Catch-up with Kathy: 5 Interviews!

*photo by Sabrina Hill

Interview Catch-Up. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of doing some awesome interviews with some warm, lovely and talented bloggers, brands and podcasters. I love sharing lessons that I have learned in life and business, as well as things that inspire me, help me get up and dance in the kitchen week-to-week, and struggles I have overcome. Light stuff. Heavy stuff. Real stuff.

I hope you enjoy these featured interviews and they speak to you in some emotional or inspiring way! I hope they teach you something new about wellness, cooking, veganism or life in general.

Check out these five recent interviews..

About moi. (And this blog.) Before I dive into the five interviews, I wanted to make sure you have checked out my updated About Me page! I updated it a few weeks ago and tried to communicate clearly about why I started this site, what my mission is and who this site is for. Spoiler: it is for everyone. I also updated some of the photos and made a bonus side page for some other random fun facts about me. Check out my About Kathy page here.

"The truth is, eating more plants and less animals is a choice ANY person can make for themselves. It is easy and delicious once you find someone to inspire you in the kitchen and help you along the way. I would love to be that person for you! Even committing to Meatless Mondays or eating vegan two or three days a week is a super upgrade for yourself, the planet and animals." - Kathy

New Pages. I also added a Travel Stories page as well as a Personal Posts page, so you can easily scan anything under those topics that you may have missed.

5 Recent Interviews with Kathy Patalsky (aka, me)

1. Food Heals Podcast with Suzy and Allison - listen to my interview here!

I did this podcast a few months ago. I rarely re-listen to myself when I do podcasts, but I will be honest, I finally listened to this one today and loved it! I was so nervous while recording the interview (because I was getting really personal!) that I don't think I fully absorbed some of the genius commentary by the hosts, Suzy and Alli.

Well, if you are curious about topics like burnout, anxiety, wellness and healing, give this a listen! My favorite parts are probably the last twenty minutes or so, when I really got to listen to Suzy and Allison commentate and share their own stories relating to mine. They are basically like a duo-wellness version of Oprah.

Loved this exchange from the end of the show..

Suzy: "You know what, when we're going through shit. Why fake it?"
Allison: "I am so good at faking it! And I got so good. And then I learned that was the worst thing you could possibly do. And now, I'm vulnerable and real and I'm not perfect by any means, and I feel my feelings instead of pushing them down, and my life is better."

I learned so much from those ladies! They have heard so many stories and are so adept at analyzing struggles and healing journeys. They are pros at highlighting, with a sparkly glitter pen, and expanding upon with great effervescent wisdom, the most important lessons and themes that their guests are sharing.

2. Plants for the People Interview with Veestro - read it here

I loved chatting with Veestro a few months ago. I chatted about food + veganism, my proudest moment in my career and also the theme song of my life. Can you guess who it is by??

One question from that interview..

What vegan stereotype would you like to break?
"That all vegans are judgmental of non-vegans. The choice to go vegan is such a personal thing. We all have very unique stories about our wellness lives, diets and relationships with animals and the earth. Eating is so much more complex and cultural and soulful than we usually like to admit in this society. For some people, giving up certain foods is challenging for all sorts of diverse reasons. Most vegans do respect that. Obviously I wish the entire world was vegan, but I also see mainstream eaters making small changes like Meatless Monday, or giving up dairy, or trying a plant-based protein, or eating more organic salads and less junk food. I see those small changes, and I have so much respect for them, whether they are 100% vegan or not. I certainly didn’t start out vegetarian so I understand how challenging it can be to break away from all the foods you know and love. But the world is changing every day and more plants are on the plate. That is a very good thing!"

*photo by Sabrina Hill

3. Why I Cook with Olives for Dinner
- read it here
This was a fun interview with one of my favorite bloggers! Erin has been on my radar as an amazing chef and photographer for years now, and we have chatted a few times in person, so it was lovely to be featured on her blog! I also adore her submissions to FindingVegan. Her gallery is incredible!

A peak at Erin's interview with me..


I cook plant-based foods for everyday life. I love healthy desserts and smoothies and fast and easy comfort foods. I try to keep things as simple as possible but I do love spices and smart sauces. I love as many fruits and veggies in my recipes as possible. That keeps things healthy, delicious and beautiful for me.


I would throw a party for Leonardo DiCaprio. Haha, you asked didn’t you?! It would be the most eco-amazing party ever and would have an EPIC vegan menu with a giant tower of vegan cupcakes in every color of the rainbow … and the party would celebrate our planet and all the animals on it. A party for the animals! And all the beauty on earth that we sometimes don’t properly appreciate. Why is Leo there? Well I guess he doesn’t have to be, but you did say any person … so haha. I’ll gladly have Leo as our celeb of honor.

Read the interview for more fun - and amazing recipes from Erin on her blog!!

4. Minimalist Vegan - read the phone interview here

How do you incorporate a healthy daily lifestyle into your routine?

..Even if we just spend the day away from screens and phones and get some nice sunshine. That’s as simple as you need to get when you’re a tech-based entrepreneur. We also like playing tennis and going out in LA.

*this photo is by Caroline White

5. IFDB - My feature is here

It was really cool to be featured on the Internet Famous Database! Check out my profile here.

Also cool!.. I noticed that I have an Everipedia page! Not sure who initially made the page, but happy to see so much info on one page.

And as always, if YOU have any questions for me, send them my way via the comments section or the contact tab above. Sending you some love, plenty of glitter pens and cozy cocoa. xoxo ~ Kathy

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