10 Superfoods for Smoothies I am Loving Right Now! VIDEO.

Today I am sharing ten of the smoothie add-in superfoods I am crushing on now. You all know I embrace a smoothie-a-day wellness habit. Well one easy way to super-boost the nutrient profile of your smoothie is by adding in superfoods. And just to be clear, I am using the term "superfood" quite loosely. Basically anything that adds some wellness OOMPH to my smoothie, I like to call a superfood.

There is a long laundry list of superfood possibilities including things like chia seeds, cacao, moringa, aloe vera, hemp seeds, acai powder, mushroom powder, turmeric, spirulina, protein powders, apple cider vinegar, matcha green tea, camu powder, Ayruvedic herbs, cinnamon, pitaya, cayenne, maca powder and on and on. Just hop on over to the supplement section of any Whole Foods or vitamin store and see what I mean! Well my superfood list changes frequently, but right now, these are ten superfood add-ins I am generously rotating into my smoothies. And this post includes a "fuss-free, aka no-makeup or wardrobe" chat and list, VLOG video!

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10 Superfoods for Smoothies: Loving Right Now

1. Turmeric. Love this bright orange spice that adds an anti-inflammatory edge to my fave smoothies. Especially my Trinity Shake! Buy Ojio Turmeric Powder

2. Matcha. You guys know I love matcha green tea. Well, it has a cozy spot in my favorite smoothies. It adds antioxidant power as well as a Zenergizing boost! Compare brands via my matcha review article here. And get my favorite matcha-approved shake here.

3. Camu Powder. Load up on vitamin C! This light pink colored powder offers a lot of bang via a tiny spoonful. One serving offers over 1000% (yes, that is four zeros in there) 1-0-0-0% RDA of vitamin C. Note: Camu powder has a slightly bitter flavor, but that is ok because you only need a tiny bit, and you will probably be adding it to a sweet and flavorful smoothie.Buy Raw Camu Powder

4. Mushroom Powder! I am a huge fan of this new product I found by MatrixMushroom. I bought the "critical care" variety to help my thumb heal, and I have been using it ever since! Mushrooms are a vegan source of vitamin D and offer loads of immune system and wellness benefits. Plus, this powder does NOT taste like mushrooms, phew! So you can add it to smoothies without ruining their deliciousness. Buy Mushroom Matrix Critical Matrix

5. Protein Powder. Vegan protein powder is a great way to add nutrient complexity to any smoothie. And smoothies are a super way to boost your daily protein intake! Check out my laundry list of favorite vegan protein powders in my review article here.

6-10? Check out my video to get the other five superfood products I am loving right now!

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