78 Vegan Spring Cleaning Healthy Living Tips and Recipes from Bloggers!

To usher in this springtime, spring-cleaning season of renewal and healthy changes I asked the blogger's of Finding Vegan to share some of their fave wellness tips and recipes. So here are 78 inspiring and delicious Vegan Spring Cleaning, Healthy Living Tips and Recipes from bloggers!..

1. Kathy (Me) :) "I love embracing the long hours of sunlight by whipping up meals in the evening as the sun sets. I try to shop at farmer's markets more regularly and I snatch up gorgeous organic berries, leafy greens, fresh herbs and more. As for meals, I try to eat a rainbow of colors. My spring go-to meals include giant smoothie bowls with superfood toppings, fully loaded vegan salads and lovely spring soups. On weekends I love trying to get out to the beach for early afternoon strolls for some fresh air, exercise and sunshine."

HHL's Eureka Bowl

2. Molly: "To spring clean my life, I make sure that my kids, husband and I are eating as many nutrient dense meals as possible. I haven't been sick during the winter in over two years because I am consciously thinking about balancing vitamins and minerals in my diet."

Apollo and Luna's Vegan Mushroom Ramen Soup

3. Sarah: "My favorite way to spring clean is to clean out my closet and donate lots of clothes to goodwill! Also to focus on eating/drinking anything green - smoothies, juices, salads, etc."

Well and Full's Super Green Detox Salad

4. Maya: "I find that my way of 'spring cleaning' is less about cleaning than about getting in touch with the outside world again. I want to feel my feet planted in soil and my toes tickled by grass. To me, that is a type of joy that can clean out the winter sadness better than anything else."

Spice and Sprout's Fresh Udon Noodle Bowl

5. Rachel: "Taking a walk along the seashore on a sunny day clears my mind of the daily stress from thinking about deadlines, to-do lists, studying, and work. Leaves me refreshed and relaxed!"

Radiant Rachel's Green Smoothie Bowl

6. Vicky: "When the weather gets nicer, I go back to eating more salads."

May I Have That Recipe's Strawberry Pecan Quinoa Salad

7. Nicole: "I like to focus on cleaning and tending to my garden at the start of spring. It gets me outside, reconnected, and inspires me to grow my food."

Earth Powered Family's Lemon Kale Pesto

8. Kathy: "I love open-faced sandwiches as a go-to spring meal. Avocado and hummus toasts galore."

HHL's Hummus Mini Pizzas

9. Traci: "As the days grow longer and warmer, I make it a priority to get outside more frequently to open, quiet spaces to be in nature, breathe deep and refresh my mind and spirit."

Vanilla and Bean's Farro with Pesto, peas asparagus

10. Dylan: "Spring cleaning to me this year is saying goodbye to the darkness and hello to more light which means moving my HIIT workouts outdoors, enjoying evening walks with my partner, finding positivity and gratitude in each day, and having more natural light for food photography!"

Phruitful Dish's Avocado Cauliflower Kale Soup

11. Erin: "Spring cleaning for me is more of a mental thing. I try to get my mind and body in tune with the season. I enjoy spending a good amount of time outside being active. And of course, eating with the season is a must."

Beetific Beginnings's Roasted Beet Chip Sandwich with horseradish

12. Crista: "Although I try to get outside as often as possible all year long, i make a conscious effort to spend more time outdoors, soaking up some sun as the days get longer and warmer. I'm craving more fruits and veggies, less comfort foods, I'm ready to collect my first CSA box!"

Peace Love Quinoa's Berry Cucumber Bowl

13. Clara: "Food is my life, so naturally spring cleaning for me is centred around food. I love focusing on delicious fresh fruits and veggies around spring time and making sure that my sweet tooth is satisfied with healthy things like smoothies and healthy snacks."

Baking Ginger's Mango Berry Smoothie

14. Emma: "Spending time outdoors doing things like hiking, hitting the beach, and playing games with friends in the park always gives me enough energy to carry throughout the week. Not to mention perusing my local farmers market finding inspiration for healthy & delicious recipes. Yes strawberries!"

My UpBeetLife's Lemon Lavender Truffle Bites

15. Sina: "This time of year, I’m craving fresh and colorful fruits and veggies, huge salads, and bright green smoothies. Spring is my favorite season and I love spending as much time as possible outside and soaking up the sun!"

Vegan Heaven's Green Monster Veggie Burger

16. Kristen: "This time of year I always get the urge to clean. I'll find myself tackling tasks like cleaning the pantry and pulling out the fridge to clean behind it. The cleaning streak extends to food, too. I start craving salads and smoothies again."

The Endless Meal's Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl

17. Jennifer: "As soon as the first temps here in the midwest creep towards the 50's, I get total spring fever. It makes me want to scrub my whole house top to bottom and I make a big donation of clothes that no longer fit. It also signals the end of lots of layers and bulky sweaters and coats, which means working out and eating right become more of a focus. I tend to really crave more fresh green salads and smoothies."

