Rainbow of Smoothies Summer Video + Giveaway + Recipes

As of this weekend, summer has officially launched! And I am bringing you a few goodies to kick off my favorite season. First off, check out my Rainbow of Smoothies YouTube video that I had SO much fun making. Then you will want to enter my giveaway and also grab 7 bonus recipes I am sharing, directly from the pages of my book 365 Vegan Smoothies. Your healthy happy summer starts now.

Watch my latest YouTube video featuring a rainbow of smoothies. Then take my rainbow of smoothies challenge.

SUMMER SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE: Step outside your smoothie comfort zone by blending up a color smoothie that you normally never blend. For example:

* If you are a berry smoothie drinker, try a green smoothie!
* If you love green smoothies, how about a blue blueberry blend?
* Love fruit smoothies? Try a super vanilla or creamy cacao smoothie!

Then enter my giveaway. You will earn an extra entry for sharing your NEW COLOR creation online and letting me know you shared in the comments section. Be sure to use the tag #365VeganSmoothies or #RainbowSmoothieSummer when you share.

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And of course I had to share some smoothie recipes today. The color I chose: Green.

Green Smoothies. My first "green" smoothie was when I started adding spirulina to my favorite papaya smoothie at a place called Liquiteria in NYC. It was the first green-colored smoothie I sipped. From there, I experimented at home with more true-to-greenness smoothies by adding whole greens to my blends, it was truly love at first sip.

My first at-home blend was sweet green citrus. Similar to this recipe. I was making a basic citrus smoothie and decided to add a handful of spinach. I was worried that I was literally ruining one of my favorite smoothies, but I had to try for myself, this thing called a "green smoothie!" Blend. Blend. Blend. And sip. OMG. I remember that first sip so well. It tasted like sipping a green ray of sunshine. Sweet and bright with a hint of rich, nurturing greens. I was in love. I chugged the glass and couldn't wait until my next adventurous green blend.

Green is the new Black. I recently read a super article in my favorite New York Times section: Well. The article "Drink Your Greens" is by Martha Rosa Shulman, and she starts out her article being a classic green smoothie skeptic,

" ..for many years I've been rolling my eyes whenever anyone starts talking about green smoothies or green drinks. I love greens, but not in my morning smoothie."

Then finishes up with, "The drinks are loaded with phytonutrients, and they're filling. They are definitely meals in a glass. When I was testing the recipes I enjoyed every sip and felt very energetic for hours afterward. So no more rolling my eyes: I'm a green smoothie convert."

Love that! I find this is the reaction many people have when it comes to green smoothies. But when it comes from someone like Martha, an award-winning cookbook author and recipe creator for the Health section of, I think even the skeptics have to have their ears perk up a bit! I hope anyways.

So today I and sharing with you 7 exclusive recipes from my book 365 Vegan Smoothies. My book is filled with green smoothie recipes. So if you are looking to infuse your spring and summer with health and wellness, I invite you to join me and start a smoothie habit.

Recipe #217 - Heart-Healthy Section
Beachy Green
vegan, serves 1-2

1 cup pink grapefruit juice (or 1 whole pink grapefruit + coconut water as needed)
1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1 frozen banana
2 cups chopped spinach
1/2 cup coconut water ice cubes

boost it:
* 1 Tbsp unsweetened dried coconut flakes

Recipe #60 - Energizing Smoothies Section
The Green-ergizer
vegan, serves 1-2

1 kiwi, peeled
1 banana, fresh or frozen
1 cup chopped kale leaves
1 cup chopped spinach
1 small orange or tangerine (try frozen for a frostier blend)
1/2 cup non-dairy milk (plain soy used)
1/2 cup coconut water
1/2 cup ice (optional)

boost it:
* 1/2 tsp spirulina powder

Recipe #349 - Beauty-Boosting Smoothies Section
Frozen Green Oasis
vegan, serves 1-2

1 cup chopped frozen cucumber
1 cup frozen green grapes
1 cup coconut water
drizzle of agave or maple syrup
pinch of pink salt (optional)

boost it:
* 1-2 teaspoons aloe vera juice

Recipe #193 - Healthy-Digestion Section
Minted Matcha Tea Shake
vegan, serves 1-2

1 tsp matcha green tea powder
2 Tbsp chopped fresh mint
1 cup vanilla non-dairy milk (soy used)
1 1/2 - 2 frozen bananas
ice (optional)

boost it:
* 1 tsp chia seeds

Recipe #323 - Immunity-Boosting Smoothies Section
Pineapple-Kiwi-Mint Immunity
vegan, serves 1-2

1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup plain non-dairy milk (soy used)
2 kiwis, peeled
1/2 cup pineapple cubes, fresh or frozen
1 cup chopped kale leaves
1 banana
1/4 cup green grapes
1 Tbsp fresh mint
1/2 cup coconut water ice cubes (optional)

boost it:
* 2-3 Tbsp non-dairy yogurt

Recipe #86 - Slim Down Smoothies Section
Green Banana Jungle Shake
vegan, serves 1-2

2 cups chopped kale leaves
1/2 cup non-dairy milk (soy used)
1/2 cup coconut water
1/2 cup frozen mango
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp unsweetened dried coconut flakes
1/2 cup ice (optional)

boost it:
* 2 teaspoons soaked and drained goji berries
* 2 raw Brazil nuts

Recipe #179 - Brain-Boost Section
Book of Greens
vegan, serves 1-2

1 cup chopped kale leaves
1/2 cup mashed avocado
1/2 frozen banana
1 orange, peeled
2 Tbsp raw walnuts
1 cup coconut - sub non-dairy milk or add a splash of non-dairy milk for creamier texture
1/2 cup ice (optional)

boost it:
* 1/4 cup frozen mango cubes

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