Virtual Holiday Movie + Baking Party: 68+ Vegan Recipes!

orig: 11/23/17 | updated: 12/01/18

I am excited to share (another) holiday round-up for you guys, featuring two things you need during December: holiday movies and holiday baking recipes!

Bloggers, and a few readers too, share their fave movies and vegan holiday dessert recipes. I absolutely loved hearing everyone's movie faves, a few memories and traditions and recipes too. What a cool way to connect and share a piece of ourselves. Thank you to everyone who shared and participated! (And I hope you continue the party, by leaving your faves in the comments!)

So snuggle up on the couch and turn on those twinkle light, movie + cookie baking season is in full swing!

My Virtual Holiday Movie + Baking Party: 60+ Recipes to Explore!..

Virtual Holiday Movie Baking Party: 60+ Recipes

1. "I watch White Christmas a few times in December, the dance scenes and costumes are all iconic childhood memories for me. Plus, they remind me of my sister. Especially the 'sisters' numbers, of course." Paired with my fluffy, spicy cookies, Pfeffernüsse Cookies. - by me!

2. "I love The Santa Clause. It gets a little weird and sad at the end, haha, but I love the beginning parts with Santa's workshop and Tim Allen turning into Santa Clause." Paired with a few mugs of my Cloud Cocoa, because that scene in the movie with hot cocoa always makes me want some!

"For the record, another fave must-watch of mine is Garfield's Christmas Special! And The Holiday, Home Alone, Elf and The Muppets Christmas Carol."

3. "I love Elf!" Paired with Rocky Road Bark by Veggies Save the Day

4. "Love Actually while eating Snickerdoodles = perfection" by A Virtual Vegan

5. "The Christmas Box! Super old school movie, almost never on TV, but it brings ALL the holiday vibes!" with Gingerbread Cookies by Strength and Sunshine

6. "My favorite Christmas movie is the classic Frosty the Snowman!" paired with Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars by Thyme and Love

7. It's a Wonderful Life paired with Jam Thumb Prints by Happy Healthy Mama

8. "Omg Christmas Vacation! Best ever! “And why is the carpet all wet TOD?!” “I don’t KNOW Margo!” paired with Candy Cane Brownies by Veggies Don't Bite

9. Home Alone paired with Christmas Tree Cookies by Rhian's Recipes

10. "I love all Christmas movies, but a favorite tradition is watching Harold and Kumar's Christmas while wrapping presents with my husband! He's pretty scroogy around the holidays, but it's the one night that he gets really into it, wrapping presents for our kids! We stay up super late wrapping, popping bourbon balls, and sipping on eggnog martinis :) It's the best!" paired with Bourbon Balls by Fried Dandelions

11. "My favorite are these heavenly soft cocoa and orange cookies. Super easy to make and that orange zest smell is just wonderful, especially during the holidays. But my favorite Christmas movie The Muppet Christmas Carol. I cry every time." paired with Cocoa Orange Cookies by Vegan Sandra

12. "One we love is A Christmas Story... so many great lines in this hilarious movie: "my father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master." - paired with Vanilla Crescent Cookies by Spa Bettie

13. "Elf, all the way!!!" paired with Gingersnaps by Hummusapien

14. "Hands down A Christmas Story!" paired with Almond Butter Blossom Cookies by Joy Food Sunshine

15. Love Actually, paired with Sugar Cookies by Feasting on Fruit

16. Elf! Paired with Gingerbread Cookies by Yummy Mummy Kitchen

17. Family Man! Paired with Pistachio Cranberry Cookies by healthy helper blog

18. A Charlie Brown Christmas paired with Sugar Cookies by Tess Challis

19. It's a Wonderful Life paired with Crescent Cookies by Unconventional Baker

20. "I love the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" Paired with gingerbread Men by Beaming Banana

21. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation....funniest movie ever!" Paired with Coconut Butter Gingersnaps by The Vegan 8.

22. "It's not Christmastime until we watch Elf, but there are two other films that my daughter and I look forward to watching together every holiday season: Love Actually & The Holiday. These Christmas love-movies call for chocolate, of course, while watching. Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Balls are holiday treats I used to make with my mom, so we enjoy continuing the tradition." by Beautiful Ingredient.

