Easy Acai Smoothie Bowl (Video)

One of the smoothies that I make most often is an acai bowl smoothie. So when I realized I really only had one recipe for an acai bowl here on the blog, from four years ago, I knew I wanted to add one just in time for summer!

My original How-to Make an Acai Bowl recipe post is here. And it contains a ton of great tips and anecdotes on choosing acai packs and blending a bowl. But today, I share my current go-to recipe. I will be making this more than a few times this summer! Hope you love it as much as I do..


Baked Alaska-Inspired Tofu Pudding

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Today is my final post for the 50 Plates of Tofu Series! It has been a lot of fun collaborating with House Foods on this creative recipe challenge. I whipped up ten state-inspired, vegan tofu recipes. And today's final recipe was inspired by Alaska. This was a tricky state! But I chose to make a pudding inspired by "Baked Alaska" because 1) it was a great excuse to use roast vegan marshmallows and 2) because one of my favorite things is a chocolate and vanilla layered pudding. This recipe has a hint of nut butter in it as well. So, peanut butter and chocolate pudding parfaits with toasted marshmallows on top it was!

Plus, I chat about dessert styles and my dessert-everyday-is-good state of mind..


Fresh Artichoke White Bean Dip (Lemon Pepper Garlic)

This post is sponsored by Ocean Mist Farms, but all opinions are my own.

As the weather warms up, I find myself snacking quite a lot. Fresh fruit, chips and healthy dips and lots of smoothies. So instead of a few heavy meals, I eat more little meals throughout the day. And I love that. I find it keeps me energized and ready for whatever adventures I may have planned for the day. And the foods I go for tend to be healthier in nature - fresh produce galore. We often think of "snacking" as a bad thing, but when you are choosing healthy foods and prepping a few healthy recipes (like today's dip!), snacking (or mini-meals) can be a great thing!

And one of my favorite snacks is a hearty, healthy bean dip! When most people think of 'bean dips,' they think of hummus. But today I am sharing a velvet-y, lemon-pepper-garlic dip that uses fresh artichokes as the secret ingredient.

This Lemon Pepper Garlic Artichoke White Bean Dip is easy and super flavorful.

Vacation anyone? And I'm also sharing an amazing online contest. Ocean Mist Farms and a few other produce brands are sending one lucky grand prize winner on a $4,000 tropical vacation. And a few awesome cash prizes for the runner up winners. Yes, please! I would be so excited if one of my blog readers wins one of these amazing prizes. Details ahead! Be sure to enter to win after checking out today's recipe...


51 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend has a special place in my heart. Why? Not because my husband and I go on epic quickie beach vacations or attend the most amazing Memorial Day parties or festivals ever - but because we spend time together. We have an extra day to do anything we want. From cool adventures, to brainstorming ideas and talking about life plans/dreams to embracing completely lazy days at home, binge watching shows or napping in sunbeams.

This holiday weekend is three things to me:
1. Summer. The silent welcoming to the summer season. (Aka, the "you can now wear white pants" wknd. Haha, does anyone still follow that?)
2. Remembrance. A time to remember and have gratitude for those who fought and died in active military service. (It is always good to remember the true point of these holidays. Stop and pause on that, even if for a moment.)
3. Joy + Time. A weekend without expectations, to find joy and leisure in the most random of places. To spend time with your favorite person(s). To do whatever your body and soul is craving and needing at this place in time.

What does your soul need this Memorial Day weekend?? Maybe you will find it on my list!..


Green Fuel Protein Shake, inspired by Disney's Cars 3 and DOLE!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DOLE, but all opinions are my own.

If you are an avid reader of my blog you probably know how much I adore all things Disney. So when another favorite of mine, DOLE, asked me to develop a recipe inspired by the upcoming Disney/Pixar film Cars 3, I was fueled up and ready to go!!

