Vegan Summer Fiesta Taco Salad with Plantains, Corn, Avocado, Fajita Tofu

I hope you guys are having a long, relaxing, lazy-day, happiness-filled holiday weekend. I am embracing the 'lazy day' part of all that. After a good week and a half of traveling up the east coast I am pretty excited to have a few days of doing nothing, back here in LA. I played around in the kitchen all weekend, watched some shows, went for a few walks under the sunny blue sky and soundtrack of birds chirping, and played with the kittens - a lot. Happy cats. I guess in my family, we never really got into the Memorial Day barbecue thing, but the Memorial Day lazy weekend thing, we are pros at that. So however you spent this long weekend, I hope you found some bliss.

And while I love the long weekend, I have to pause a moment and remember all those who died in active military service. I cannot imagine being a family who never gets to say goodbye. Or even to be one of the millions of families who constantly worry about their loved ones serving far away from home. My love and thanks goes out to all of you. Thank you.

Summer Salad. Memorial Day also seems to be the unofficial start of summer. And with summertime, comes salads and smoothies. My two fave things. And for salads, I love the variety of toppings that pop into my mind for the summer season.

For this salad.. I had been craving corn and black olives - salty-sweet toppings. So this Vegan Summer Fiesta Taco Salad with plantains, corn, olives, avocado and fajita tofu just kind of made itself. This salad reminds me of early summer suppers. And I loved it so much I am making it again tonight!..


DOLE Pineapple Teriyaki Portobello Burgers with Avocado + Giveaway! (VIDEO)

*this is a sponsored post by DOLE's Get Up and Grow! Tour

Today I am sharing my DOLE Pineapple Teriyaki Portobello Burgers, with avocado, made using homemade teriyaki sauce and freshly sliced, juicy-sweet pineapple rings. I slathered my portobello mushroom caps in teriyaki sauce and roasted them in the oven to perfection. So much juicy flavor in each bite of this monster veggie burger!

Also ahead, an awesome giveaway with a $100 cash prize and more goodies (including DOLEopoly - which is the coolest board game for produce lovers). Let's go!...


Travel Ramblings: Fearlessness, Florida, Friendships, Vegan Eats and Rescue Turtles.

"..craft a coat of armor for this thing called life, bind it together with love and laughter, truth and friendships. With that, you can be fearless. "

Hello from my east coast adventuring! Three legs to this journey from Florida -> DC -> NYC. Today I am going to ramble your ear off. The topics: fearlessness, travel healing, friendships, vegan eats, some rescue turtles and a bonus topic: Hamilton on Broadway. Yup, all that is in this post guys...


Peanut Zoodles with Crispy Maple Tofu

If you have never made a "zoodles" meal, this is a great recipe to try. These Peanut Zoodles with Crispy Maple Tofu are rich in veggies and protein and loads of peanut-maple flavor...


Coconut Glazed Meyer Lemon Poppyseed Cake. vegan + gluten-free.

Weekend baking recipe for you today! Perfect for brunch or a spring-y tea time.

Treasure Chest. A few weeks ago a giant box plopped on my doorstep. I opened the box and the most fragrant, energizing, joyful citrus aroma lifted into the room as I gazed at a giant treasure chest of gorgeous, sunshine gold Dandy® Meyer lemons. I was so excited to experiment with Meyer lemon recipes. I made Meyer lemonade, Meyer lemon salad dressings and more. And this sassy-sweet poppyseed cake.

Get my vegan, gluten-free Meyer Lemon Poppyseed Cake with Coconut Glaze recipe and have your last chance to enter my $200 vegan baking giveaway! (ends soon)


Wellness Wednesday! 10 Ways to Feel Better, When You Feel Like Crap.

This post is inspired by a true story. Mine.

Today I am sharing my 10 Ways to Feel Better, When You Feel Like Crap. My fave is number nine....


Simple Strawberry Crisp for Spring!

I cannot look at a big bowl of berries without thinking of my grandpa. He would have loved this super simple recipe that celebrates the simplicity of fresh strawberries. It is amazing how many memories a single food or recipe can capture. (More on that ahead!)

Strawberry Crisp Season. This vegan, gluten-free Simple Strawberry Crisp uses rolled oats, coconut oil, fresh lemon juice and a hint of coconut sugar to make a rich and rustic, sweet and lovely strawberry dessert. I love this crisp served warm with a scoop of vanilla coconut milk ice cream on the side (for extra decadence!)

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3-Ingredient Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies. (Plus a Free E-book + Giveaway!)

Lots of goodies in today's post!

First off, these addictive (healthy-delicious) Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies. These cookies are grain free and naturally sweetened -- using sticky sweet Natural Delights Medjool dates. And there are only three main ingredients.

Get the recipe, plus a few bonuses like a FREE Vegan Decadent Desserts e-book. And enter today's $200 vegan baking giveaway...