3-2-1 Weeknight Broccoli Bisque!

This 3-2-1 Weeknight Broccoli Bisque is pretty easy and quite delish. With just three main ingredients (in 3-2-1 quantities) it is easy to remember for a healthy soup in a flash. This creamy green wellness soup has zero added oil or sweeteners and super simple prep. You can be whipping this up in a few minutes and enjoying a cozy warm bowl in no time. (Bonus. Try these off the menu uses too: this "soup" actually makes a super sauce for pasta or veggies or a dressing for salads!) Get my anytime broccoli bisque recipe..

THIS soup is divine. Simple, healthy, yummy.

I whipped this recipe up during a foggy, oh-so-perfect, kitten sort of afternoon.

Because it is kitten week here at my house. Not too bad, no? It is the first week that the new kittens are OUT of the bathroom and free to roam around. So they have been playful as can be. And this was their first time observing one of my cook 'n shoot blog photo sessions so it was quite funny when I was shooting this soup and suddenly a fuzzy paw pops up in my view! Sochi wanted a taste of this broccoli bliss. But I intervened before this got messy!..

And these videos you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram. Kittens!

The two personalities..

Hungry kittens..

Yes, it is a joy having these guys around as I work..

That soup looks like it is for me, yes?
(No Sochi)

OK, fine, I'll just watch and look adorable.

More kitten adorableness..

Hello Mr.White! Sweetness..

SO much to explore. Like window ledges. WOW!

But back to the soup!

Broccoli is one of those veggies that we should all be eating more of. It is anti-cancerous and a true green veggie superfood. This soup is a delicious way to eat more broccoli!

Bisque vs. Soup? Upon ordering a "butternut squash bisque" soup recently I was wondering just what would be truly different about it compared to a butternut soup. Well it was a bit extra creamy, thicker. Silky smooth. So you probably guessed right that bisques are basically smooth and more and cream-based. Or in vegan versions - more creamy based, without actual dairy heavy cream. But you do not have to use dairy or even non-dairy milk to achieve a creamy texture and taste! This soup is soy free. "Milk" free. I used soaked cashews to achieve a super creamy "bisque" soup. And I blended on a high speed to smooth things out.

There is a hint of garlic and pink salt and some optional spices like smoky paprika and cayenne. And you can easily make this a CHEEZY soup nust by adding in some nutritional yeast. Yum. Vegan cheezy broccoli bisque. Yes.

Spoon dive in..

3-2-1 Weeknight Broccoli Bisque
vegan, 2 servings

3 cups steamed broccoli (mostly florets, some stem)
2 cups vegetable broth
1 cup soaked/drained raw cashews (about 3/4 cup measured before soaking)

1 clove garlic (I like the mild spiciness that raw garlic adds)
salt to taste (about 1/3 tsp for me)
pepper and other spices to taste
1-3 Tbsp nutritional yeast for cheezy flavor
smoky paprika on top for me

*add broth to taste, more broth, thinner consistency. But you know this :)


1. Soak raw cashews in salted water for 6-8+ hours.
2. Wash and split broccoli, removing and really tough stem, but the stem can also be blended too! But I like mostly florets for richer green-ness. Steam or lightly boil the broccoli until tender enough to blend.
3. Drain and rinse your cashews.
4. Add the cashews, broth and broccoli to a high speed blender. Blend until smooth. Add in the accents and blend. Taste test and adjust to taste.
5. Pour soup in a small soup pot and simmer until ready to serve.


More kittens if you don't mind :)

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