When I think of food as fuel, I think of smoothies. Especially green smoothies! But it can be challenging to craft a green smoothie that you CRAVE. Luckily, I have one for you today. My Green Fuel Protein Shake is a citrus-infused, creamy and protein-boosted green smoothie. It is so tasty that you will totally forget how many greens and other healthy things are in here!

The recipe serves two, but I always drink it all myself. Proper green smoothies should leave you chugging them. Fuel up your day with today's recipe and hear more about Cars 3, National Eat More Fruit and Veggies Day and how to enter to win an adventure road trip prize woth over $10,000!..


Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I am sharing my recipe for Vegan Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, aka, what I lovingly call "Mall Cookies."

Mall Cookies. I grew up in the 80's and 90's, so going to the mall was a pretty exciting outing. I would pop by with a group of girlfriends and we'd browse Wet Seal or Express. And at some point we would stroll by the food court. Ah, the mall food court. Sorry mall food court, but you certainly didn't have many healthy options back then. Giant cinnamon buns, pizza, hot dogs, stir fry, pasta or a frosty orange-flavored "smoothie." But really, the best treat to get at the mall, in my opinion, was a tiny bag of mini chocolate chip cookies from the cookie spot. Those warm and tender cookies had a dreamy aroma that seemed to marinate my pores and leave me drunk on chocolate and butter and flour. One bite and everything felt cozy. you could of course always buy the giant sized cookies, but I always went for the minis.

So cut to today. I decided to go all in with buttery goodness for these vegan version cookies. They are SO GOOD. Neighbors will smell them baking and find themselves at your doorstep. Friends will hear you are making them and pop by just to say 'hi.' And these are so fun to bring to parties or as a house-warming treat for someone. Or even better, offer to bake the cookies in someone's house - so they can really steep themselves in this cookie perfume.

Needless to say, I think you should try these cookies the next time you want something decadent, dreamy and dare I say it, mall-inspired. Enjoy!..


Vegan Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce in a Flash!

One of my favorite things to do when I make basic spaghetti and marinara sauce is to mix in a bit of my favorite vegan mayo to the pasta. It creates a lightly creamy texture and I just love it. But the more practical way to achieve this creamy tomato pasta effect is to simply craft the most amazing creamy tomato sauce from the start. And this one tastes like lasagna...

Today's recipe for Vegan Creamy Tomato Pasta is a new favorite of mine. This sauce is super flavorful - bright and sassy with a hint of cheeziness, spice and tomato zing all spun together in a creamy, rich (yet healthy + dairy-free!) recipe. And the best part about this recipe is seriously how ah-mazing it tastes the next day, aka leftovers. The sauce marinates the pasta and it all just .. again .. tastes like lasagna! Get the recipe, plus, watch me make it with a video..


Crispy Beer-Battered Tofu Tacos

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You had me at beer-battered. And vegan. All in the same sentence. These Beer-Battered Tofu Tacos are my vegan-spin on a beer-battered fish taco. The crispy-coated, Old Bay-seasoned tofu is wrapped in a warm corn tortilla and topped with homemade pickled onions, avocado and crunchy red cabbage. Vegan sour cream or chipotle mayo and/or hot sauce is also a nice touch. Have a tofu taco night with this delicious recipe!..


BBQ Tofu Corn Kale Ranch Salad

This post is sponsored by House Foods Tofu.

Today's BBQ Tofu Corn Kale Ranch Salad is a meal in a bowl! This entree salad is loaded with healthy ingredients like kale, corn, carrots and of course hearty BBQ skillet tofu triangles on top and creamy silken tofu ranch dressing to make everything extra amazing. This country style salad is a delicious and easy dinner option for you and your family. These flavors will impress!..


15 Things I Love For Travel + Matcha Chat #3

*The video in this post is sponsored by Encha Matcha and contains a few affiliate links

Summer travel season is almost here! (Can you believe it?) And whenever I travel I make sure to have a few things to make the trip happier, healthier and just a little more cozy. It is amazing how a few thoughtful things from home when you are far from home can help you feel nourished, comforted and energized for the adventures ahead of you.

