Creamy Carrot Ginger Pumpkin Soup. Easy! Chop-Boil-Blend.

THIS soup guys. Lets talk about it. But first, can we talk about these crazy short days and lack of sunlight? And the craziness of this month? Anyone else feeling it? This month has been insane. I can't even explain it right now because I am furiously typing, barely even aware of the words that are spewing onto my screen. But I always have time for delicious soup, and with this recipe, you can too.

If you feel a bit too speedy this time of year, join me and slow down by diving into a bowl of steamy comforting soup, soup that you made!..


Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

I am so in love with the recipe I am sharing today! My vegan, gluten-free Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cake is moist and dreamy and super rich in chocolate flavor, yet healthy enough to nibble all day long, guilt-free! Well, at least I am pretty short on guilt and I have been nibbling it all day long, pairing it with ginger tea and a latte. Get the recipe, a video how-to and a few little life updates!..


Chatting with FullyRaw Kristina: Veggie Girl Power Interview Series!

They're baaaack. Yup, I am finally back in a veggie girl groove with a few new Veggie Girl Power interviews up my sleeve. Today's VGP interview features one of my favorite inspiring vegan superstars online, Kristina of FullyRaw fame. I am bursting with excitement to feature this amazing lady so lets get to it....


2-Minute Pumpkin Pie-Pudding with Walnuts, in a Vitamix! Warm + Fluffy

When craving pumpkin pie flavors, sometimes we do not have time to pop a pie in the oven for an hour. Well this pudding in the answer! I have always loved making pumpkin pudding this time of year using silken tofu. But this time I nixed the tofu and used walnuts. The texture and flavor of this pudding is off the charts amazing. By blending everything at a high speed in my narrow Vitamix container, the pudding gets super fluffy and warm. I serve it right away with crumbled nuts over top. Coconut whip would be a perfect addition.

Get my recipe + video for vegan 2-Minute Pumpkin Pie Pudding, plus a bonus peanut pudding recipe!.


Walnut Salad Sandwich with Crunchy Celery. "Vegan Tuna"

One of my favorite go-to sandwiches is my chickpea "tuna" salad sandwich. Well this time I give it a bit of a more decadent spin by using not only chickpeas, but also walnuts as the base. The walnuts add a buttery and rich texture that is simply divine when combined with the lemon-pepper flavor. Make this Walnut-Chickpea Salad Sandwich one of your new go-to lunchtime recipes!

I also did a new YouTube video for this recipe that I hope you all enjoy! For the video, I put a bit of a fall/holiday spin on this recipe by adding in dried cranberries. That pop of sweet with all the bright and savory flavors is perfect. Get the recipe and watch me make (and eat!) this yummy recipe..


25 Reasons to Host a Vegan Thanksgiving This Year! + Recipes

Is this you? Pondering the upcoming holiday. Tapping your finger to your lips, your mind swirling with all the plans, people and food yet to coordinate this year? Or maybe your holiday looks pretty easy in terms of details, but the actual food part is still a big question mark.

Well maybe you start browsing the internet, Pinterest boards, blogs and YouTube. And you start to see a whole bunch of yummy #vegan recipes scattered around. And suddenly you think, hmmm, this vegan thing, sounds interesting. I would like to try that.

Well that is certainly where my vegan journey began back in 2000. Pondering the recipes and taking a few test drives of vegan feasts around the holidays. And I have never looked back. This year I will be happily enjoying my 14th turkey-free "turkey day." And if I can do it, anyone can do it. I am just like you. I love good food, friends, family .. and did I mention I love amazing food? Back when it was a cool word to use, (or was it ever?) I happily called myself a "foodie." So I use my foodie-sensibilities with each recipe I create, serve and most importantly, eat. So Thanksgiving, it needs to be delicious. I get it.

But even beyond the amazing food, there is a long list of reasons why a vegan Thanksgiving is awesome.

My challenge to you: host a vegan Thanksgiving in your home this year. Twinkly golden lights, wine glasses filled to the brim, the intoxicating aroma of sweet potatoes, chestnut stuffing and pumpkin pie dancing in the air. And instead of a giant sad Turkey in the center of your table, something else settles in. Maybe a dreamy vegan entree, maybe a vibrant satsuma and pomegranate centerpiece fruit bowl, maybe a lovely vase of flowers or maybe just more and more vegan food. A meat-free, plant-based Thanksgiving is easier than ever! And if you are still not convinced, I have a few more reasons for you to go vegan for your family feast. Here are my 25 Reasons to Host a Vegan Thanksgiving This Year!.. (and details on a $500 giveaway!)


Creamy-Amazing Peanut Soba Noodles in 20 Minutes!

My Creamy-Amazing Peanut Sauce Soba Noodles can happen in 20 Minutes. Dinner is done. This comfort food meal really saves the day in our house on busy weeknights. I whip up this sauce, toss it with some warm soba noodles and layer it with greens and sometimes tofu or tempeh triangles. Other ideas, you could also fold in some chickpeas or chopped veggies like raw carrots, roasted broccoli or carmelized onions to boost the nutrition and add some texture.

This peanut sauce is everything I love in a peanut sauce. Creamy, fluffy and cravable. It is slightly sweet, a little spicy and wrapped in freshly ground peanut flavor in every spoonful. (And no fear, if you cannot do peanuts, you can substitute with cashews or even almonds if need be!)


10 Holiday Sips! + a Nespresso Giveaway + Festive Finds Video

Wow, the holiday season is just around the corner! I will not tell you the exact day count until Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I am sure someone else online will in the next few days! But I am personally pretty excited about the next few months. We have some fun travel planned, my iPhone App should be launching, my cookbook 2015 excitement keeps building and of course holidays mean hours of fun kitchen time and cooking, which I obviously adore. Sprinkle in some holiday music, snowflakes (or raindrops) and a crackling fire and I am set. Oh, and hand me a mug.

Among all those festive holiday goodies and activities, one cozy activity to love: holiday hot beverage breaks. Here are my top ten ways to cozy up to a warm mug. Plus watch my Festive Finds video as I sip enjoy brunch at Nespresso's Beverly Hills Flagship Boutique and then frolic through Sur La Table at the Farmer's Market in LA.

Giveaway! And enter to win a $300 VertuoLine Nespresso Machine. I own one and adore it!..


Vegan Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins with Fiber Boost!

Bake up a batch of these fluffy-amazing Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins with a bran fiber boost and nibble on them all week long! Loads of bananas, oats and dark chocolate chips to keep you coming back for more. I used my special walnut flour trick in place of adding whole walnuts because it adds so much body and great texture to the muffins.

In this season of lattes, hot tea and warm 'n cozy everything, these muffins are a welcome addition to your busy day. Freeze or fridge and simply re-warm to serve. Also delicious chilled! Grab my vegan recipe..