10 Cool Things This Week

It has been a busy few weeks and that means I have way too many things I want to post about, so instead of making myself (and you guys) crazy, I am doing a round-up of all the fun stuff I have to share. From ExpoWest to SXSW, green smoothies and a cookbook giveaway, launching an App and being part of an amazing (huge) blender giveaway and video. Many cool things to share with you, experience, talk about and get excited for .. before I collapse on the couch and binge watch Netflix with a mug of cocoa in my lap. That sounds pretty darn COOL to me right now too. Lets put that on my calendar ASAP...

1. I Launched the FindingVegan App! On Tuesday I launched an iPhone App! The Finding Vegan App is based on my recipe-sharing website I created Finding Vegan a few years ago, during the hot, sticky NYC summer of 2009. It started with about ten bloggers submitting their photos and has slowly grown to have thousands of users. FV now has over 69,000 registered users, 450,000 likes on facebook, 64,000 approved recipe submissions available to browse on the App (and website) and more. I am SO excited that after months of work, the App is finally released. You can read all the details here on Finding Vegan. Including where to get the App! If you love finding vegan recipes online from your fave food bloggers, this App is a MUST. Positive App store reviews are appreciated greatly to help give the App some legs. (And yes, we have an Android version in the works.) App Details on!

2. I am Prepping for SXSW! On Friday I will be representing FindingVegan as I host the official vegan meet-up at SouthBySouthWest Interactive in Austin, Texas. I have never. been. to. Austin. So I am so excited! I will only be in town a few days, but hoping to soak in some Austin vegan vibes and find some yummy vegan grub. If you are attending SXSW, come to our meet-up! Free vegan cupcakes will be served ... until they run out that is. Details here! Thank you to The Lazy Smurf for the shout-out.

3. I Swooned Over Colleen's 30-Day Vegan Challenge Book .. and a Giveaway! Last week at a party at ExpoWest I finally met the author of this glorious book, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. This book. I get SO many amazing vegan books sent to me and I try to give shout-outs to all of my faves, but this book deserves a special shout-out and giveaway because it is incredible. Colleen's book the 30-Day Vegan Challenge is a must-have for every vegan bookshelf. And this updated release of her book is GORGEOUS. I am in love with the cover, colors, photos and sturdy hardcover binding. But even better is all the content. From recipes, vegan tips and answers to every vegan lifestyle question you could ever have, this book is superb. And today I am offering a giveaway: two people will receive a digital e-book version of her book. So anyone can enter, not just the USA! Just leave a comment on this post telling me something about YOUR week that was cool or amazing --- I will choose two winners on 3/19/15 - next Friday. Check out these beautiful pics!..

4. I Got Back From Expo-West. Wow what a whirlwind my very first ExpoWest experience was. My favorite part was getting to see so many fellow bloggers and vegan superstars and brands in person! It was kind of an overload on my senses and body, but it was a fun first experience and I met some amazing people and brands. I know most bloggers like to do their "top picks" from all the products, but I seriously tried to make a list and could not. There are just too many inspiring products out there. BUT you will see me hopefully featuring some of my faves in upcoming recipe posts. The true test on a new product is not if I get it as a free sample, but if I end up BUYING it weeks after the event. So those products that I do intend on buying, you will most certainly see me raving about and hopefully using in my everyday cooking. Only time will tell!I just hope new-to-me products like MacMilk and Bitchin' Sauce show up in my local Whole Foods! A few pics..

My date for Expo, this little bunny Cat..

And these lovely ladies - Cat, Sophie, Me and Tricia..

So nice to run into these gals outside under the sweltering sun. Naturally Ella, Amelia of Eating Made Easy and Edible Ash or Edible perspective -- all Finding Vegan submitters!..

And fun with props and creative booths -- a highlight! Taking a mini vacation in my sombrero, and with my surfboard at the Cabo Chips booth. They had to pry me away from the beachy setting.

Eating lunch in the press room, highlight just because of all the fun people we met and silly conversations that were had. I especially liked the guy who was rubbing it in our faces that he got a photo of Channing Tatum and we just missed him. Good times!

This was our amaze lunch that the twenty minute wait in line in the beating hot OC sun was totally worth... Falasopy food truck. Vegan. SO good.

Blender Girl, Tess Masters told me I HAD to try this stuff, and yes it is pretty yummy and creamy. Macadamia nuts gone non-dairy milk.

Mac Milk with Cat and The Body Book's Amanda..

I LOVE when actual owners of the businesses are there. This lovely lady is the daughter of the owners of one of my all time fave brands of olive oil and vinegar. The Yuzu vinegar is a must try. Fig balsamic is yummy too. O Olive Oils...

I met this lovely lady! I adore her #365VeganSmoothies pics on Instagram! She has posted over 270 of the recipes from my book!

Devouring loads of probiotic-rich sauerkraut at the end of an long Expo day = a must! Thank goodness for samples of THAT.

Shoutout thank you to Whitney for writing the "official guide to ExpoWest" -- it helped prep me for all the madness. Maybe next year I will feel a bit more like a "pro" at this Expo thing!

5. I Drank A Lot of Green Smoothies. After getting back from Expo and before heading out again to Austin, all I am craving is giant salads, warming soup and loads of green smoothies. I have been blending up this beauty with my fave Philosophie Green Dream superfood protein powder, as well as some matcha. Recipe: 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup non-dairy milk, 1 scoop Green Dream, 1 tsp matcha. Easy. Delicious. If you want 10% off Philosophie products use code LunchboxLove.

6. I Wore Some Bright Pants. ExpoWest was my chance to wear my bright yellow pants. Yay yellow pants. And thank you to the 96 of you who bought Healthy Happy Life tees! My tee campaign ended last week, and your tees will ship soon!

7. I Made Veeps (VEGAN PEEPS) Hot Cocoa! Sara of Sweet and Sara sells these adorable VEEPS every year, and they are so good in hot cocoa! Sweet and Sara store online.

8. Blender Babes Launched a Super Giveaway + Video. A few weeks ago I filmed an insanely fun series of videos with two of my good friends Tarashaun of BlenderBabes and Sophie of ThePhilosophie. Tarashaun is hosting a super giveaway for a brand new Blendtec blender + both of my books + $50 in Philosophie superfoods. Check it all out and enter here. Our video below, where I blend up my fave Matcha Smoothie from my book 365 Vegan Smoothies..

9. I Posted a "St. Patrick's Day Gone Vegan" Recipe Round-Up on Parade. I am so happy to be writing for Parade Magazine's Community Table website. I have been putting the word out to my vegan blogger friends via the Finding Vegan Blogger group on Facebook, and I am happy to feature as many amazing food bloggers as I can in my round-ups. This week's post is all about the GREEN stuff for St. Patty's Day. Check out the recipes here.

10. I Watched This. Video of the week, I will give to this little friendship. Grab some tissues before you watch!

The whirlwind year the is 2015 continues! More exciting things to come. Now excuse me while I take a bubble bath, slip into some giant fluffy PJs and chug some chamomile tea. Excitement craves down time. It's all about balance, folks :)
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