23. "Home Alone. Watch it every Christmas Eve!!!" Paired with Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies by The Hungry Herbivores

24. "The classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" Paired with Chewy Gingerbread Cookies by Delightful Adventures.

25. "Elf and A Christmas Story are tied for my favorite movies. My family watches both on Christmas day." Paired with Chocolate Cranberry Coconut Macaroons by Veganosity.

26. "It's not Christmas without Home Alone!" Paired with Snickerdoodle Pops by Pretty Pies.

27. "The Holiday. One of my fave lines is when the daughters of Jude Law are getting their hot chocolate and one of them yells, "She has more marshmallows than me!" Paired Marshmallow Snowmen by Fork and Beans

28. "Ooooh I'd pick Love Actually! Just a lovely feel-good film- and I love all the hugs at the airport." Paired with Ferrero Rocher Cookies by Including Cake

29. "Home Alone, obviously." Paired with Gingerbread Men by My Darling Vegan.

30. Bad Santa paired with Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles by Jasmin Cookbook.

31. "Love Actually with my husband and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with the kids!" Paired with Chewy Chocolate Date Cookies by Vegetarian Gastronomy.

32. "Ours is Aladdin!" Paired with Spice Cookies by Delightful Vegans.

33. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the classic animated version!
I am never too old for that movie." Paired Mint Matcha Cookies by Fragrant Vanilla Cake.

34. Elf paired with Gingerbread Cookies by VegAnnie.

35. "It's not really a holiday movie, but I love watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy every Christmas." Paired with Chocolate Mint Cookies by Broke Foodies.

36. "We have a tradition of watching the original A Christmas Carol (Scrooge) with Alistair Sim every Christmas Eve while sipping on boozy coffees and getting a head start on eating all the Christmas cookies!" Paired with Rosemary Shortbread by Cupcakes and Kale.

37. "Dr. Seuss is a favorite--therefore The Grinch Who Stole Christmas movie." Paired with Almond Cranberry Thumbprints by Lettys Kitchen.

38. "Even though it's not a Christmas movie, me and my other half watch PS I l love you every Christmas." Paired with Orange + Chocolate Shortbread Cookies by The Petite Chef.

39. "We love The Polar Express!" Paired with by Chocolate Sugar Cookies by The Pretty Bee.

40. "I love love Miracle on the 34th Street. It almost makes me believe that Santa once did exist." Paired with Cherry Bakewell Cookies by Hedi Hearts.

41. "Elf is my favorite holiday movie! We watch it every year while we trim the tree. I think Buddy the Elf would like these cookies, since they contain two of the food groups: sugar and syrup!" Paired with Maple Cookies with Nuts by Glue and Glitter.

42. "Elf is the best holiday movie!! My cookies don't match it at all though lol." Paired with Holiday Spice Cookies by The Lazy Vegan Baker.

43. "These Cinnamon Sugar Cookies and Home Alone. My kids are at the age where they think it is absolutely hysterical and it makes me laugh watching them laugh!" by Veggie Inspired

44. "Elf has been mentioned a lot (my fave) so my next fave is a tie between the Harry Potter series and Home Alone series. Only cookie recipe I have at the moment, but is one of my favorite flavors, is oatmeal raisin." by Plant Based Stride.

45. "My son and I always watch Island of the Misfit Toys together. He is now 20 and we still do, lol." Paired with Thin Mints, by SunnysideHanne.

46. "Little Lord Fauntleroy is a favorite movie for the Christmas time." Paired with Peanut Butter Cookies by Black White Vivid.

47. "Although it's not really a Christmas movie, I love watching The Last Unicorn. It's always on tv around Christmas. Paired with Elephant Sugar Cookies by Elephantastic Vegan.

48. "We love the 1979 stop motion animated Jack Frost movie. Makes me feel like a kid again!" Paired with Cranberry Pecan Biscotti by Earth Powered Family.

49. "It's not really a traditional Christmas movie but I love watching all of the Harry Potter films." Paired with White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies by Goodness is Gorgeous.

50. "Home Alone, and we also watch many Indian Romantic movies." Paired with Soft Pumpkin Gingersnaps by Vegan Richa.

51. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Lia, paired with Italian Christmas Pizzelle Cookies by Brian Patton, The Sexy Vegan.

52. "Love Actually, and the shape of the cookies just happen to be hearts." Paired with Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies by Vanilla and Bean.

