99 Vegan "School Night" Dinner Recipes!

Back-to-School season is in full swing, and that means busy nights, new schedules to get used to and lots and lots of meal prep for school lunches, breakfast (aka power fuel) and of course dinner. Dinnertime swings around and the phrase "What's for dinner?" can leave the cook-of-the-house in a panic to get something delicious, healthy and easy on the table in a flash. Well even though I do not have kids of my own, I absolutely remember that dinnertime rush, and I see it with my family and friends who have school-aged kids. Things can get crazy! And that is why I reached out to my blogger friends from FindingVegan and asked them to contribute an easy, fast, relatively healthy and delicious meal!

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Here they are, 99 Vegan "School Night" Dinner Recipes!..


Vegan Classic Baked Cheesecake

Today I am sharing my recipe for a simple, easy-to-make Vegan Classic Baked Cheesecake. I have a bunch of cashew-based cheesecake recipes here on the blog, but today I went with straight up a cream-cheese base, and baked this beauty for the flavor and texture that I was craving. This recipe is a classic, gone vegan!

I can easily see a slice of this dessert sitting in an NYC deli dessert window, cherries, blueberries or strawberries dripping elegantly over the creamy sides of the fluffy cheesecake.

The flavor of this classic cheesecake is perfectly sweet and a bit tangy from the sour cream and lemon - just what I was craving. And I love that this dessert can sit in the fridge for a few days and actually taste just as good - or better - with a bit of chill time.

Hope you love this recipe as much as I do...


Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches with "Eggy" Tofu and All the Goodies

These Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches with "eggy" tofu, smashed avocado, melty vegan cheddar cheese and more are a favorite in our house. The pan-fried tofu, yellow-tinted, has a signature spongy texture that mimics a scrambled egg - only lighter and fluffier even!

I added some vegan cheddar for a boost of flavor, tempeh bacon for smoky-sweetness and a smashed avocado because - well - everything is better with avocado.

These fully loaded vegan breakfast sandwiches are a worthy way to start or end your day. Breakfast-any-time-of-day sort of fare. I love these on a sprouted grain English muffin, but classic white or wheat flour works too. And my fave secret ingredient for any breakfast sandwich is a slathering of sweet fruit jam. Strawberry, apricot or whatever you can find in your fridge. Hope you love these as much as we do!..


Pink Cole Slaw (Obsessed!)

Am I allowed to be obsessed with cole slaw? I hope so. You fellow cole slow lovers out there will agree with me! There is something so lovely about a zesty, creamy, crunchy, sweet-peppery cole slaw. You can add it to vegan hot dogs, veggie burgers, sandwiches, pitas. Use it as a side salad or salad topper. Or eat a giant bowl of this stuff as the main salad for your meal.

I made this Pink Cole Slaw a few days ago and have been re-making it again and again (and again today!) because it is so easy, yummy and versatile. Cole slaw is a flavor-enhancer for so many meals. And a great way to get excited about veggies and salads! Plus, it is just so darn refreshing. Get the recipe!..


Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

Jumping on the seemingly endless rainbow-recipes bandwagon feels a little silly, until you actually start crafting a recipe and realize that there is a lot more to this rainbow thing than Instagramable-food. One of the most basic tips we hear for healthy eating: eat the rainbow! (And no, they don't mean Skittles.) The rainbow of plants. Fruit, veggies, spices, herbs.

Red berries, orange citrus, yellow peppers, leafy greens, blueberries, purple cabbage. The options are endless.

Today's Rainbow Veggie Sandwich with double hummus is not just pretty to look at, fun to make and totally delicious, but it also packs a rainbow-fueled punch of antioxidants and phytochemicals! In other words.... eating a real, plant-based rainbow isn't just fun, it is good for you! You can't get more magical than that.

Get the recipe plus today's musings on #LIFE and oh a Britney interjection of course..


Easy Peanut Butter Curry Chickpeas

One of my favorite blog recipes is my Peanut-Ginger Curried Chickpeas. Well today I am giving that recipe a "make it easy!" makeover. Today's recipe for vegan Peanut Butter Curry Chickpeas over fluffy quinoa is super simple, with just six main ingredients for the chickpeas. I serve them over top quinoa or rice for a simple and satisfying lunch or dinner. And these chickpeas are super cravable. I know this because I have leftovers in my fridge right now, and I just had a big smoothie for lunch, but all I can think about are those warmed up chickpeas and quinoa for dinner!

