42 Healthy + Happy Holiday Gift Ideas!

Holiday gift giving season is here. And while I have definitely toned down the number of presents I buy this time of year, I still love a good gift exchange among friends, workplace Secret Santa or family gift giving sesh. I thought it would be fun to see what the bloggers out there wanted to give (and get!) as a healthy + happy gift, so I rounded up their answers in this post - I hope you get a few new gift ideas from it, I know I sure did! I mean, I definitely need to research Air Fryers, NOAH vegan shoes and pottery by Jeanette Zeis.

(And don't miss #42, it is my favorite on the list.)

Before I dive in, one popular gift among bloggers: anything DIY! Here is my DIY Gift Guide I published a few years ago.

And be sure to enter my Encha Matcha holiday Giveaway and see all the amazing, healthy, happy matcha gifts available...

Now onto the list! Hope you enjoy this post - thank you to all the bloggers who contributed their ideas..

42 Healthy and Happy Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen
"I have to be a good author and put my cookbook on this list! Oh, and I'm super proud of it. My cookbook makes a perfect gift for anyone looking to give the gift of healthy-vegan inspiration. Or for smoothie lovers, check out my first cookbook, 365 Vegan Smoothies." - Me, this blog :)

Get it: HHVK or 365VS

2. Homemade Cookie Dough
"My sister has a toddler who keeps her very busy, so she loves it when I give her premade things such as gifts in a jar that she can just put in a pot or on a baking tray and be done. Anything in a jar. I frequently also freeze cookie dough for her." - Richa, Vegan Richa

Get it: Vegan Richa's Cookies - freeze the dough as a gift!

3. Air Fryer
"The number one thing I'd be hoping for this holiday season is an air fryer! Much healthier than deep frying and it would make me so happy to create new recipes with it for everyone!" - Mary, V Nutrition and Wellness

Get it: Air Fryer

4. Le Creuset Dutch Oven
"I want a 9 qt Le Creuset dutch oven really badly. Making soups and stews is my favorite thing." - Brandi, The Vegan 8

Get it: Le Creuset Dutch Oven

5. Wusthof Knife

"My favorite idea for a healthy/happy holiday gift would definitely be a great kitchen knife such as the Wusthof! Perfect for cutting veggies and slicing anything." - Jessica, Jessica in the Kitchen

Get it: Wusthof Knife

6. Tofu Press
"I would suggest giving the tofu lover in your life a tofu press! It's something I never really thought of buying for myself, but then received as a gift. I love it and use it all the time." - Shannon, Yup it's Vegan

Get it: Tofu Press

7. Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook
"I am a big fan of Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and I would love to receive her new book The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook. Her recipes are creative and easy to follow." - Amy, Veggies Save the Day

Get it: Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

8. Skipping Rope
"A skipping rope! Because turning on some happy tunes and skipping is so much fun. Also the best exercise to lose body's a win win!" - Lauren, Healthy n Happy

Get it: Skipping Rope

9. Vegan Artisan Cheese
"Vegan artisan cheese from Miyoko's Kitchen! They brought out a cranberry alpine cheese for the holidays and I need it!!" - Sarah, Soy Division

Get it: Miyoko's Cheese or browse my big vegan cheese review for other brands

10. DIY Sugar Scrub
"This Whipped Coconut Oil sugar Scrub." - Brittany, Eating Bird Food

Get it: Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

11. Anything by Jeanette Zeis
"I'd love a 2-tiered fruit bowl (or anything) by vegan potter, Jeanette Zeis, to keep my produce prominently displayed. You're more likely to grab an apple or a pear when it's right there in front of you. Plus, her work is gorgeous! Her Etsy is here." Cadry, Cadry's Kitchen

Get it: Jeanette on Etsy

12. Essential Oil Diffuser
"I would love an essential oil diffuser. I started using essential oils in my home recently and they are so relaxing and uplifting." - Ceara, Ceara's Kitchen

Get it: Essential Oil Diffuser

13. Coco Rinse Pulling Kit
"Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Kit - such a cool, unique stocking stuffer for health-minded individuals!" - Koko, Koko's Kitchen

Get it: Skinny & Co Kit

14. DIY Vanilla Extract
"I love making and giving homemade vanilla extract as gifts, especially if I know the person likes baking. Who doesn't like the smell of vanilla?" - Kelly, Trial and Eater

