Kathy's Matcha Chat Series

I am excited to launch a new video series today! Kathy's Matcha Chat Series, sponsored by Encha Organic Matcha. Today is episode one!

I haven't been in front of that camera in over a year, so I am excited to challenge myself and get back to chatting with you guys face to face! (And not just via Instagram stories...)

The Matcha Chat Series will post the first Friday of every month for the next year! And every episode will have a giveaway, courtesy of Encha. Entry details ahead.

In each video I will be chatting about random wellness, food, fitness, travel and other lifestyle topics. Basically anything that is on my mind. In future episodes, I would love to answer your questions about matcha, wellness or anything really, so leave questions in the comments or email me at kathy at lunchboxbunch dot com.

But mostly, this series is about having some fun, being silly and taking my matcha breaks chatting with YOU guys.

Episode One. This first video was a bit of a doozy. LOL. I guess you could say I winged it and let the cats hop around in the background and had a kinda choppy setup. But at least I pushed it out and here it is! Thank you for cringing and smiling along with me for this first episode. I promise to be a bit more rehearsed in videos to come. Getting in front of the camera is something I have to remember how to do, ha!

Check it out!..

Kathy's Matcha Chat Episodes:

1 - March - Episode One - chatting and intro!
2 - April - Episode Two - recipe + chatting
3 - May - Episode Three - travel tips
4 - June - Episode Four - Matcha Tools
5 - July - Episode Five - matcha sweeteners
6 - August - Episode Six - Coconut Milk Ice Cream Video
7 - September - Episode Seven - Fave Vegan Milks for Matcha Lattes
8 - October - Matcha Mash
9 - November - Matcha When Traveling
10 - December - Special baking edition. Matcha-dusted Pfeffernüsse Cookies.
11 - January - birthday lessons + bday cake matcha
12 - February - Matcha FAQs

Today I chat a bit about matcha green tea and the wellness topic of the day, mindlessness, is from an article I recently read. You can watch the video to hear what I have to say about it!


- Article I reference in the video: Why Does Running Help Clear Your Mind..
- Kathy on Instagram
- Encha on Instagram
- Get your FREE MATCHA GUIDE here
- FAQs about Matcha
- Matcha Brand Reviews and Buying Guide

Don't forget to enter the giveaway over on Instagram! Here are the rules again..

1. Head over to this post on Instagram.
2. Leave a comment (details on this in the video, so watch it before commenting!)
3. That's it!

Winner will be announced March 10th. USA shipping only plz.

Thank you for watching!

* This series is sponsored by Encha, I am a brand ambassador, but all opinions are my own!
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