Vegan Meal Plan Sundays: Week 3, Smoothie + Salad Challenge

Hey guys, it is late Sunday and I am about to pop on Game of Thrones, but I am feeling awful because I haven't posted this week's plan yet! This weekend just seemed to zoom by in a mix of sunshine, tennis, cat naps and cooking projects and playing. But it hasn't all been rainbows and sunshine, I can assure you! But I like to focus on all the good stuff. And there was a whole lot of good stuff this weekend just like any week, if I look closely. I mean, looking to my right there is the fuzziest kitten muffin ever curled up on my leg and off to my left, my awesome husband finishing dinner. Good stuff.

The Plan: Smoothie + Salad Challenge. This week I am doing something a bit different, as I will from time to time. Instead of a straight up plan I am challenging you! For each day, I have one of my favorite salads and a fave smoothie. For each day, I challenge you to try at least one of those items! And no, I don't expect most of you to nail down all 7 days, but if you can do even one or two new recipes this week, you get a big fat gold star from me! Check out this week's recipes...

Note: You can sub any of these smoothies with any recipe from my book 365 Vegan Smoothies!

I am having trouble with the hashtag for this series. I think I will start using #HHLplan. It is much simpler than #hhlmealplansundays. We will see if that sticks!

And don't forget to check out this week's wellness mantra at bottom!

Vegan Meal Plan Sundays: Week 3, Smoothie + Salad Challenge


salad: Spicy Southwest Tofu Quinoa Bowl
smoothie: Easy Energy Almond Butter Shake (or peanut butter!) -- or a Green Dream Smoothie


salad: Macadamia Arugula Mango Avocado Salad
smoothie: DIY Smoothie Bowl with lots of toppings!


salad: Romaine Mandarin Avocado Salad with the best zesty-sweet dressing! Or you can take it back to kale-days and try my 5-Step Raw Kale Salad
smoothie: DIY DOLE Whip (pineapple bliss!!) - or a Golden Wellness Smoothie


salad: "Feta" Tofu Watermelon Salad
smoothie: Easy Acai Bowl


salad: BBQ Tempeh Salad Bowl
smoothie: Watermelon Frosty


salad: Kale + Corn Summer Reboot Salad or try my Creamy Mustard Maple Chard
smoothie: Creamsicle Smoothies or my Trinity Shake with turmeric


salad: Eureka! Salad Bowl
smoothie: Mother of Dragons Smoothie Bowl in honor of GOT day of course

Bonus Blends..

For some matcha yumminess!..

Matcha Frappe

Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Watermelon is always a good idea...

Watermelon Ice Cream

And finally... ending with chocolate!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Wellness Mantra of the Week: Energy! This week we are going to channel the sunshine. Yup. That beautiful glowing ball in the sky. We are going to embrace summer in every cell of our bodies and soak in the warmth and energy of the sun. And with a little extra effort, try and bring that glow to our day - in at least a few little ways. Smile at a stranger. Be extra chatty with your Uber driver. Bring some energy to your work that you haven't felt in a while. Seek out inspiration. Turn up the music. Loud. Dance. Find something to laugh at and laugh extra loud. Tell your spouse or your BFF or your mom that you LOVE them. Glow. Sparkle. Be the sun this week. And let others bask in your glow and hopefully feel a little extra glowy themselves.

Basically, life can be draining. But we sometimes have to FORCE ourselves to recharge and then just GO. Find energy from some place. Find it for our dreams, our relationships, our fun, our creativity. Once you find it, you just might wonder why you were so tired to begin with.

Wishing you loads of GLOW this week.

xoxo, Kathy

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