Today's Cozy: Coconut Mocha.

This Cozy-Wozy Coconut Mocha was my treat on a stormy, blustery Friday morning. Silky melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and rich, freshly brewed espresso combine to create the perfect luxurious base. (Oh the aroma!) Add in some special spiced accents and a swirled in dollop of coconut cream and mocha bliss has begun. Cradle this steamy, frothy, chocolate-y mug today!..


How to Master Overnight Oats + Chia Bowls (Mocha Banana Parfait)

I love grab-n-go breakfasts. But I also love a cozy, nutrition-filled grain bowl in the morning. Overnight Oats has all the convenience you need on a busy morning, plus all that homestyle, "real meal" goodness you crave. No protein bars here! (Not that I mind a yummy grab-n-go protein bar once in a while.)

There are soooooo many variations for overnight oats / chia seed breakfast puddings. The best part (besides being supremely delicious) is that on the morning you enjoy them there is virtually no prep and definitely no cooking involved. Grab-n-go. (With a few accent ingredients tweaks being optional.)

How is this amazingness done? Well, all the magic happens while you are fast asleep in bed, dreaming of cuddly kittens, endless bowls of coconut cream ice cream, aqua waves crashing on a white sand beach or maybe just sparkly clouds and cookie dough pancakes. Whatever you dream about at night, you will be also dreaming about your breakfast! Overnight Oats + Chia Bowls (made however you like them!) awaiting you at sunrise.

Here is one of my fave energizing "mocha bowl" recipes and a few how-to tips to get you started!.. (Oh, and some gratuitous kitten photos too..)


Baked Farro with Caramelized Onion, Butternut Squash & Garlic

This easy and pretty simple Baked Farro dish features caramelized onions, roasted butternut squash and a hint of garlic. Perfect as a compliment to a veggie side dish, soup or green salad, the tender nutty farro is accented by the sweetness of squash, some peppery spices and optional ingredients like chopped nuts, mushrooms, chopped dates or dried fruit and more. Fresh herbs like sage, parsley or rosemary are lovely options too. If you haven't discovered farro yet, please seek it out and fall in love!..


3-2-1 Weeknight Broccoli Bisque!

This 3-2-1 Weeknight Broccoli Bisque is pretty easy and quite delish. With just three main ingredients (in 3-2-1 quantities) it is easy to remember for a healthy soup in a flash. This creamy green wellness soup has zero added oil or sweeteners and super simple prep. You can be whipping this up in a few minutes and enjoying a cozy warm bowl in no time. (Bonus. Try these off the menu uses too: this "soup" actually makes a super sauce for pasta or veggies or a dressing for salads!) Get my anytime broccoli bisque recipe..


California Sunset Salad

This fresh-from-the-organic-farmer's-market salad is packed with healthy goodies. Everything is heavily chopped using a sturdy chef's knife. The kale shredded into skinny slices that are ready to absorb lots of flavor, the beets cubed and chopped into tiny crunchy bits and the carrots diced too. This is a chop-chop-chop chopped style salad. It is lightly dressed and easy to make. The light and lovely flavors are energizing and cleansing. Each bite is bursting with vitamins A and C, iron, fiber, calcium, protein and plenty of sunshine. A generous dollop of fresh guacamole of top, some antioxidant-rich purple rice too. This Sunset Salad will have you daydreaming of dinnertime.


Sochi & Mr.White: A Kitty Adoption Love Story for Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I share with you some warm and fuzzy news. Kittens are in the house! Need I say more? OK, yes I must.

I have two new men in my life this Valentine's Day. Here is Sochi and Mr.White: A Kitty Adoption Love Story!..


Katie Higgins, Chocolate Covered Katie's VGP Interview

I have a huge apology to two lovely ladies. Marly and Katie! They are part of my Veggie Girl Power Series that started last summer and was paused when Nelly got sick and my priorities shifted. I have been meaning to post their two amazing interviews for months now and I am so happy I am finally doing it. So sorry ladies! I will be sharing Katie's interview today and Marly later this week. They are talented, inspiring vegans - so please check these gals out!

First up in my continued Veggie Girl Power Interview Series is Katie Higgins, the fun, creative and lovable lady behind the popular website Chocolate-Covered Katie. Get ready for some healthy-dessert inspiration!...


19 Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes to Swoon Over!

As I browsed through my past Valentine's Day approved vegan recipes I was reminded of how much I love V-Day recipes. Lots of pink. Chocolate. Beets. Strawberries. Elegance. Fun. And love! What's not to love? So whether you are celebrating this week of love with your soul-mate, potential soul-mate, best friends, family or just your amazing awesome self, these 19 vegan Valentine's Day recipes (some savory, some sweet) will turn on the charm!..


Citrus & Spice Melted Chocolate Mousse. Vegan.

Chocolate is a go-to date night dessert winner. Nothing caps off a romantic meal better than something dark, dreamy, chocolate. And maybe a hint of spice too. My Citrus & Spice Melted Chocolate Mousse fits the bill...


Rustic Carrot-Banana Bread with Walnuts. Gluten-Free.

It's like carrot cake. And banana bread. All in one. Two faves. I'm sold!

This Rustic Carrot-Banana Bread is loaded with walnuts and spices. It is gluten-free and vegan, made using three rips bananas, a hint of coconut oil, rolled oats and gluten-free flour. The flavor combines classic banana bread with nutty-golden carrot cake. This bread is loaded with texture, which was my plan when I decided to add a robust amount of walnuts, shredded carrots and whole oats. Golden raisins, coconut shreds or chopped dates would be nice add-ins too.

This bread tastes delicious paired with a warm mug of ginger or chai tea or your favorite latte. And I'd included an optional accent of cinnamon cream if you want to turn each slice into a sweet, dessert-worthy treat...


Carrot-Ginger Roasted Potato Bowl with Collards & Spiced Chickpeas

Bowls. Bowls are instant comfort food. A vegan bowl is an entree that is made up of a bunch of yummy dishes. All working together to make one delicious meal. Today's bowl is a feast. Carrot-ginger sauce is drizzled generously over top garlic-roasted red potatoes, spiced chickpeas, garlic-olive oil collard greens and sassy satsuma slices. Making this bowl is easier than you may think, and you can have this warm and healthy, vegan dinner on your table in about a half hour. Get my recipes for this Carrot-Ginger Roasted Potato Bowl and have a bowl-tastic night..


Pink Power Smoothie. Lycopene-Rich.

Thanks to Valentine's Day, February becomes a month of love, hearts and pink! Well start crushing on yourself (and someone special) with this frosty pink sip. This "I Heart You & Me" Pink Power Smoothie is a sweet, citrus-infused blend that is rich in lycopene, potassium, fiber and vitamin C. This heart-healthy blend is a sunny way to start your day or energize in the afternoon. Learn more about lycopene and get the recipe!..