Happy Birthday Cake Batter Truffles

Today is my birthday. Du-na-na-na-na. Happy birthday to me...


Nutty Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Sometimes the best recipes are discovered by happy kitchen accidents. Like this Nutty Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. I was adding the "spelt" flour when, whoopsies, I realized that my spelt was actually my buckwheat flour. So I continued anyways, a bit worried that this bread would not turn out fluffy and lovely as I had hoped, since buckwheat can be a heavy flour. But sure enough, this bread baked up into a delicious banana bread loaf! It has the perfect subtle accent of dark chocolate chips and crunchy jungle peanuts combined with three sticky sweet mashed bananas and all sorts of other yummy vegan ingredients. Try it out and taste my delicious mistake..


Roasted Soup Obsession: Carrot or Sweet Potato. Spices Galore.

My latest obsession: creamy roasted soups. Carrot and sweet potato flavors mostly, with a few flavor and ingredient tweaks along the way. These soups have been bringing me some serious delicious-comfort the past few weeks. Get the info on this fantastic go-to meal recipe and share a bowl with me!..


Shiitake Farro Tortilla Salad + Cookbook News to Share!

The weather here in LA these past few weeks has been gorgeousful. Yes, gorgeousful. Beautiful and gorgeous all at the same time. And while the winter sun has been working overtime here in SoCal, I have been working overtime too. Mostly because I have been so (happily) busy the past few weeks. My exciting news to share, plus a yummy recipe for Shiitake-Farro-Tortilla Salad!..


Easy Peanut-Kale Black Rice Bowl

Is black the new brown? In my house it is! Well, sort've. I still adore my beloved, simple, nutty, fluffy, go-to short-grain brown rice. But black rice also called "forbidden" rice or purple rice is my new must-try fave! Here is why: It contains all the fiber, texture and 'less processed' goodness of brown rice. But in addition to that, it also has antioxidants, the same anthocyanin antioxidants found in blueberries.

So today I bring you a super easy recipe containing a few superfood favorites: my easy Peanut-Kale Black Rice Bowl. Head to your local grocery store or health food store, find some black rice and get cooking!..


Chocolate-Peanut Butter Banana Bites + 15 Healthy Track Treats!

Goodbye pumpkin pie. Hello healthy. January feels like abruptly waking up from a long, fuzzy, jolly dream.


White Velvet Soup

White sweet potatoes. I am obsessed. I love them. They are the ultimate in sticky-sweet baked yam perfection.

And this white sweet potato soup, aka White Velvet Soup, is just way too easy to make. I have already made it twice, and I am plotting when to make it again. Sweet potato lovers, this is a dreamboat of a soup..


Lentil Cashew Cakes

OK, so these may look like basic brown patties. But trust me, they taste amazing! Much more amazing that they appear at first glance.

These toasty little Lentil Cashew Cakes are perfect as a protein-rich appetizer or entree. You could even use them as a veggie burger patty. Rich creamy mashed lentils combine with nutty cashews and cheezy nutritional yeast, an accent of pepper, garlic and citrus zest to lighten things up.


2014 Golden Wellness Smoothie

Wellness trend for 2014: Gold. Calling it now.

While everyone is sipping on green smoothies today (and cheers to that) I just blended up a different sort of smoothie to start this new year. My Golden Wellness Smoothie is a mellow, spiced, sweet citrus blend. A new fave recipe I hope you try! Lets share a golden smoothie toast to start a healthy, happy 2014..