Seven-Layer BBQ Bowl

I always swoon over tall-layered dishes of seven-layer dip. I cram my chip into the bowl, trying desperately to scoop out a tiny bit of goodness from each layer. But I always fail. My chip breaks halfway through my scoop and I end up with just some creamy guacamole, a tiny bit of vegan sour cream and maybe a few black olives or onion. But the truth is this: Chips are overrated. Just pass me a spoon. And. Lets add some sweet potatoes to that bowl. And lets just eat more than our fair share of this stuff and just call it an entree, yes?

Bottom line, I think you need this Seven-Layer BBQ Bowl in your life, so lets get to it...


Chocolate-Banana Swirl Smoothie with Energizing Maca

This light, frosty and delicious Chocolate Banana Swirl Smoothie contains two layers of smoothie goodness. A fresh and sweet banana layer, swirled into a rich and creamy chocolate layer, all hinted with nutmeg and nutty maca powder for an energizing boost. When you are craving chocolate, this healthy recipe satisfies. Plus get two bonus wellness beverage recipes. And enter a mini giveaway!..


Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen Cookbook Pre-Order News!

I am so excited for today's post! I am sharing cookbook pre-order news. My new book, Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen comes to a bookstore near you in April, but you can pre-order it right now! Everyone who pre-orders my book is eligible to receive my amazing FREE BONUS package, that I put together just for you guys. Get all the delicious details ahead..


Weekday Donuts. Orange Cashew Cream Filled. Gluten-free + Vegan.

When I say the word donut, you probably do not think "healthy breakfast option," right? Well, it seems that donuts, (yes, I prefer donut and not doughnut), get a bad reputation for two things. 1) Being fried, super sweet, indulgent and/or generally unhealthy. 2) Not being easy to make and therefore only able to be store-bought -- or only made on weekends when you are in a Martha-kind-of-mood.

Well this recipe for my delicious, gluten-free, vegan, Orange-Vanilla-Cinnamon Donuts with Cashew Cream Filling, will hopefully smash both those silly donut stereotypes. These lovely, fluffy donuts are healthy, delicious, easy (25 minutes total!)...


(Vegan) Butter-Topped, Wild Blueberry Muffin Loaf. Baking Sunday.

This Butter-Topped Blueberry Muffin Loaf is light and fluffy, loaded with periwinkle-stained wild blueberries in every bite. Filled with healthy ingredients like sprouted grain flour, walnuts, fresh ginger and more. Bake today and make something beautiful. Something artistic. Art that you can eat!...


Pineapple-Power Avocado Toast

I have a confession to make. And I am sharing my most favorite avocado toast recipe...


I'm Checking Out New Vega One! + Giveaway and Recipes.

If you are a smoothie fan like me, you may have heard that the popular nutritional shake product Vega One has a new formula, and I am testing it out, sharing a few recipes, including my super yummy Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl and offering up a $100 New Vega One Sneak Peak Kit giveaway!..


10 Easy-to-Digest Lunches to Bring to Work. Healthy, Happy Tummy.

I recently read an interesting comment on a website that made me want to gather a collection of work week and lunchtime-approved recipes that are fast to make, delicious and most importantly, easy to digest. It was an interesting topic that this person brought up and I would love to expand on it and provide some recipes. Check out my ten easy-to-digest lunch ideas and -- plus get my most-important digestion tip of all. Lets talk digestion!..


Super-Simple Strawberry-Swirl Vegan French Toast

When it comes to weekend mornings, or snow days or sleeping in, or any day where giving into morning relaxation is permitted and embraced, there is usually one big question on everyone's mind as you stumble out of bed and pull on a robe and slippers, "What's for breakfast???" or, if you are like me, "..brunch?"

And if it is comfort food you crave, the classic, go-to answer, I think, is pancakes. Vegans love pancakes and have learned how to make them amazing without the use of eggs or dairy milk. Well lets pause and consider another top contender.. French toast!

Today I share my Super-Simple Strawberry-Swirl Vegan French Toast as well as my 8 reasons why French toast is the unsung hero of veganized breakfasts..


Coconut Curried Skillet Farro and Chickpeas with Smoky Potatoes

This one bowl wonder vegan meal, served from a sizzling, steamy, skillet, is ready for you! Each warm bite is rich in mysteriously alluring curry flavor. Your senses will perk up and get excited while you are cooking this meal!

This entree is soothing and nutty yet spicy with a hint of luxurious sweetness from coconut milk and candied almonds. Not to mention that this is a super healthy meal, rich in whole grains, nutritious beans, nuts and veggies like kale and potatoes. Are you craving it yet? I hope so! Put my Coconut Curried Skillet Farro and Chickpeas with Smoky Potatoes on your menu this week!..


My Top HHL Recipes of 2014!

2014 was a joy to share with you all. So thank you for listening and joining in the convo. To recap a few memories, check out my Top Ten HHL Recipes from 2014. This is a mega-round-up post with 50 links and photos from the top recipes of 2014..


Yeast-Free Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting.

It was noon on a Sunday morning. Finally making it into the kitchen in the PM hours meant one thing. It was too late for morning cinnamon rolls. Or was it? So on I went, following my cinnamon roll craving and popping these rolls into a hot oven around 12:30PM, and enjoying them by 1:30pm .. because one simply has to do the full photoshoot thing before consuming goodies in this household. But I learned one thing today.

It is never too late for morning Cinnamon Rolls.

These Yeast-Free Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting are simply ah-mazing. Fast, easy and cravable. Perfect comfort food for any morning, afternoon or night...


New HHL Tees! Very Limited Time Only!

You guys asked for them, so I am happy to offer a very limited time offer to anyone who wants a Healthy Happy Life tee. More details + photos ahead...