Spring Round-Up: 36 Vegan Easter Recipes via Finding Vegan!

Easter is this weekend and I wanted to share a few amazing Vegan Easter Recipes I found for you over on my other site Check out these bunny-filled, veganized, spring-y, yummy, Easter-basket-approved, Easter-Bunny-approved recipes!...

In case you haven't discovered Finding Vegan yet, here is the quickie info. It is a visual gallery website filled with vegan inspiration. The recipe links and images are submitted by the bloggers themselves, and anyone is free to submit! Everyone who browses can register for an account on the site so that you can "heart" your favorites and save them in a gallery in your profile.

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Vegan Easter Recipes Round-Up

1. Treat! -> Peanut Butter Eggs by Minimalist Baker
2. Hot Cross Buns! -> Cocoa Chai Hot Cross Buns by The Vegan Cookie Fairy
3. Pretty Cupcakes -> Easter Carrot Cupcakes by Veggieful
4. Veganized Easter Candy -> Vegan "Cadbury" Eggs by Fork and Beans
5. Easter Brunch Approved -> GF Carrot Cake Brunch Pancakes by Fork and Beans
6. Vegan Peeps Made By You -> Homemade Vegan Peeps by Fork and Beans
7. More Veganized Candy -> Veganized Creme Egg Candy by Fork and Beans
8. PB Chocolate Lovers -> Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bunnies by Lunchbox Bunch
9. Cute Cake -> Easter Bunny Cutout Cake by Project Kale
10. Basket Cupcakes -> Easter Basket Cupcakes by Recipe Renovator
11. More Buns! -> Hot Cross Buns by Lucy's Friendly Foods
12. Pretty Nests -> Raw Easter Nests by Fragrant Vanilla Cake
13. These Sweet Cupcakes! -> Pretty Easter Cupcakes by The Misfit Baker
14. Homemade Bunny. Eat the ears first or last? -> Homemade Chocolate Easter Bunnies by Chocolate Covered Katie
15. More Cute Cupcakes -> Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes by Growing Up Veg
16. Bunny Fruit Bowl! -> Melon Bunny by VegSpinz
17. Cookie Dough Lovers -> Cookie Dough Eggs by Mix it Up
18. Something Savory to Nibble -> Veganized Easter Bread by Rooted Vegan
19. Chickies! -> Coconut Cookie Chicks by Chocolate Covered Katie
20. Basket Cupcakes -> Easter Basket Cupcakes via Earth Balance Blog
21. Make a Vegan Easter Basket! -> Vegan Easter Basket by The Vegan Chickpea
22. Elegant Brunch Nibble -> Tofu Egg Salad Crescent Cups for Brunch by Cest La Vegan
22. Coconut Nests -> White Chocolate Coconut Tweet Nests by Babble Food
23. Raw Egg Cookies! -> Trio of Raw Easter Cookies by Vegan Yack Attack
24. Savory Tart -> Pastiera East Tart by Kitchen Bloody Kitchen
25. Pops! -> Coconut Easter Pops by Color Wheel Meals
26. Biscuits! -> Easter Biscuits by Veg Recipes of India
27. Fun with Cereal -> Gluten Free Cereal Easter Eggs by Fork and Beans
28. Brunch Scones -> Spring Fling Scones for Easter Brunch
29. Sip This -> Easter Smoothie by (me!) Lunchbox Bunch
30. Cutie Cookies!! -> Bunny and Chick Cookies by Kitchen to Nirvana
31. Lemon-y Bunnies! -> Lemon Sugar Bunny Cookies by Fork and Beans
32. Fluffy Biscuits! -> Amazing Vegan Biscuits for Easter Supper by Minimalist Baker
33. Easter Eggs -> Easter Egg Sugar Cookies by Alien's Day Out
34. More Amazing Buns -> Chocolate Hot Cross Buns by Veggieful
35. Quiche Me! -> Soyrizo Black Bean Quiche by Meet the Shannons
36. More Quiche -> Spring Asparagus Quiche by Kirsten's Kitchen
Bonus: Minimalist Baker's Easy Vegan Cinnamon Rolls ... because those are ALWAYS a good idea for brunching!

*links take you to the FV post page, for the recipe, click on the image to be taken to the blogger's website --- photo copyrights belong to the blogger who submitted to Finding Vegan.

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