Here are 15 Things I Love For Travel, plus my video episode #3 of Kathy's Matcha Chat (includes a giveaway!!)...


Salt and Pepper Tofu Party Skewers

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These Salt and Pepper Party Skewers with peanut dipping sauce are an easy, fun and delicious way to serve tofu and add more protein to your day. Lively black pepper crusted, skillet tofu triangles pair well with my favorite rich, sassy-sweet peanut dipping sauce. These skewers are delicious served on their own, and also pair well with a giant salad or even a pasta or rice dish!...


Spring Pea Avocado Toast with Pickled Radishes

* This post is sponsored by Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

I am obsessed with three things. 1) Pickled veggies. 2) Radishes. 3) Tartine sandwiches.

Oh shoot, I guess I could go on to say that I am also obsessed with avocados + avocado toast. (But, really, who isn't.) Oh and I am also obsessed with fresh crunchy sprouts and spring peas. So basically, today's recipe leaves me swooning, emoji-style, red hearts in my eyes.

Today's Spring Pea Avocado Toast with Easy Pickled Radishes is my idea of lunchtime perfection. Smooth, rich, lemon-y avocado and fresh pea spread is slathered on bakery crusty bread, and then topped with the most amazing (and easy) DIY pickled radishes and sprouts. Slice, serve, swoon.

This meal looks and tastes like it should be served in one of those fancy European tartine restaurants. But you get to enjoy it at home, watching Netflix, in your cozy sweats. Win win win.

Get the recipe, plus, find out how you can enter to win one of five $100 Visa Gift Cards!..


Vegan Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese with Tempeh and Avocado. Easy Dinner.

So I am back from my wild weekend, as I mentioned in my last post. But I am backtracking a bit with recipe. I made this Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese with tempeh and avocado two nights in a row, right before I left for my trip. It was the perfect pre-travel comfort food with no leftovers and easy cleanup.

Keep reading to get this fast and easy recipe. Plus the CUTEST Sochi cat photos...


Spicy Southwest Tofu Quinoa Bowl

This post is sponsored by House Foods Tofu.

Hello from the airport! I am waiting to board a flight to usher me home after a long, super adventure-filled weekend in Northern California. I can't wait to share it with you in an upcoming post!

But for now I am swooning over this recipe I whipped up for a Spicy Southwest Tofu Quinoa Bowl with Medjool Date Lime Dressing. This go-to meal bowl has everything you could ever want. Delicious crispy, sassy-sweet cubes of protein-rich tofu, plenty of luscious greens, spicy accents and protein-rich hearty, cozy quinoa too. The citrus-sweet dressing is so good too! Light and vibrant. Try this for your next salad craving meal!..


Candied Pecan Avocado Organic Spinach Salad

*This post is sponsored by DOLE.

Simple salads are so important for maintaining healthy eating habits. Some days I love throwing a million ingredients to my salads, and other days recipes like this one today are my saving grace. Simple. Super flavorful. And healthy. And it doesn't get any better than actually craving a giant organic spinach salad.

Today's Candied Pecan Avocado Spinach Salad uses the new organic DOLE spinach salad mix. Sweet and salty candied pecans mingle with buttery avocado and maple-mustard dressed spinach with an accent of orange zest and black pepper. I'm in love with this dreamy and simple flavor combo. I like to wilt part of the spinach to give a more tender, flavor-infused texture to each bite. I hope you give it a try!


Chocolate Cherry Pie Tofu Parfaits

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Chocolate-covered cherries are a favorite for a reason. Well, today's dessert celebrates that flavor duo, via parfait glass..

These Chocolate Cherry Pie Tofu Parfaits are easy to make and serve up what feels like a very fancy, restaurant-quality dessert - pretty parfait glasses and all. Super silky cherry pudding mingles with chocolate accents for a dreamy, spring-inspired treat...