Best of 2013: Top 25 Posts on HHL!

Lets take a look at my 2013 memorable moments and HHL's Top 25 Posts of 2013..


Iced Gingerbread Muffins

Spicy, dark brown, fluffy, cinnamon and molasses-infused vegan gingerbread has been my baking obsession the past week. And December is pretty much the one month you can fully obsess about gingerbread and not blink an eye. So grab some blackstrap molasses and lets start some seriously holiday-yummy aromas brewing in your kitchen!..


Seasonal Sips: Mulled Wine & Kathy's Hot Toddy. Cheers!

My two favorite seasonal sips of the alcohol-infused variety? Mulled Wine and my Spicy Lemon Hot Toddy! Get both recipes, and warm up tonight!..


DIY Holiday Gifts: Vegan Hot Chocolate. Aztec Style.

I am loving this easy DIY holiday gift idea: Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows. Vegan style...


Sugar Plum Citrus-Cranberry Sparkle Muffins (GF, vegan)

Add some healthy sparkle to your holiday season with these Sugar Plum Citrus-Cranberry Sparkle Muffins. They are vegan, gluten free and tofu-infused! Made using oat flour, these tender, sassy-sweet muffins are filled with tart cranberry, orange-spice flavor in every sweet bite. Grab a bag of fresh cranberries and make these festive little gems..


DIY Winter Wonderland Spa at Home. Wellness + Beauty.

I think we can all agree that the holiday season is a time filled with stress, packed schedules, long to-do lists, hectic travel, prepping for company, primping for parties and loads of kitchen time for all the holiday baking and feasting. Twinkly lights and tired eyes. So this month, take a nice long hour or two for YOU. No one else. Just you. I promise after this yummy, aromatic, soothing, ahh-inducing spa sesh at home you will feel cleaner, smoother and less stressed than when you woke up. And your face and body skin will have a sparkly snowflake glow too. So dive into this snow bank and freshen up with a few of my favorite DIY beauty recipes for winter.

Get in the kitchen and prep a few non-food recipes for my DIY Winter Wonderland Spa at Home.

Three recipes in all! They smell so amazing you will truly want to lick you face. And it is OK if you do since the ingredients are all healthy kitchen ingredients you probably already have on hand! The sugar cookie scrub will leave you swooning... Let your beauty break start now!


DIY Holiday Gifts Round-Up.

All I want to do in these next few holiday days is crank up the holiday music, turn on all the twinkly lights, load some gingerbread in the oven, put on something super cozy (or super glittery!) and embrace some holiday time, hot cocoa in hand.

Sure it can be fun to do a little last minute holiday shopping, but it is also super fun to stay in, where it is warm, toasty and cozy, and get your crafty-self in gear whipping up homemade gifts made with love. Cocoa, granola, cookies and more. If you want to whip up some last minute DIY holiday gifts, here are six recipes and ideas to try!..


Three Weeks.

Healthy. Happy. Life. Update. Taking a pause from yummy vegan recipes today. It has been three weeks since I wrote this post. Since Nelly lost her battle with cancer. And a few of you have asked how I am doing. So to continue this heart-filled conversation we have started about pet love and loss (thank you for sharing your own honest and emotional stories in the comments - I continue to read each and every one), I want to share my update..


Marinated Golden Fennel Salad.

This raw Golden Fennel Salad is an easy veggie side dish that will perk up your taste buds, and you mood! One glance at this sunny neon yellow salad and you will feel like a sunbeam just poured into this bowl...