Make it: Vanilla Extract

15. Book Exchange
"My family is doing a "book exchange", so I am looking forward sharing my favorite reads as well as experiencing some new ones. I love the idea of simple, thoughtful gifts like a favorite book." - Nicole, Earth Powered family

16. Homemade Raw Truffles
Date and Orange Truffles, DIY! - - Lyubomira, Cookinglsl

17. NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes
"I'd love a new pair of vegan shoes from NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes. I already own one pair and I wear them all the time. They are so cute & comfy! I'd also love to buy a pair for my boyfriend - they have incredible men's shoes. They are top-quality shoes, but aren't wallet breakers." - Melissa, Vegan Huggs

Get it: NOAH Shoes

18. Cast Iron Skillet
"A cast iron skillet!!!! One of the best gifts that can be passed down for generations and always yields such delicious foods! Like cinnamon buns on Christmas morning! I love my so much and there are so many sizes for various needs." - Rebecca, Strength and Sunshine

Get it: Cast Iron Skillet

19. Dutch Oven
"I'm going to go with a Dutch oven! I recently got one and it is hands down the best ever. I use it for so much and the food is amazing in flavor. Here's a new main holiday recipe!" - Sophia, Veggies Don't Bite

Get it: Dutch Oven

20. DIY Christmas Fudge
"Vegan chocolate fudge is going to be my gift of choice this year. What's more christmas-ey than this?" - Carolyn, Carolyn's Pantry

21. Homemade Gifts (Soap, Pottery)
"I love giving and receiving handmade items! I usually make my own pottery or soaps to give but supporting crafts people is so important and many of them care deeply about environmental issues and use recycled materials and vegan products. Food gifts are another favourite - if you don't have time to make something then a nice bottle of police or coconut oil makes a really lovely gift for people who like to cook and bake." - Alexandra, Occasionally Eggs

22. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark
"Homemade gifts are personal and heartfelt, plus they can even end up being cheaper sometimes. I love receiving handmade gifts, since time is one of the most valuable things. Chocolate is a favourite for everyone!! It's an even bigger plus when it is vegan and healthy. This raw chocolate is nutritious and delicious." - Rosie, The Hungry Herbivores

Make it: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

23. Double Chocolate Brownies
"I would love to gift home bake goodies and There is nothing better than chocolate. This year I have picked Vegan double chocolate brownies as gift. this recipe is also tried and tested by couple of my readers." - Sri, Cook with Kushi

Make them: Double Chocolate Brownies

24. Small Slow Cooker
"I would love to receive a smaller slow cooker. I have a big one right now, and find it hard to handle. Plus, we make smaller portion recipes, so it would be perfect." - Gurki, This Girl's Recipes

Get it: CrockPot Cookers

25. Teeki Yoga Pants (or Chocolate Granola)
"My favorite is homemade food like this healthy chocolate granola and I've included printable labels for gifting. Or Teeki yoga pants! They inspire me to get to hot yoga with their comfy fun prints and they are made of recycled plastic bottles so they help the environment too!" - Marina, Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Get it: Teeki Yoga Pants

26. Essential Oil Diffuser

"An essential oil diffuser is a great gift! I have one and use it all the time to scent my home naturally. I like to use lavender at night to relax, and scents like rosemary and orange during the day to energize! If you use peppermint oil during the Holidays your home will smell like candy canes!" - Amy, Fragrant Vanilla Cake

(see #12)

27. Oregon-Made Gifts (Or another local gift for far-away friends)
"For faraway friends and relatives, I love to give gifts made in Oregon. They are often food / culinary, and these are all vegan friendly!" - Kristina, SpaBettie

28. Fresh Set of Weights
"I'm actually putting a new set of weights on my wish list this year. I've got my eye on the PowerBlock Sport Set. Described as "the world's smartest dumbbell." They are "designed to replace multiple regular dumbbells with a single unit, avoiding clutter and saving valuable space." Here's a link to my healthier Cinnamon Sugar Cookies perfect for holiday treats, neighbor/teacher gifts or leaving out for Santa." - Jennifer, Veggie-Inspired Journey

Get it: Free Weights (3 sizes)

29. Climbing Gym Membership
"I would love a membership to a climbing gym, the one near me is called Earth Treks or a hiking/climbing trip with my kids and husband. My 6 year old is already a great climber and I want to teach my children the importance of staying active and show appreciation for nature!" - Molly, Apollo and Luna

