Broccoli-Potato White Bean Soup

This time of year I think we can all agree a wimpy soup just will not do. Hearty, satisfying and warming are all musts when it comes to January soup recipes. Especially with the winter my east coast friends have been having this year!

And when it comes to broccoli soups, I love when they are chunky with tender florets, creamy, a little 'cheesy' with a hint of smoky spice - and overall super flavorful. Today's recipe for Broccoli-Potato White Bean Soup is a come-in-from-the-cold-to-a-steaming-bowl-of-this kind of winner...


Vegan Lunch Sandwich with Sizzling Skillet Tofu, Avocado and Sprouts

This Vegan Lunch Sandwich with Sizzling Skillet Tofu is a favorite of mine. The tofu cooks up fluffy and caramelized on the edges with spices like smoky paprika, chipotle and black pepper. I add some maple syrup and sea salt too. Then I pile the tofu onto toasted sprouted grain toast with all my fave toppings: avocado, mustard, vegan mayo, thinly sliced red onions, avocado and some green veggies like these sprouts. Easy and fast and totally satisfying, this lunch sandwich can be packed in a lunch bag or eaten fresh from the kitchen!..


Chunky Nutty Chocolate Banana Oat Bars

Imagine the best banana bread ever and the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet had a baby. A vegan, dessert bar, baby. OK, so desserts don't have babies. But if they did. These bars would be that.

Dessert Bars. Because sometimes you just want a chunky, nutty, oat-filled, chocolate-loaded bar. These no sugar added, Medjool date sweetened chunky bars are rich, delicious and playfully healthy with scoops of raw walnuts, rolled oats and even some banana, vanilla and cinnamon to accent all the whole grain goodness. So turn up the oven and get ready to have some bar-tastic fun in the kitchen...


Sweet Curry Edamame Rice

I am sitting here with a big bowl of this beautiful golden rice in my lap. Pulled straight from the fridge. All cool and flavorful. Sweet and sassy. Richin whole grain goodness and plant-based protein.

Each bite of this Sweet Curry Edamame Rice has a mildly spicy accent mingling with sweet and slightly creamy flavors. Tahini, buttery edamame beans and a bit of maple and lemon to bring things to life... (video showing me make it included)


Northern Ireland Travel: Belfast, Game of Thrones, Titanic, City Tour..

Continuing my latest travel feature here on the blog! UK Adventures. First I shared my London leg of the trip. Now we hop on a super quick flight to Belfast, Northern Ireland for some seriously beautiful scenery, magical spots and to my surprise - some amazing vegan eats! And Game of Thrones fans, some special highlights just for you...


My Trip to London.

Thank you so much for all the kind comments on my last blogpost about my dad. They really have meant a lot to me. From all that has happened the past few weeks, I am taking my workload down to a slow pace this month. So I am happy to have a few posts in my "need to post these" folders. So today I share this trip my husband and I took to London, England last November, over the Thanksgiving break.

My London Trip. In this travel feature I will share some of my favorite vegan dining spots, things to do and places to stay. I cannot wait to go back to London one day and do more exploring, because my adventures here today are truly just a tiny slice of the fun you can have in jolly old London town. (And this is part one of two posts - the next one will be Northern Ireland!)..


My Dad.

Today I share two things. In the spirit of feeling like I am 'getting back to things I love,' I share a simple, sweet recipe for a big bowl of my Ginger-Peach Banana Ice Cream. But really, this post is about my dad. I share a few personal thoughts regarding my life this past month and what I have gone through losing him to Alzheimer's Disease. I hope that me sharing, brings some comfort to those going through something similar. We are never alone. We are in this life together. Community meant a lot to my dad, so sharing his story here feels right.


Peanut Caramel Apple Popcorn Snack Bowls

Today I am bringing some BOOMCHICKAPOP to Game Day..

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest event in America for most food consumption — following Thanksgiving? Yup, it's a fact guys. So it is kinda funny to me that most people spend weeks planning their Thanksgiving Day menu, days shopping and cooking and yet for Super Bowl Sunday, most of us stroll through the grocery store, toss a few things in our cart and call it a day. Well this year, add some fun and deliciousness to your Game Day menu by making popcorn mix-in snack bowls!..

Today's creation features Peanut Caramel Apple Popcorn Snack Bowls. Plus enter my giveaway to win a $50 Amazon gift card for all your Game Day goodies!


Hearty Carrot-Potato Lentil Soup

With this cozy rain here in California, and this wintery time of year, I have been eating basically nothing but soup for dinner the past few weeks. And loving every bowl-ful of it. There was a creamy spicy bowl of sweet potato soup, a big warm pot of smoky pea soup and now this Hearty CarrotPotato Lentil Soup with garlic, nutritional yeast and onion. Lentils are packed with plant based protein (18g protein and 36% RDA iron in one cup!) - and they have a lovely nutty, warming flavor that pairs so well with potatoes and carrots. Comfort food awaits you with this recipe..