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Make Vegan Pumpkin Nog with Me! VIDEO

Rich and creamy and filled with fall spice flavor, this Vegan Pumpkin Nog is just the thing you need to usher in a cozy, relaxing, carefree fall day. Plus a new video to go along with this recipe. Hop in my kitchen and make nog with me!...

I am trying to get back into my video-making swing of things so today I busted out the video camera, and whipped up this easy fall recipe. My dairy-free, egg-free Vegan Pumpkin Nog, with a swirl of soy whip on top, is a warming, cozy beverage that you can start serving right now and enjoy all fall and winter long. This recipe is a spin on my popular Hot Pumpkin Mug, but with a creamy cashew spin on things.

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But this post is special mostly because it contains a new video! I hope you watch it and subscribe to my YouTube channel + thumbs up today's recipe, to help encourage me to film more video recipes.

To Do list. So RIGHT NOW lets make Pumpkin Nog, pull on some cuddly fall socks, put a festive movie on TV (Hocus Pocus anyone?) and enjoy a cozy fall day of "chill time."

This mug packs a healthy-filling-delicious punch. It contains healthy fat cashews and vitamin A rich pumpkin, along with warming spices and whatever non-dairy milk goodness you choose.

Pumpkin Nog

Kathy Patalsky
Published 10/02/2015
Pumpkin Nog
Creamy, rich Pumpkin Nog with fall spices and cozy flavors.


  • 1-2 Tbsp raw cashews (soaked overnight/drained)
  • 1-2 Tbsp pumpkin puree, unsweetened
  • 1 1/2 cups non-dairy milk
  • 1/2 - 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/8 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/8 tsp vanilla extract
  • optional: ginger powder and/or cinnamon
  • pinch of salt
  • sweeten to taste: I like 1-2 tsp maple syrup, grade B
  • Whip: soy, rice or coconut


  1. Add all ingredients except the sweetener to a high speed blender. Blend until creamy. Blended in my Vitamix of course. Order your Vitamix using my coupon code 06-006170 and you receive free shipping.
  2. Pour mixture into a small soup pot. Warm over high heat on stovetop. Warm until just under boiling. Pour into serving mug(s) and top with non-dairy whip. Add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon on top!
Yield: 1 large mug
Prep Time: 00 hrs. 02 mins.
Cook time: 00 hrs. 05 mins.
Total time: 7 mins.
Tags: beverage,fall,pumpkin,nog,dessert,brunch,breakfast,vegan,dairy free,cashews

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