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This Epic Wellness Cruise is Calling You.. The Holistic Holiday at Sea, March 11-18, 2017

Brrrrr, baby it is cold outside!

Ok, ok, so you guys know I live in warmish-in-January Los Angeles, but I just got back from DC where things were definitely winter coat approved. I was bundled up, shifting between hot chocolate and steamy soups to stay warm and hydrated. Dry skin, extra blankets at night and a cold nose. The truth is, I actually love the cold for a while. Skiing, snowflakes, winter white sky, cold stillness, foggy breath, crisp chill. But mostly I love winter because it makes the arrival or return to sweet sunshine feel even better.

So all you snow bunnies, rainy season roosters and winter wildcats, I have a warm and tropical solution for your c-c-c-cold-weather, seasonal-blues problems...

Come Cruise with Me!

I am so excited because in just a few months I will be basking in the sunshine on the deck of a beautiful cruise ship, gliding along crystal turquoise Caribbean waters for the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise. I get to teach a cooking class as well as mingle with wellness geniuses like Dr. Neil Barnard and SO many more. Plus I don't have to cook a thing all week, with amazing plant-based meals at every turn. And loads of awesome shore excursions to explore the islands we visit. The itinerary this year is incredible!

It is no wonder this cruise is best described as.. "ONE OF THE 100 BEST WORLDWIDE VACATIONS TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE!" - National Geographic Traveller.

Join us! Sounds good, right? Let's do it. Book your cruise today and mention my name for freebies! Or click ahead to get more details including photos, the number one reason I think you should start cruising and the three types of cruise styles I define!..

Travel Details. From the cruise website..

Holistic Holiday at Sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit. Share the experience and wisdom of some of the world's leading authorities and experts in holistic living and natural health. Cruise the Western Caribbean on one of the world's premier Italian luxury liners, the MSC Divina, which combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience. Visit exciting ports of call as we sail from Miami, Florida to lush Ocho Rios, Jamaica; sunny Georgetown, Cayman Islands; historic Cozumel, Mexico; and the paradise of Nassau, Bahamas. All this and more while you dine on specially prepared vegan natural foods and beverages prepared by our own chefs. Lectures and workshops included.

The Deal..

Mention Happy Healthy Life or Kathy Patalsky or Finding Vegan when you register to receive a $50 (January limited time $100) on-board credit to use on items in the Holistic Holiday at Sea bookstore or towards Holistic Holiday at Sea private treatments or consultations.

Plus I am making special goody bags for all my cruisers, who sign up using my name!!

My number one reason why you should start cruising?... Literally being out at sea!

Yup. This is truly my favorite part of cruising! That rich salt air. On a cruise, you are surrounded by ocean air. Ocean air has always been incredibly beneficial for me. When I feel crappy or my lungs feel a bit off I go down to the ocean for a few hours and just breathe and walk. Now I know not everyone can escape to the ocean, but you can start a cruising habit and feel the benefits!

Some articles that talk about the healing benefits of ocean air..

* Does the Salt Air Have Curative Powers? - WSJ
* Health Benefits of Ocean Air - Lung Institute
* Science Proves the Curative Power of Sea Air - Newsmax Health

Want some visuals to persuade you? Well I cannot wait to take my own photos on this vacation, but for now, here are a few, courtesy of Holistic Holiday at Sea:

Yummy vegan food all day long. Yes this is a plant-based approved and encouraged cruise! All your meals are vegan. (But ps. Non-vegan people welcome! There are non-vegan options available to those who request them.)

Yoga please. So many fitness classes to choose from!

I cannot wait to hear Dr. Barnard speak..

And Dr. Campbell..

Blue water, sand, salty air and sunshine please!..

Cruises can be for everyone. Here are three types of cruisers I have seen..

Cruise Style:

1. Quiet Escapists. Those who go alone or with one or two close people. They hide away in their cabin as desired, quietly bask in the sunshine and slowly mingle, lightly and gently without putting much pressure on themselves to talk to anyone because this cruise is their quiet time. Their bubble bath with a candle lit. Their time for big dreams, vision boards in your head and maybe a little journal writing, plotting or even just complete stillness.

2. Party Crew. The social, dancing, lovingly loud, fun-loving, nonstop, energized cruiser. You love the social aspect of cruises and cannot wait to make new friends, engage with the guests you came with and overall have a freaking blast because this is your vaycay!

3. The In-Betweeners. Hi there. This is me. I usually have a few bursts of energized fun where I am craving social activities, a good dance party and late night coupled with a long day of quiet, chill and giant sunglasses - maybe a trip to the spa or a quiet corner to be with my cruise crew or alone if I came solo. Sometimes I want to chat at meals and other times I eat and run to escape to a quiet corner of the ship to stare up at twinkling stars and peaceful happiness. This is my battery recharge time. And that requires both loud and quiet moments.

Some past presenters.. (Rory Freedman, Colleen Patrick, Isa and so many more!)



I hope you come!! Come with your mom. A friend. Your spouse. By yourself. With a big group of girlfriends. Or heck, come alone and leave with loads of new friends.

I am cruising with my friend Cat from RFFMBT. Love her so much! You may remember we did a Rancho La Puerta adventure a year ago.

Book your cruise today!

Rates. The price of the ultimate holistic vacation is much more affordable than you may think! The rates include port charges of $150.00, specially prepared organic/natural meals, lectures, yoga classes, Pilates classes, meditation classes, workshops, cooking classes, nightly entertainment, and the use of all basic spa/health club and onboard facilities. Rates here.

Book your cruise today -- don't forget to mention Kathy Patalsky when booking to secure your onboard credit and personalized goody bag!

Can't wait to see you in my cooking class! xoxo, Kathy

disclosure: My cruise travel expenses have been covered by a Taste of Health.
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