51 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend has a special place in my heart. Why? Not because my husband and I go on epic quickie beach vacations or attend the most amazing Memorial Day parties or festivals ever - but because we spend time together. We have an extra day to do anything we want. From cool adventures, to brainstorming ideas and talking about life plans/dreams to embracing completely lazy days at home, binge watching shows or napping in sunbeams.

This holiday weekend is three things to me:
1. Summer. The silent welcoming to the summer season. (Aka, the "you can now wear white pants" wknd. Haha, does anyone still follow that?)
2. Remembrance. A time to remember and have gratitude for those who fought and died in active military service. (It is always good to remember the true point of these holidays. Stop and pause on that, even if for a moment.)
3. Joy + Time. A weekend without expectations, to find joy and leisure in the most random of places. To spend time with your favorite person(s). To do whatever your body and soul is craving and needing at this place in time.

What does your soul need this Memorial Day weekend?? Maybe you will find it on my list!..

Maybe you have an awesome tradition for Memorial Day weekend, but me, I can only remember bits and pieces of my Memorial Days..

I remember the weekend we binge watched all the Marvel movies like Iron Man. Yes, Iron Man. I couldn't tell you the tiniest piece of info about that movie today, but I just know that it was an awesome day-long spree of chilling in bed and watching the hours past, the sun scroll across the sky. I remember one weekend when we rode our beach bikes for the whole day, tired and groggy as the sun set over the misty blue ocean, we stumbled back to our place and probably ordered takeout from Native Foods or whipped up something easy and delicious. One Memorial Day weekend in NYC, we did our epic "long walk." We walked from our apartment downtown all the way to 82nd street. We took the subway back of course. But enough about my memories, how about you make a few of your own, by doing the most random of things. Here are a few that might inspire you...

0. Make veggie burgers. I feel like this is the most obvious thing to do, so I'll just put this fave recipe right here in case you need it...

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado

51 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend

1. Go see Pirates. Because everyone needs a little Johnny Depp therapy from time to time. Or at least listen to the soundtrack music because the Pirates theme is just the best thing ever. (ps. Just play that music link now while you read - open in a new window on your browser, and I promise you'll have even more fun on this post)

Or just watch this...

2. Water Therapy. Find your nearest beach or lake or natural spring or pool and have some water therapy.

3. Organize your closet and fill at least one large trash bag with clothes to donate. Channel a minimalist and see how many cool outfits your can create out of less clothing items.

(And if you want to "spring/summer" clean up your diet recipes, check out these 78 recipe from bloggers!

4. Grab a pen or pencil. Start a pen and paper writing habit. Get off your screens and be oh-so-vintage. Fill a journal with poems, an idea for a novel or even your grocery list.

Or if you really need to... write on your screen. I'm with you.

(But paper is nice sometimes too.) #WhatsYourMood?

5. Binge watch Game of Thrones to prep for the new season.

6. Blend. Make a new green smoothie recipe and share it with someone who "hates green smoothies." Or make an acai bowl and top it with fresh fruit.

* Matcha shake

* Watermelon Frosty from 365 Vegan Smoothies (other recipe here)

7. Bake some cookies and bring half your batch to a neighbor or friend.

8. Play a Group/Pair Sport. Like tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball or heck, even golf. Yes, mini golf counts.

9. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and fridge. Make an attempt to organize things so you love your kitchen a bit more. Go shopping for any new inspiring ingredients you want to find spots for in your kitchen.

ps. If you can tell me what VWG stands for you win a huge gold star! haha

10. Find a sunbeam and nap in it. If you are a bad napper, try and teach yourself the skill of day-napping!

* Nelly belly! love + miss her.

11. Meditate. Just do it. It is HARD. But usually clears your mind and gives you a Zen-ful feeling.

12. Try matcha. Green tea is awesome and I wish everyone would try it. Feel the Zenergy. Everything about matcha.

13. Go to brunch and keep your phone OFF the table the whole time.
* vegan waffle brunch at Wynn Vegas.

14. Call your mom and ask her to tell you a funny story.

15. Call your dad and ask him to tell you about the best live sporting event or music concert he ever went to.

16. Research your summer travel dream adventures in Instagram. Where do you want to go? (Even if you cannot go this summer, at least you will be prepared!)
*Kauai was a good idea.

*Anywhere with sea turtles and I'm in.

17. Go Deep. Go to church. Pray. Volunteer. Visit an animal shelter or pet adoption day and play with the pups and kittens. Do something "spiritual" - whatever that means to you. Spend time with your SELF. Remind yourself the bigger picture of what life is all about - to you. And how you interact with the community and planet around you. Who is up for some deep thoughts this weekend?

18. Watch cartoons while eating ice cream or cold cereal or DIY granola..

19. Make a big dinner, then save the leftovers for the next two nights so you don't have to cook! I'd go for Creamy Tomato Pasta or Enchiladas.

