2019. Three Things...

Happy 2019 everyone. Today I want to share three things I learned + explored the past year. Things that helped me grow and helped me find some #happy. I hope these three things can speak to you as we adventure forward into a new year...

Hello 2019.

2018. Three Things I learned:

1. The magic of staying positive + having gratitude.
2. The importance of showing compassion + kindness.
3. The power in challenging yourself.

Diving a bit deeper:

Number one, stay positive and try to notice all the happy things in your life. We will all face challenging days, but we also all have something, someone magical + loving to live for. To feel proud of. To feel grateful for. To shed tears of happiness over. I love using the hashtag #happythings as much as possible because pointing out the good stuff of life just feels so much better than complaining about the bad stuff.

Two, the lesson of showing compassion to both myself and every person I meet. This is a BIG one for me. I try to keep the outlook that everyone is fighting their own battles. No matter what shiny exterior social media may be projecting. Or how 'fine' we all usually say we are. We communicate SO MUCH these days, but still, we say very little to each other. Maybe it is just the introvert in me, but I rarely communicate deeply in groups. For me, the real stuff in life is said in private, in person, one-on-one. In the middle of the day. On a random phone call. In a hand-written note. Just because. Or maybe out loud. For all to here. Raw and real. Vulnerable and scared you speak from your heart. Because it just feels good.

We all need real connections in life to feel happy. In 2019, I want to connect more in real ways, whatever that will grow to mean. Side note: I hope this blog post feels real for you, because it certainly does for me.

And three, challenging my comfort zone has been a huge part of my growth as an individual this past year. From public speaking to challenging my skills as an entrepreneur, writer and photographer, to trying new things. I feel stronger when I do things that scare me. Even when I fail or fall flat on my face, I still feel that glow of being a badass for at least putting myself out there and trying. Life can be a crazy-wild adventure, if you let it.

And bonus number four... With all three of those things, having FAITH in the GOOD and TRUE things in life. Faith that happy things will bubble up beneath the muck and weeds, big golden sunflower moments and people. Having faith that your soul sisters, wherever there are in their lives or on the globe, will always show up when you need them. Faith that all that hard work WILL pay off in the end. Faith that grief and sorrow will fade away and the rain will bring folds of sparkly rainbows in the sky. And overall, faith that #happythings #goodthings are coming your way.

Wherever 2019 leads you, I hope it brings many many #happythings your way.

Lots of love, Kathy

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