Super-Blueberry Toasted-Coconut Chia Pudding Parfaits. Feel Good.

This food-focused Thanksgiving week is finally winding down and after all that warm and festive holiday comfort food I am now in the mood for some light, clean, antioxidant-filled, detox-aiding meals.

Recipes like.. Green smoothies, fruit salad, chia seed goodies, raw almond milk, protein shakes, matcha green tea, coconut water, chopped salads, whole grain bowls and more. Lets lighten up together and enjoy a week filled with feel good food.

Blueberry + Chia.
Two of my favorite go-to feel good foods in the morning: fresh raw blueberries and homemade almond milk chia pudding. So easy, energizing and delicious. This Blueberry Chia Pudding Parfait recipe is made beautiful and fancy with the addition of fragrant toasted coconut, a hint of cinnamon and vanilla and bright green chopped pistachios. Dive into THIS and feel your wellness soar..


Maple Bliss Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Even though I just posted 21 Pumpkin Pie / Pumpkin Pie-Inspired Recipes, I just had to post yet another spin on my favorite Thanksgiving dessert: Maple Bliss Vegan Pumpkin Pie. This delicious version includes copious amounts of grade B maple syrup as the sweetener. Maple syrup is pretty expensive so I only reserve it for special desserts as the sole sweetener. Thanksgiving is a very worthy day for that!..


Vegan Mashed Potatoes

How oh how have I never posted a from scratch mashed potato recipe before? Well I love mashed potatoes. And they are so easy to make vegan! I love them mashed with the skins left on because you add more nutrients and fiber to each bite. But you can peel if desired. I have four favorite ways to easily make ordinary vegan mashed potatoes sing!.. Buttery Chive, Turmeric, Cheezy-Hemp & Smoky Paprika.

Get my easy vegan mashed potato recipe and let that comfort food glow fill your dinner table..


Pumpkin Pie Lovers: 21 Vegan Thanksgiving Week Recipes

There are so many recipes I love to make during this week-long Thanksgiving holiday celebration. But one thing I think everyone can agree on is the pumpkin pie dessert.

Find the Pie Recipe for You. And over the years here on HHL I have made a few different vegan pumpkin pies. One with a homemade gingersnap crust, one with only four ingredients, a no-bake dream made with walnuts, one with a sour cream swirl and a few more. Ahead, pick out the pie recipe of your dreams.

And I have also shared many recipes that are inspired by pumpkin pie and pumpkin-spice flavors. Both savory and sweet. So here are 21 of my favorite pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie inspired vegan recipes for your Thanksgiving holiday. Because no matter what is for dinner, dessert is a must!..


Frosty Pumpkin Seed Sweet Green Smoothie. Hydrate. Fuel-up. Chill.

This is a simple green smoothie recipe that is kind of perfect for the crazy busy Thanksgiving week ahead of us. This Pumpkinseed Sweet Green Smoothie has ingredients that will hydrate, fuel and calm you. And it tastes delicious, frosty, frothy and cravable. And I use a secret smoothie ingredient found in my 365 Vegan Smoothies book!..


Chocolate + Vanilla Bean, Tuxedo Cupcakes with Sprinkles on Top.

This feels good. Getting back to things. To normalcy. Exploring this new daily life without Nelly. But I won't lie, this isn't easy, last Thursday is still so fresh in my mind, the heartache still raw. But getting back to all my favorite things like writing, cooking, photography, getting back to life, helps me see the light through all this sadness. And with each step forward I become more hopeful that my happiness, though changed, will be completely renewed.

Thank You. I want to first off send you all huge hugs of thanks and love for all the comments here on my blog, email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To be honest, I have not been ready to sit down and read through the many blog comments on my Nelly post yet. I will when I am ready. I adore the stories you share about your own pets and I want to give my full head and heart to reading them. And to reply to each and every comment because I am so incredibly grateful for them. Seeing how much you guys loved Nelly, a kitty you have never met, fills me with so much joy.

Back to Things. My first recipe back is a tribute to miss Nelly cat. Fluffy dark chocolate cupcakes swirled high with silky cream cheese vanilla bean frosting, rainbow sprinkles on top. Black and White Tuxedo Cupcakes. The funny thing is that I made these cupcakes early last week, and I was going to call them "Celebration Cupcakes." But now feels like the perfect time to post them, and give them a tuxedo cat title in honor of Nelly...


In Loving Memory of Nelly the Cat. Love, Light, Gratitude & Loss.

This is a tribute to my kitty cat Nelly, who died Thursday morning from complications of kitty cancer. Since I have shared her life many times with you all via photos and stories, I want to share her passing with you too. Writing about Nelly's life and death and sharing her with you has helped me through this cancer journey greatly, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening. I know Nelly thanks you too.

Cancer Awareness.
And if you are a pet owner, please read or share my page on pet cancer awareness. I also share details about Nelly's cancer journey there.

This post is dedicated to Nelly cat...


Chewy Peanut Butter Coconut Oat Granola Bars. Butterscotch Optional.