Veggie Inspired Journey's Quinoa with Garden Veggies

18. Liberty: "I eat plenty of raw greens at the start of spring and use lots of ginger and citrus to kick start my body after winter."

HomespunCapers' Spring Soba Salad

19. Audrey: "Simple, colorful, light, fresh, and seasonal all come to mind when spring rolls around. I've also been spring cleaning my home closets, cupboards, and pantry and getting rid of anything I haven't touched in a while -- several truck loads to the local donations drop off center, and I'm now starting to feel lighter and freer all around."

Unconventional Baker's Pistachio Pudding

20. Lisa: "When spring rolls around, I'm looking to add more lightness to my meals by packing them with fresh herbs and vegetables. You'll start to see a lot of fresh herbs lined up on my kitchen counter!"

Healthy Nibbles and Bits' Spring Salad with Kale and Tofu

21. Jackie: "Spring cleaning, for me, is taking an inventory of my life, keeping up with the goals that I set at the beginning of the year, and going into the coming months reinvigorated and motivated."

Vegan Yack Attack's Warm Smoky Tempeh Salad

22. Sophia: "When the weather starts getting warmer I like to focus on more smoothies, fresh foods, raw foods and spiralized veggies. My body always craves those things in warmer weather. I also do a big clean out at home with everything: clothes, toys, kitchen supplies, etc. I hate clutter and feel so much better when my house is clean and more minimalist!"

Veggies Don't Bite's Mashed Chickpea Veggie Sandwich

23. Kristina: "Spring and food for me is FRESH and light, seasonal gems I find at the farmers markets!"

SpaBettie's recipe: Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls

24. Sarah: "My quote is an actual quote that I like to remind myself of come spring cleaning time: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris"

Live Eat Learn's Two-Tone Kale Smoothie Bowl

25. Natalie: "My favorite way to spring clean my life is quite literally to go through my stuff, get rid of things I don't use, reorganize those I do, and free up space. Sorting through and clearing out physical possessions is very refreshing both physically and mentally. I'm always trying to get as close to minimalism as possible."

Feasting on Fruit's Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Smoothie

26. Joann: "Living in a cold climate, spring is the time I get to open up the windows and let a fresh breeze flow through the house. It works wonders not only for my body but also for my mind. Fresh spring air gives me the energy I need to organize the house and focus on getting more fruits and veggies into my system."

Woman in Real Life's Peach Pie Smoothie Bowl

27. Kelly: "How I spring clean my life: This time of year I like to go through closets to get rid of extra "stuff" I've accumulated that I don't use. This decluttering has an amazing effect on my mindset! Spring cleaning to me also means to keep a lot of greens and fresh veggies in my life."

Trial and Eater's Sunflower Wrap

28. Margaret: "Every March I get into the Spring cleaning frenzy in preparation of my birthday. I focus on donating items that haven't been used as frequently and minimizing clutter. I also reevaluate my food choices, switching to better options and trying out new things. Like new smoothie/juice combinations. The Spring/Summer months bring lots of fresh fruits back in supply!"

Plant Strong Vegan's Korean BBQ Stir-Fry with Zoodles

29. Lacey: "I like to start spring cleaning in my yard, clearing out last year's foliage and preparing for a new growing season. There's something refreshing about a clean lawn and tilled garden."

Avocado and Ales Eggplant Spicy Tofu Springrolls

30. Sarah: "I like to spring clean my life by making sure I get plenty of beautiful sunshine after the dark winter months and lots of delicious vegetables and fruit!"

Soy Division's Citrus Turmeric Juice

31. Melissa: "I believe that clutter, will clutter your life. So, I try to make sure I donate anything that I'm not using in my home. I also try to keep things as organized as possible. I juts feel better with a clear environment. When the weather gets warmer I like do do a light juice cleanse for 2-3 days, then I have salads and broths for the next 2 days. It's important to give your body a chance to release toxins and regenerate."

Vegan Huggs's Banana Buckwheat Smoothie Bowl

32. Sus: "Try my fab veggie packed green smoothie with coconut water to rehydrate!"

Rough Measures Drink Your Greens Smoothie

33. Alexis: "I start every day with a smoothie to sneak in raw veggies that I may not get in later in the day!"

Hummuspian's Strawberry Coconut Kale Salad

34. Jennifer: "Spring-cleaning is a time when I embrace the warm, fresh air, open up the windows and celebrate a time of renewal and rebirth. A time for fresh and beautiful food to adorn my plate and refresh my soul."

Pure Thyme's Spring Onion Farro Fritters

35. Lucie: "I like to stock up on ready to eat veggies or prep them in advance to make sure they're the first thing on hand when I'm craving a snack"

Win Win Food's Romesco Cauliflower Salad with Pomegranate

36. Carolyn: "This is one of my favourite smoothies... it's fresh, naturally sweet, and summery! In spring I switch to more outdoor workouts and enjoy the fresh air, singing birds and blooming flowers. Plus as the warm weather comes I always have an appetite for more juice and smoothies and lighter foods."