53. "My favorite xmas movie is and always will be Home Alone! I still laugh hysterically until I cry even though I've seen it countless times." Paired with Gingerbread Men by The Vegan Chickpea.

54. "I have a soft spot for the Garfield Christmas special. It takes a real sentimental turn around the middle that gets me every time." Paired with Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies, by Cadry's Kitchen.

55. The Holiday paired with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Dietitian Debbie.

56. "Nightmare before Christmas! I always watch Pride and Prejudice, too, but it's not really a holiday movie, I just want more reasons to watch it." Paired with Lebkucken, German Spiced Cookies by Occasionally Eggs.

57. "Serendipity is one of my favorite movies with a Christmas backdrop. It's just so sweet!" Paired with Chocolate Mint Crinkle Cookies by Allergylicious.

"My mom used to read Narnia aloud to us on Christmas when I was little: "At first Edmund tried to remember that it is rude to speak with one's mouth full, but soon he forgot about this and thought only of trying to shovel down as much Turkish Delight as he could, and the more he ate the more he wanted to eat" by Sunnyside Hanne.

59. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - favorite part "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas... Happy Hanukkah!" Paired with Sugar Cookies by Gluten-Free Eating with Elaine.

60. "My family and I have a tradition of watching Prancer every holiday season, one of my dad's favorites! The little girl is such a badass." Paired with Double Chocolate peppermint Cookies by Vegan Yack Attack.

UPDATED 2018: More Cookies for you to try:

61. Peanut Butter Candy-Topped Cookies

62. Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

63. Vegan Sugar Cookies with pink frosting

64. Soft Pumpkin Cookies

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Chunk Cookies

66. PB Chocolate Chip Cookies

67. Gingerbread Men

68. Snickerdoodle Cookies

And even more!..

- Home Alone paired with Chocolate Haystacks by Champagne Nutrition.

- "My all-time fave is the Muppet's Christmas Carol! Kermit skating with the penguins is amazing." Paired with Chocolate Christmas Cookies by Heather Nicholds.

- "Not quite a cookie - but Peanut Butter Cups + "The Holiday" By Another Root

- Love Actually and Sugar Cookies by Welcoming Kitchen

And some favorite movies from YOU guys on my Facebook page!..

Megan: Love Actually!
Stacy: Miracle on 34th Street (original)
and the cartoon version of The Grinch who stole Christmas (Jim Carrey is too scary for my kids!)
Susan: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Lisa: Most favourite of all time: 1947's The Bishop's Wife (the redo doesn't cut it). Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young.
Morgan: Jingle All the Way is my all time favorite Christmas movie.
Julia: Polar Express, Christmas Vacation, Elf, A Christmas Carol( the one with Jim Carey), A Christmas Story, A NIghtmare Before Christmas, Scrooged(w/ Bill Murray), the Grinch (also w/ Jim Carey), Christmas with the Kranks, White Christmas, and While you Were Sleeping, I know that one isn't geared toward Christmas, but I always watch it at this time of year.
Lisa: White Christmas! The immense amount of talent in the movie is amazing to watch. I love how "performers of old" were so multitalented -- singers, dancers, and actors! Really puts me in the holiday spirit!
Robin: Prancer (movie + cookies), and Christmas in Connecticut (movie + flapjacks).
Linda: Christmas Vacation, Christmas with the Kranks and Polar Express. Also, everything on both Hallmark channels.
Jennifer: Home Alone, Edward Scissorhands, The Ref.
Karolina: Miracle on 34th Street with that girl who played Matilda. 😍 I believe it's not the original.
Kristen: The Grinch (cartoon original- NOT the Jim Carrey one!), Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Elf.
Sandy: The Family Stone, A Dog Named Christmas.
Courtney: ‘It’s a wonderful life’
Lori: Holiday Inn
Chris: Love Actually
Cindy: Lethal Weapon 1
Danielle: Christmas Story
Blu: Christmas Vacation
Blake: Elf
Elena: Polar Express
Jayme: Elf
JoJo: A Christmas Story
Sheryl: White Christmas of course....and I love The Christmas Card

Please continue the party by leaving your fave movie in the comments below (even if it is already listed!) If you have a fave baking recipe, leave that as well!

Happy Holidays everyone, thank you for sharing a piece of your December with me! ~ Kathy

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