I have a lot of family in the area. I have so many happy memories as a kid, visiting the mall and monuments with my family. I know the area very well and it is like a second home to me. as a vacation spot, it definitely has some high points! The city is rich with culture, museums and iconic monuments. Definitely don't plan your visit on the end of summer - August. Because the evening rain storms and muggy weather can be pretty unappealing.

(How crazy is it that I lived in Dc for (many) years and do not have one good blog photo! Oh life before iPhones!)

19. Lake Tahoe, California

Tahoe! Ah, my absolute favorite family vacation spot when I was a kid. We went skiing at Heavenly Resort every winter, my dad was a passionate skier and lover of the outdoors. But Tahoe is also beautiful in the summer when you can experience the lake.

(Again, ZERO blog pics of this one, sorry guys. I need to get back there!)

20. Paris, France

I have only been to Paris once, but I remember how much I smiled on that trip. Paris is such a magical city. I'm so sad I went there well before camera phones and Instagram! Such a weird thought, but it's true! I can't wait to go back one day and take in everything all over again.

(And again, booooo my lack of blog pics.)

21. Santa Barbara, California

Can't make it to Napa? Take a Santa Barbara wine tour with you peeps! I don't know much about this city, but I thoroughly enjoyed a SB girls trip I went on a few years ago. Gorgeous city.

22. Napa + Sonoma, California

Wine country is not just a must-see destination for the many sprawling, beautiful wineries in the region, but really Napa is a beautiful spot of land all on it's own. The culinary scene is vibrant and it is a wonderful long weekend destination. I was thankful to spend some time cooking in the CIA kitchens. Sonoma + Napa.

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