Yummiest Fresh Avocado Pesto Pizza!

I still have a giant pile of gorgeous avocados in my fridge thanks to the California Avocado blogpost I did a few weeks ago. Well besides making avocado ice cream (yes, it is yummy as can be) I have been making avocado pesto a lot.

I actually came up with this recipe one night when I was exhausted around dinner time (sound familiar!?) and I just wanted to toss some pasta in a pot and have the rest of the meal make itself. I wanted pesto, but simplified. I decided to keep the ingredients very minimal. The pesto sauce I made came out light, super fluffy and oil free. I loooooooooved it.

This Avocado Pesto Pizza has BBQ vegan chick'n cubes on top (you could do chickpeas or tofu too..) as well as fresh avocado and basil. Such a light and lovely cheese-free, super satisfying pizza recipe! Give it a swirl..


Sunday Check-in.. Chopped Podcast FriChat, 2017 Wellness Cruise, More!

Hey everyone, I Hope you are loving this warm summer sunshine this weekend. Today's post is a quick Sunday night check-in because I want to share three awesome things with you..


Sugar-Free Blueberry Plum Jam. Plus, Five Things I Bring on a Summer Hike!

I am loving all the fitness-sharing comments on my most recent giveaway! I am super impressed! Some of you are hiking every day, dedicated to your early morning runs, trying out yoga classes, enjoying sunshine walks with your pups, bike riding, swimming and on and on. Look how much we can inspire each others' wellness goals. I love it.

One of my favorite summer activities is hiking. There are a bunch of pretty canyon-y, beach-lined, dusty path trails around Los Angeles. You just have to know where to find them. It has taken me a few years to discover my favorite spots. This is a great LA hiking guide.

So today I am sharing Five Things I Bring on a Summer Hike and my sugar-free Blueberry Plum Jam..


Big Summer Fitness Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Natural Delights Medjool Dates.

Doesn't it feel like just about everyone is on vacation right now? The online world seems to be blissfully crowded with gorgeous beachy vistas, poolside parties and smiling sunglass-wearing faces. We are in it. Summertime. Feels good right?

Well, one way to make summer even better? A HUGE, jam-packed, I-went-a-little-overboard-gathering-prizes-but-what's-new giveaway.. I present to you, my beautiful blog readers, my Summer Fitness Giveaway!

I wrangled up a bunch of amazing brands, all themed to give your summer a fitness boost! There are over $1,000 in prizes that one lucky girl or guy will receive. Enter the giveaway - plus, get my list of ten fave things to do with Natural Delights Medjool Dates!..


Yummiest Vegan Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream. No Sugar Added! With Avocados!

Today I used an ice cream maker for the first time ever. And I think I'm in love. Here is the recipe creation.. My Vegan Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream. It has no sugar added and uses a simple base of soy milk and avocados. Yup, avocado ice cream! Skeptic? One taste and you will be swooning, promise.

Feel Good Treat! There is literally just good-for-you ingredients in this decadent ice cream. Grab a cone and start scooping! Sprinkles on top.. (Psst.. little giveaway in this post too!)


Vegan BBQ 'Chicken' Chopped Salad

Big, beautiful entree salads are one of my favorite meals for summertime. And this Vegan BBQ 'Chicken' Chopped Salad is the perfect combination of healthy meets delicious.

30 Min Meals - Or Less! If you prep some of the ingredients (like the quinoa and sweet potato) ahead of time, you can have this salad on your table in under twenty minutes -- just about the time it takes to BBQ-bake the vegan protein and assemble your salads. Grab a fork!..


Restaurant-Style Skillet Pasta with Veggies

Pasta always tastes amazing at restaurants. What is their secret? Well besides usually having amazing chefs in the kitchen, there is one trick you can easily do at home with just about any fave pasta recipe. The trick is to cook the entire pasta entree in a skillet before dishing it out into a serving bowl. And today I will show you my steps. Anyone can try this.

Ahead, my recipe for Garlicky-Spinach Roasted Red Pepper Penne Skillet Pasta..


Sensitive Person Like Me? Here Are Five Tips!

*photo by Sabrina Hill

"I have so much I want to say. But sometimes don't say it. I worry I won't communicate things as clearly as they feel in my head. But I try to not to let that stop me from using my voice. From speaking up when I feel that scratch in my gut, that urge to say something. And I usually feel a sense of freedom after sharing - even if my words stumble, or break me." - me

..I tweeted something similar to that a few days ago. The day had started out with some tears, but luckily, went up from there.

The day ended with a stroll through my favorite sunny park, and a bowl of smoky maple carrot soup, made by my husband. Gold star to him! And as the smoldering July sun settled into the powder blue horizon during my park stroll, I had five things crisply in my mind that I wanted to share with you guys..

Five tips that help me navigate life as a sensitive person...