Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark

It is always fun to start the week off with chocolate. So for all your chocolate nibbling needs throughout the week I bring you this super easy recipe for the most colorful and delicious salted Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark. This recipe is inspired by a recipe I learned last week on vacation. More on that in a few days, but first, rich, silky, salty-sweet c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e..


Speedy Sriracha-Peanut Soba Noodles with Smoky Maple Skillet Chickpeas

This meal is fast, easy and packed with plant-based flavor. Try my Speedy Sriracha-Peanut Soba Noodles with Smoky Maple Skillet Chickpeas for your next lunch or dinner meal!..


Food Bloggers Share 47 Ways to Stay Fit and Fueled in Summer!

Let me guess. You are just like me. You love food. And eating. And fueling yourself with healthy-delicious foods. Smoothies. Colors, fruity flavors, frosty bliss. You love a good baking sesh as a treat. Cookies, chocolate, vanilla. Comfort sweets. You are a healthy snack king or queen. Hummus, energy bars, fresh fruit bowls, kale chips. And of course dinnertime, you create a feast and end your day on a satisfying note. You may even snap photos of your amazing eats on your phone.

Well, if any of that sounds familiar, you are one step away from knowing what it feels like to be a food blogger. Constantly surrounded by your favorite foods, sharing them, embracing deliciousness and loving every minute of it. So with all this eating and fueling, it is so important to balance things out and stay active!

Food Fitness Balance. So I decided to ask my food blogger friends, who I know are experts in food/fitness balance. I asked them what they do in summertime to stay active and fueled up. Their responses are awesome! From paddle boarding, to cat dance parties, fun runs, gardening and magical hiking sessions. These fitness ideas greatly inspired me, and I hope they will inspire you as well..


Roasted Pepper Hummus, Basil, Caramelized Onion Skillet Sandwich

disclosure: This post was sponsored by Mezzetta Roasted Bell Peppers

One of my favorite things about summertime: beach picnics! And that usually means waking early, preparing a big basket of sandwiches, snacks, fresh fruit, veggies and drinks - then heading out towards the sea to find a lovely spot in the sun. Sinking a beach umbrella into the lush white sand and listening to those beautifully loud California waves crash for hours on end as white and grey seagulls skim the sea mist waves and try to steal nibbles of our feast.

And today's recipe is a sandwich that is packed with savory, smoky, sweet flavors. Get my recipe for my Spicy Roasted Pepper Hummus + my Roasted Pepper Hummus Caramelized Onion Basil Skillet Sandwich.


Easy Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas, with Lime Cream + Homemade Sauce

A few days ago I shared my super easy and delicious homemade enchilada sauce recipe. Well today, I share the enchilada recipe I used along with that yummy sauce. My Easy Black Bean Spinach Smoky Chipotle Enchiladas with Lime Cream..


Easy Enchilada Sauce!

On today's fast and easy vegan menu: homemade enchilada sauce! Aka, Smoky Maple Chipotle Enchilada Sauce. Never buy enchilada sauce again with this go-to, customizable recipe!..


Simple Vegan Corn Muffins

These buttery, fluffy, super simple, gluten-free vegan Corn Muffins are delicious served alongside a warm bowl of chili, soup or big colorful summer salad. They are fluffy, steamy and ah-mazing right out of the oven, but even 1-2 days later, you can slice them in half and pop them in your toaster to re-heat and serve...