30. Tofu Press
"Oh man, what wouldn't I like to receive? Last year I asked for a SECOND tofu press! My family is a two blocks of tofu kind of family these days, and a second press was such an indulgence, but I use it several times a week. It's the kind of thing that you don't know how you lived without once you have it, but you'd never justify buying it for yourself! Here's the recipe to my veganized version of my mom's Christmas Cookies." - Sarah, Fried Dandelions

(see #6)

31. SoundBot Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker
"My favorite idea for a holiday gift is currently is my SoundBot Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker that I can connect to music on my phone and blast out loud while I'm taking a shower. It sounds silly, but life has been crazy and busy recently. It's a super simple gadget and I LOVE it! Music makes me happy and can easily cheer me up no matter what mood I'm in. My morning shower after my workout is also the time when I usually (with a few interruptions from my kids from time to time) get a few minutes to myself and feel relaxed before the start of my day, especially when I'm listening to my favorite music." - Anjali, Vegetarian Gastronomy

Get it: SoundBot Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

32. Donation to Farm Sanctuary

"To me, the ultimate gift is giving. I love it when my family donates (in my name) to Farm Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter, or to our local food pantry. No material item makes me feel as good as knowing that I've helped another living being live a better life." - Linda, Veganosity

Get it: Farm Sanctuary

33. Dry Brushing Brush
"Topping my wish list this year is a cruelty free body brush for dry brushing, so that I can keep my holiday glow all year round! But failing that, I'd settle for someone making me these nanaimo bars." - Jessica, Cupcakes and Kale

Get it: Dry Brush Set

34. Anything from Staub
"Any thing from Staub will be awesome!" - Ale, Brown Sugar and Vanilla

Get it: Staub shop

35. Raw Caramel Sauce
"I love homemade food gifts because I know the thought and care put into this type of giving. This healthy raw caramel sauce makes a great addition to a gift basket or can be stand alone gift this holiday season." - Sarah, My Darling Vegan

36. KitchenAid Mixer
"My “Healthy Happy" holiday gift would be to receive a Kitchenaid mixer! I make a lot of breads and baked goods by hand and would love the ease of a mixer." - Marlena, Where You Get Your Protein

Get it: Stand Mixer by KitchenAid

37. Farmer's Market-Friendly Vaycay

"I would love to receive an overnight trip to a location with an active farmers market that I've not yet tried! :) I love to give organic cotton/hemp napkin sets that I make for my handmade shop." - Kari, Beautiful Ingredient

38. Voucher for Art Classes
"I love to give and receive homemade gift baskets full of goodies....chocolate, cookies, wine, cocoa mixes, lotion....there are endless possibilities and they're so much fun to make and open! My other favourite happy/healthy gift is a voucher to circus art classes. It's a fun way to keep healthy and you can't help but be happy while jumping on trampolines or swinging on a trapeze!" - Carolyn, PeaceMeal

39. Air Fryer
"An air fryer! Crispy foods without all the oil (not that there's anything wrong with oil!). I this post I share a couple of fun ways to use an air fryer and share three different air fryers for consideration (an air fryer made Oprah's faves list this year!)" - JL Fields, JL Goes Vegan

Get it: Air Fryer

40. Beautycounter Vegan Products
Give the Gift of safe skin care and makeup products with Beautycounter. Check out my 10 favorite vegan products.

Get it:

41. Waffle Baker
I had to add in this one last gift idea only because I have gone all "Leslie Knope" on myself since getting a KitchenAid Waffle Baker. I love this thing so much! And waffles are definitely healthy and happy :)

Get it: Waffle Baker

42. Hugs, Kisses, Smiles, Peace and Laughter
And I will finish things up by saying that the very best healthy + happy gifts in life (holidays or not) are things we cannot wrap up or place under a tree. And guess what, they are FREE! So let's try and pass them out to our friends, family and even strangers this time of year -- sometimes especially strangers! This "hyper-connected" world can ironically feel incredibly lonely at times. And sometimes a simple smile or conversation with those people you pass on the street or at the grocery store - those little "stranger" connections can make us feel not so alone.

I know I have been much more aware of using my phone in public lately. I try to stay present and interact with all the people, sights, sounds and events in my real life experience -- not just the ding or flicker of my phone.

So anyways, I wish you guys health and happiness this season, thank you for tuning in and connecting with me here. xoxoxo

~ Kathy

Thank you again to all the bloggers who contributed!

disclosure: This post contains some Amazon affiliate links.
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