Sunday Check-in.. Chopped Podcast FriChat, 2017 Wellness Cruise, More!

Hey everyone, I Hope you are loving this warm summer sunshine this weekend. Today's post is a quick Sunday night check-in because I want to share three awesome things with you..

Number one... Are you subscribed to my newsletter? If so, you probably just received my most recent email. You can subscribe and view the most recent -- and archived newsletters here!

Number two.. Chopped Podcast Interview! I had so much fun chatting with Cara of Fork and Beans and Marly of NamelyMarly on the recent #FriChats episode of The Chopped Podcast - one of my favorite podcasts. We chatted about life, feeling overwhelmed, following your instincts, blogging stuff, grief, friendship, transitions and much more! It was a happy chat and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

The podcast is usually mostly about life and blogging, but the FriChats episodes are sort of about anything Marly and Cara feel like chatting about -- I call it "Oprah Soul Sunday" style chatting. Anyways, I think just about anyone can relate to some of our convo, so I hope you check it out and support such a wonderful podcast. Bravo Marly! And #GirlTalkWinsAll Listen Here!

Number Three.. And the last thing I want to chat about is vacation related. But 2017 style. Come Cruise with me! I am so excited to be a featured presenter on the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise, March 2017. I know it is a bit of a ways away, but just think of all the months of cruise anticipation you can have if you book today! Details on the cruise here - including the other speakers like Gene Baur, Dr Barnard, Dr Campbell and many many more!

Be sure to mention my name when you book to receive a bunch of perks - details! (goodie bag, $50 credit, meet-up and more!)

So that's it. That is my Sunday check-in.

And just because I want to leave you with some yumminess. Here are a few vintage recipes that I love in the summertime..

My Sweet Potato Veggie Burger..

My Watermelon Frosty - or blender ice cream..

Piña Vocado Smoothie..

Easy Curried Carrot Salad with tofu..

Vegan Gardein "Chicken" Salad with avocado and mango..

Summer Peach Pie with video..

Summer Reboot Corn Salad..

Happy recipe-ing! xo
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