Making beans cravable = recipe win.

Boost the meal even more.. You can always add some greens, a side salad, roasted veggies or a roast sweet potato on the side if you'd like. I had this for lunch and it was perfect! Packed with plant-based protein and not too heavy, yet very satisfying...

Plus watch a video for this recipe..


Endless Summer Vitamix Giveaway!

*The grand prize is generously donated from Vitamix.

Summertime, lazy days and vacation season may be fading fast, but have no fear! Here on HHL it is giveaway time. And there is always a reason to get excited when you own a Vitamix. Seriously, I love these things. My Vitamix brings me so much kitchen joy, all year round.

Check out the three prizes and enter to win!..


Spin on "Butterfinger" Candy Bars: Littlefingers!

*Promise, no spoilers here! Don't worry I am not talking about the show plot at all. Just some candy, inspired by the best show on TV right now, and one of my fave love-to-hate-him characters!..*

Slimy, sneaky, chaos ladder climber-y. These Littlefinger Candy Bars, brought to you by Game of Thrones character, Petyr Baelish, are the perfect treat when you are in a sinister sort of mood.

(Keep reading to see the GOT candy wrapper I made for these.)

Butterfinger-inspired, these sweet, slightly crunchy, peanut butter flavored and chocolate-coated bars are the perfect treat for any GOT fan.

You can even print out some silly wrappers like I did and serve these up at your next GOT-watching party - or just for yourself because you totally deserve these to get you through the long week wait for Sunday night.

These bars are healthier than the real thing, with a short ingredients list. Vegan and dairy-free bars. GOT and DIY candy fans, hope you can give these good-treats-gone-bad a try! Plus, I share why I am so into escapism like GOT lately...


Vegan Ranch Salad Dressing

Today's salad dressing recipe is a crowd-pleaser. Creamy, vibrant, zesty, satisfying and a classic, gone vegan: Vegan Ranch Dressing.

And today I am pairing this dressing with curly kale for a few serving suggestions like a Vegan Ranch BBQ Bowl. Ranch-tossed kale is topped with sticky-sweet tempeh cubes, warm chunks of my favorite cornbread, avocado and sliced peaches too. Video for the dressing too!...


Talking Skin Care: 21 Favorite Products

I usually focus on food here, but another part of wellness involves self care. And today I want to share 21 of my favorite skin care products with you. As well as a few tips and other skin care anecdotes about acne and more.

I love taking care of my skin. And not just for a glow-y skin effect. Skin care for me is a relaxing ritual that makes me feel good. At the end of a long or challenging day, I crave a mini at-hone-facial. I get home, maybe chug some water first to rehydrate, then wash my face, massage a warm washcloth over my skin and maybe do a quick mask or exfoliate. I use products that smell uplifting, using essential oils or other natural plant-based aromas. I spritz my face, use a toner pad and finish up with a light serum or moisturizer. By the end of my routine I feel refreshed, more relaxed and ready to transition into recharge, see-ya-later-stress mode. Bonus effects of self-care skin-care routines: glowy, happy skin.

I am learning to embrace "aging," - I use the quotes because I am only in my thirties, still a young thing in so many ways. I am constantly trying to teach myself to embrace getting older. There are so many things I love about it!

Taking care of my skin each day is one way I show respect to my body, love it, and help it stay as healthy and happy as possible, so it can continue serving me! And our skin serves us well..

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies! It changes swiftly and responds to our environment. It plays an important role in regulating body temperature, it stores water, fat and metabolic products. It protects your body from outside germs and toxins and is truly our first line of defense as we navigate life! It is delicate and sensitive to the environment and responds so well when we learn to take care of it.

So with that, here are a few of my favorite skin care products and a few tips too...

I also updated this post to include my remarks on Fresh and online bullying..


The Best Vegan Cornbread

Today I am sharing The Best Vegan Cornbread. Cornbread might not seem like the most summery of recipes, but when you are using fresh corn, it certainly qualifies!

One of my favorite additions to most any meal is a fluffy nugget of warm, golden yellow corn bread - crumbly, buttery and cake-like. This recipe really satisfied every characteristic I look for in a cornbread! I enjoyed it warmed up with some vegan butter and maple syrup, and I also crumbled it over top a vegan ranch summer salad - similar to this BBQ tofu Ranch Salad. And of course, if you are making veggie chili, cornbread is the perfect side.

If you are a cornbread fan like me, hope you can give this recipe a try!..