The Social Side of Blogging: Camp Blogaway, Books, Friends & Wine.

Books, bloggers, friends, events. The "blogger" stereotype has been shattered. Bloggers are no longer those people who we all once imagined holed up in a dark room typing away on their laptops, all alone and quiet. Blogging does have a social side. An important one too. Enjoying life, meeting new people, trying new products, reading new books and having new experiences is what blogging (ok, and life in general!) is really all about. I know I am a better blogger for it. So I am always happy to share my social side with you guys. Here is a glimpse of some of the amazing people, products and events that have popped up in my life lately. From Camp Blogaway to tasting vegan wine, to networking events and a few awesome new books, here is a slice of my very social spring!..

The Social Side of Blogging. It is so ironic. The first few years of my life as a food blogger were pretty confusing and terribly isolating. I left grad school and moved to New York City with my husband and suddenly found myself "blogging" .. whatever that career choice was! I was embarrassed to even admit to anyone that I decided I wanted to food blog as my career choice. Ha! This was back in 2006, so clearly times have changed quickly as I see career food bloggers sprouting up all over the place. I mean, cooking, eating, photographing, styling, grocery shopping, cookbook writing and recipe developing for a living? Sign me up! Oh wait. I guess I already..

So long story short, NOW I find myself being infused with social things. New hashtag, #SociallyExhausted. In a good way. Blogger events, new and old friends to meet, collaborations to start, product parties to attend, books to read and more. But for me it is a challenge! My social muscle is one I am learning to flex. And since I have never been a huge "party girl" in the sense that I do not crave going to "these things" I am picky with what I do actually attend. Anything with "yoga wear" or "sweatpants" and "no makeup" as a wardrobe requirement has my interest, but sadly I never get THOSE type of invites. Can someone do a #NoMakeup networking party? Yes? Because to be honest, I am very happy just lounging around in snuggly pants, hair in a bun, no makeup, playing with my kitties and a smoothie in hand. Truth. But thank goodness, the things I have chosen lately to attend have all been wonderful! Here is a peek into the social side of my food blogging life...


Camp Blogaway! I attended this awesome food blogger event HIGH up in the San Bernardino mountains. You know the type of camp where you went to grade school science camp? Well this is that type of place! Bunk beds, dusty dirt roads, flashlights and thank goodness hot showers! I met a long list of amazing bloggers like Bombay Blonde, Mister Martha, Eats Real Food, The Other Side of the Tortilla, Gluten is my Bitch and more. Plus I reunited with my fave ladies, Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth and Nom Nom Crunch. Thank you Patti, it was an amazing and very inspiring "work" event! I even signed up to IACP because of it! The CEO, Meredith, gave a super presentation.

Food bloggers, interested in IACP? Check it out..
Sign Up With IACP

Some pics from Camp Blogaway :)

cabin in the woods

camp blogaway scenery

Kathy at camp wearing HHL tee

camp at sunset

Bombay Blonde, Non Non Crunch, Rabbit Food... Lunchboxbunch.

Kathy Patalsky with camera

Kathy Patalsky at Camp Blogaway

Cat of Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth

And up at an altitude of 7,000 things can get pretty silly! Cat and I spent an hour jumping. No, really.

The wind up..
ready to jump for camera

And go!
we jump!

And again..
bloggers who jump together, have fun together

Camp photo:
camp photo at camp blogaway 2014

Vegan Books. Books can be social too! Reading an author's book is like a window into their soul. I adore the books I have been sent lately. Here are my faves..

* How to Be Vegan.
THE BEST. This little, adorable guide to all things vegan by the famed Elizabeth Castoria is a must have for everyone. Vegan or not! I actually think I should carry this handy guide around in my bag at all times and whip it out whenever a vegan newbie comes my way. From travel to clothes to totally fun graphics and charts, this delightful book tells it all on how to be and love veganism. So if you haven't snapped this book up, go grab it!

* The Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks. I will be honest I have not read much from this book, but I read one random chapter and I loved it. Cozy, heart-warming, animal-loving read for sure. I cannot wait to read more.

* Rethink Food, 100+ Doctors Can't Be Wrong, by Shushana Castle and Amy-Lee Goodman. What a cool idea for a book! This book contains a collection of advice essays from over a hundred doctors on topics including diabetes, cancer, the dangers of dairy, healthy digestion, heart health, inflammation, bones, kids, women, men, Alzheimer's, dieting, anti-aging, nutrition and more. What a super cool resource to have on my bookshelf.

* The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse by Rainbeau Mars.
I went to the yoga-filled, vegan-food everywhere, star-studded book party for this book and it was easy to see why everyone loves Rainbeau. She resonates light, wellness and positive energy. Plus here book is pretty fun and fabulous. If you are the type of person who wants a true day-to-day guide to help you discover a healthier, happier, more well you - this book is for you! It contains recipes, meal plans, yoga poses, advice, toolkits and even a "get your glow on" step to every day. I also love the yoga pose of the day. I think this book will have some great answers for managing stress, restoring your body's natural wellness and discovering healthy eating habits. I am excited to read more of it!

And here are some fun pics from the "Superstar" book party!..

most beautiful yoga setup ever..

John Salley.. this guy goes to every party. I am certain of it.

And by the way, John is part of a great company called The Vegan Vine. I bought some recently and loved it! The cab sav tastes way more expensive than it is!..

And even more... Blogger Babes! I joined this super fun group called "The Blogger Babes" here in LA. Founded by my friend Heidi Nazarudin of The Successful Style. It is so nice to network with fellow bloggers! LA Bloggers check it out on meetup!

Heidi hosting the last Blogger Babes event..

Whew! I think I am #SociallyExhausted just writing all that. :) See you out there. Or meet me in HERE, even better ;)

~ Kathy

ps. What are some of your "worth it!" social events you have attended lately?

Kathy Patalsky

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