20. Read a book. Anything in your bookshelf or iBooks is worthy .. or 365 Vegan Smoothies, just sayin.

*Richard Kind and I at an event a few years ago

21. Clean Like a Princess. Scrub your floors and clean your house while playing Cinderella music or the Disney movie.

22. Photo Day. Grab your camera or iphone and go on a photo day outing. Snap some beautiful photos, print them out and frame your favorites.

* Switzerland was one of my fave photo spots ever! I have this photo hanging in my office area - you never know what photo is just around the corner!

23. Pack a picnic and lounge + eat in a pretty spot like a local park, grassy spot in your backyard, hiking or the beach -- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit, iced tea, cookies and all. Picnic spots and grassy knolls are great for doing cartwheels too..

24. Sip and Chill. Go to a spot that serves fancy drinks outside - sip them, relax, chill.

25. Dance Party. Listen to 80's or 90's (or whatever) music and have a dance party -- in your PJs or yoga clothes. Pets invited of course.

26. Play with your pets. (If you are a cat owner, step one: wake up the cat(s), then play with them...) :)

27. Start a Blog. For fun or a side career. These tips can help.

28. Watch "Old" Movies. Troop Beverly Hills, Ferris Bueller, The Burbs or Can't Buy Me Love. Go 80's or 90's chic for a few days, whatever that means to you. Watch Full House, like the old episodes on Hulu.

29. Outdoor Movies. Find an Outdoor Movie showing and go watch it under the stars!

30. Documentary Day.
Watch a bunch of awesome docs on Netflix or another streaming program. Try Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Planet Earth, Cosmos, Chef's Table, Tony Robbins I am Not Your Guru, Food Inc and more....

31. Hang with friends. Laugh a lot.

32. DIY Facial. Pull out all your beauty goodies and give yourself a facial. Warm towels, exfoliate, a few masks, tone, moisturize and feel fabulous. If you are really nice you can offer to give your sig other a facial!

33. Go to a local theme park. Ride ridiculous rides, play carnival games, smile 'til your cheeks hurt.

34. Binge watch Shows.. Better Call Saul, GirlBoss, Master of None, Friends, Breaking Bad, The Americans, House of Cards or Grey's Anatomy.

35. Two Words: Ice Cream. Epic Ice Cream. Buy ingredients to make epic ice cream sundaes. Or DIY your own ice cream - like Cookies and Cream. Banana Split of DIY Ice Cream

36. Nap again. That never gets old on holiday weekends. Sun beams highly advised.

37. #Goals. Make a list of ten life goals (career or personal). Do or start one of those things this weekend!

38. Try a new type of workout. Spin class. Yoga. Tennis. Weight lifting. Swimming. Errr.... Canoeing....

* Date Summit with a bunch of awesome ppl. Like Cat of RFFMBT.

39. Retail Therapy.

* Moo Shoes in NYC or LA is always a good idea..

Or you can shop online and take advantage of deals like this. My FAVORITE blender that I use everyday is $120 off!..
*disclosure: this is my affiliate link

40. Go to a farmer's market and ask a few farmer's about their produce and fun facts or tips with it.

41. Fruit. Eat a bowl of cherries. Or strawberries. Or bake some Strawberry Sunrise Scones.

42. Wake up early and watch the sun rise while hiking, walking or driving to a fun destination.

43. Watch the sunset. Don't look at your phone. Just breathe and watch the glow disappear into the horizon.

44. Watch a Live Show. A play, musical, ballet, comedy act, something live!

* Aladdin on Broadway was a good one!

45. Be spontaneous and/or adventurous! Decide on something adventurous to do - road trip - museum - bike ride - hike - bridge crossing - whatever - the morning of and DO IT.

* Northern Ireland bridge crossing was pretty amazing.

46. Go to a local Museum. And feed your brain.

47. Pull a Britney Spears and try on a bunch of old dresses and parade down your hallway doing a fashion show of one. Post it on the internet and tag me, bc I definitely want to see that.

I mean, why not?...

48. Go to a bookstore and browse the cookbooks section. Find a cool recipe and make it. And if they don't have HHVK or 365 Vegan Smoothies, ask them to kindly re-order that amazingness because you want to browse it anytime you want.
*bookstore in Florence, Italy with my Italian version of 365 Vegan Smoothies. such a cool memory!

49. Movie + Watermelon. Watch an uplifting movie (Disney, Nancy Meyers, Star Wars, Adventures....) while wearing a flower crown and eating a watermelon ice cream bowl.

50. Make a vision board. Hang it up where you can see it every day. Manifest the heck out of those dreams and positive messages!

51. Leave a comment on this post telling me one awesome thing you plan on doing this weekend! I send you virtual hugs for taking the time to share and inspire.
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