Wild Blueberry Winter Wellness Smoothie

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Happy December! Wait, it is really December?? Crazy. This time of year things get pretty busy with travel and parties and gift shopping and family and friends and work and cookie baking and snow frolicking and holiday music dancing and more. Winter weather brings a chill in the air and a jam-packed to-do list leaves us with less time to take care of ourselves as usual. But no matter how busy you are, you should always find time for a wellness smoothie break!..

A smoothie is such a great way to cram a bunch of good-for-you ingredients into one tall, hydrating, colorful, delicious drink. Today’s Wild Blueberry Winter Wellness Smoothie is one of my favorites for wellness.

And if you’re afraid of a smoothie making you cold, see my tip (in the recipe post) for on how to fix that ... or do what I do and pile on a giant cozy sweater and thick warm socks!

Today’s smoothie is packed with one of my all-time favorite wellness ingredients: Wild Blueberries. This smoothie has a hint of citrus spice for some holiday flair and rich nuttiness from raw walnuts. And I love the natural sweetness from the banana and Wild Blueberries.

I always use my Vitamix to blend my smoothies - use my Vitamix link and get free shipping!

So grab a tall glass and give yourself ten minutes of YOU time and enjoy this wellness blend! Get the recipe here.

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