These Chewy Peanut Butter Coconut Oat Granola Bars with a silky vegan butterscotch ripple are easy to make and perfect for snacking in a hurry. Grab a bar at breakfast or tote it off with you to work or school. Creamy nut butter (any variety can be used, not just peanut) blends with crunchy rolled oats, nutty flax seeds, some toasted coconut and a generous, but subtle dose of coconut nectar syrup. You could substitute with brown rice syrup if needed. These bars bake up chewy on the outside, crisp on the outside. Plenty of warming spices and vanilla bean accents too. And if you are lucky enough to pick up some vegan butterscotch chips, fold them into the mix or melt them into a pourable glaze on top. You could use chocolate chips, carob chips or cacao nibs if you'd like as well! So many possibilities with these easy vegan bars..


Ginger-Citrus-Maple Roasted Beets & Apples with Pumpkin Seeds.

These Citrus-Ginger-Maple Roasted Beets and Apples with a ring of nutty pumpkin seeds are so simple, yet quite elegant too. Not to mention super healthy. A subtle hint of warming ginger compliments the bright citrus and apple flavors that mingle with the delicious roasted beets. This dish is wonderful served warm or chilled. I actually prefer it chilled! And that way you can easily make it ahead of time, stick it in the fridge and pull it out when ready to serve. I ended up nibbling on this platter all day long when I made it. I kept going back for more and more. Healthy, sweet roasted beets are a sweet, feel-good food you can indulge in, guilt-free! Try this holiday approved recipe..


Vegan Pumpkin Spice Scones. Creamy Vanilla Bean Frosted.

These vegan Pumpkin Spice Scones with real vanilla bean cream cheese frosting are a new fall favorite of mine. I don't make scones often since traditional scones are loaded with butter. But scones can easily be slightly lightened up and veganized. All while still making your scones swoon-worthy! And these dreamy triangle scones had us craving coffee. Lattes. Something warm, dark and steamy for a perfect scone pairing.

These fluffy, soft, vegan buttery scones are infused with real pumpkin, accents of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla bean. Scones feel naked without a glaze or frosting. So this silky, lightly sweet, cream cheese frosting is the perfect topping. These scones are breakfast or brunch approved. Nibble these cute triangles as you sip a warm mug and let fall envelope you like a warm, fuzzy fleece blanket. Have a scone baking session today!..


Citrus Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots + Tahini Brown Rice

Citrus Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots, where have you been all my life? These golden rods coated in sticky, glossy, maple-citrus sweetness do not taste like vegetables. They taste like CANDY. No really, I should've lobbied to have these babies passed out on skewers at Halloween, rather than waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around to serve these. These long skinny carrots have crispy blackened edges and tender insides that melt in your mouth and not on your fork.

And this recipe is super simple. So grab a bunch of carrots at the store, or better yet, the farmer's market, and glaze some carrots today! You will feel oh so sassy and gourmet with this platter on your table. And when holiday dinner tables need to be set, you can pull this recipe out of thin air and look like a kitchen whiz.

Kids, adults and picky eaters of all sorts will fall in love at first golden bite. Make these just once and you will forever be a roasted + glazed carrot fan. Everyone who tries these will want to finish all their veggies. Have I convinced you yet?

And a bonus side dish recipe that pairs perfectly as a base layer for these carrots: Tahini lemon short grained brown rice...


Citrus-Pumpkin Seed Crusty Spelt Brown Bread. Yeast-Free.

Baking homemade bread is delicious and healthy with this recipe for Citrus-Pumpkin Seed Crusty Spelt Brown bread. And di I mention, totally fast and easy too? Really! You can easily speed the bread baking process up by removing the yeast. No rising time required. Just mix your dough, plop it into your bread pan, slide your pan into a steamy hot oven and watch your bread fluff up (just enough) and bake into beautiful crusty bread. I dare you to NOT snag a piece of this crust right after you remove the loaf from its pan.

Yeast-free breads have a hearty, rustic, yet still moist texture when you fill the dough with enough good-for-you ingredients like seeds, whole grains, fruit or veggie purees and more. You get fiber-ful loaves that pair perfectly with big bowls of steamy soup, smashed avocado for avocado toast and just about any meal really. I love to pair a slice with afternoon tea or lattes, warm the bread and add a slather of vegan butter and maple syrup for instant cozy food bliss...


My Fave Vegan Coffee Shake: Walnut. Cinnamon. Mocha.

This Walnut-Cinnamon-Mocha Coffee Shake is frosty bliss in a glass. Creamy cool almond milk and rich coffee bean ice cubes blend with swirls of cinnamon, nutty rich walnuts and cacao. This vegan shake tastes like a rich, creamy "milk"shake, but this spoonable smoothie is quite healthy!

Raw walnuts add fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, cinnamon warms, cacao powder adds antioxidants and a frozen banana adds potassium, fiber and natural sweetness. Coffee-lovers, (or coffee ice cream lovers!) try this chilled out version of your beloved beverage. Recipe + coffee machine giveaway!..