PeaceMealXO's Tropical Mango-Avocado Green Smoothie

37. Vanessa: "Spring cleaning for me starts in my office. Getting rid of all the extra clutter on my desk, drawers and shelves is must to start off the year fresh."

Vegan Family Recipes's Kale Spinach Smoothie

38. Amy: "I go through my closet and give away the clothes I no longer wear to charity."

Veggies Save the Day's Pitaya Grren Smoothie

39. Jennifer: "Spring cleaning for me is focusing on pushing any negative energy out and tuning positive energy in. To be aware of this cleanse allows healthy eating and exercising to become a natural rhythm that weaves itself into a permanent lifestyle...its pretty great!"

Peppers and Peaches Basil Pesto Zoodles

40. Anjali: "My take on "spring cleaning" this year involves going through my kids old clothes and toys, cleaning out their closets and donating all of it. I've also been more aware of spending quality time with my kids, doing more things outdoors, biking, hiking, sports, etc. It's also been a time for me to get back to working out and getting in shape. I'm also trying to eat more raw meals a few times a week."

Vegetarian Gastronomy's Sun-Dried Tomato Walnut Tacos

41. Joana: "When spring comes I treat myself with some quality time reading of beauty dyi tips and clean eating blogs. I then try to put it into practice and usually have a lot of fun doing it"

My Gut Feeling's Rejuvenating Bowl

42. Joni: "At the start of spring I like to reconnect with family and friends that I've haven't seen much over winter as we have all been hibernating!"

Opticook's Grain Free Middle Eastern Tabbouleh

43. Sandra: "I always crave more and more fresh veggies when the Spring is approaching. High quality grains, smoothies, woks and stews are my favorite. I also love to get as much fresh air as possible and to move my body. Running and walking and enjoying the Spring sun is such a nice way to recover from a long and dark winter. "

Vegan Sandra's Spring Rice Noodle Salad with Peas

44. Sarah: "Spring to me is the start of picnic season with my kids! After a Seattle winter sunshine makes us all so happy! I love making foods that don't need to be reheated to eat—we pack up our lunch boxes and head out in the sunshine to eat and play!"

Fried Dandelion's Pesto Pasta

45. Casey: "Spring cleaning to us means detoxing not only your body but your mind too. Learn to shake loose negative thoughts, unhappiness, and anger so you are free from all toxins"

Two City Vegan's Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

46. Susan: "I lighten up dinner with these beautiful rolls..."

The View From Great Island's Spicy Asian Summer Rolls

47. Cadry: "In the spring, I love opening up the windows and getting fresh air through the house again. After months of being closed up, it feels so good to wipe off any dust, put flowers on the front porch, and hear the sounds of birds who have returned."

Cadry's Kitchen's Mushroom Asparagus Fajitas

48. Jessica: "I Kon-Mari'd my house and found that it helped me to keep the house clutter free for the majority of the year. I try not to buy more than I need in terms of groceries or supplies, and try to stay offline for at least 3 hours a day!"

Jessica in the Kitchen's Fresh Spring Rolls with peanut sauce

More recipes (minus the quotes)..

49. Strength and Sunshine's Veggie Pasta Salad

50. DebSpots' Tofu Bowl with tahini

51. Emilie Eats' Roasted Chickpea Salad with vegan ranch

52. Veggie Chick's Lean Green Salad

53. Wallflower Girl's Pea Lemon Pasta

54. KiitFit's Arugula Quinoa Smoothie Bowl

55. Platings and Pairing's DragonFruit Smoothie Bowl

56. Eat Healthy Eat Happy's Strawberry Spinach Salad

57. The Organic Dietitian's Green Monster Mojito Smoothie

58. Platings and Pairing's Cranberry Orange Smoothie

59. Dianne's Vegan Kitchen's Vegan Caesar Salad

60. Harriet Emily's Quinoa Roasted Veggie Salad

61. Styled Nutrition's Tropical Green Smoothie for digestion

62. Veganosity's Citrus Salad with orange cranberry dressing

63. Pumpkin and Peanut Butter's Green Goddess Quinoa Spring Rolls

64. Yup it's Vegan's Roasted Beet Tacos

65. Gi365's Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowls

66. It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken's BBQ Chickpea Salad

67. Natural Girl Modern World's Crispy Vietnamese Crepes

68. Apollo and Luna's Turmeric Coconut Milk Veggie Bowl

69. The Garden Grazer's Southwest Chopped Salad

70. Hungry Haley's Mint Chip Smoothie Bowl

71. Namely Marly's Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

72. Fragrant Vanilla Cake's Spring Green Salad

73. Ceara's Kitchen Creamy Vanilla Avocado Smoothie

74. Food Porn Vegan Style's Red Cabbage Salad with mango and miso dressing

75. Healthy Helper Blog's Forbidden Rice Mango Bowl

76. Emilie Eats' Banana Mango Avocado Green Smoothie

77. Live Eat Learn's Fruit Roll-Ups

78. Gratitude and Greens' Gratitude Spring Bowl

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