Smashed Sweet Potato Fritters, Pistachio-Pumpkin Seed Crusted

This recipe makes me swoon. Sweet potatoes are easily one of my favorite foods ever and this recipe really celebrates the simplicity of the sweet potato. These Smashed Sweet Potato Fritters are crusted in crushed pumpkin seeds and pistachios and very lightly fried in virgin coconut oil, the sultry coconut flavor is intoxicating. The clean flavors of this vibrant appetizer, snack or light lunch shine through. Add a drizzle of easy tahini or chipotle mayo on top and serve these toasty bites warm from the sizzling skillet. Make these and get your cozy on. Perfect as a fall party appetizer too!..


Cinnamon-Graham Pumpkin Cookies or Crackers.

Graham flavored goodies remind me of being a kid. All cozy and happy, munching on crispy, wafer-thin graham crackers after school. Maybe some peanut butter and jam smashed between two golden, crispy layers. Crumbs everywhere. And not a care in the world. What crumbs? Who cares. These crackers are amaze. Munch munch crunch.

All that carefree happiness squeezed into one flavor: graham. Well actually, graham flour. This cozy fall cookie recipe reminds me to get crumbs everywhere (and not worry about the mess.) Today my one base dough recipe squeezed out three yummy versions..


Bumbly-Topped Blueberry Muffins. Gluten Free & Classic Versions.

These vegan Bumbly-Topped Blueberry Muffins are an easy new favorite recipe. They might seem like any ordinary blueberry muffin, but they have one secret new ingredient I love adding to my baked goods. Give these fluffy, dense, silky yet bumbly-topped muffins a try! Classic and gluten free recipe versions ahead!..


60-Second Applesauce. Raw or Simmered + Maple-Cinnamon.

This 60-Second Applesauce with hints of cinnamon and maple is perfect for those times when you crave a super healthy sweet treat, or for when you may need some applesauce for baking purposes or other recipes and only have whole apples on hand. This is a quickie must-see recipe with a cute story that inspired me to try it..


Peanut Butter Cup Pie. (Or Almond Butter Cup.) No-Bake Dessert.

If anyone says to you that vegans don't know how to party when it comes to desserts, just send them this recipe post. Or better yet, serve them up a slice of this velvet-y rich Peanut Butter Cup Pie and taste-test them into agreement. Vegan desserts rock.

This Pie. If you love peanut butter cups. (Or almond butter cups!) And really, who doesn't? Take your love one step further and turn those flavors into PIE. This Raw, Vegan, No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie is rich and decadent with two layers of coconut-cashew chocolate fudge and one nutty sweet peanut butter layer. Actually, I used almond butter instead of peanut butter for my pie - but either nut butter will work. You could even use cashew butter, sunflower butter or macadamia nut butter. The point is that each bite combines rich (and I mean rich!) chocolate flavor with some creamy nut butter. An easy walnut-date crumble crust completes this dessert...


One Skillet Meal: Pumpkin-Pistachio Kale Fried Rice Bowl + Maple Tofu

I love a one-skillet wonder meal. And this fall-inspired recipe has all my favorites twirled together in one big, steamy, cozy rice bowl. Pumpkin-infused short-grained brown rice, sweet onions, bright green pistachios, crispy maple-accented tofu cubes, warming spices, fresh citrus and of course .. some kale in there too! If you are using leftover cooked brown rice you can easily whip this up in under twenty minutes. Healthy fast food for fall!


Maple Tempeh-Bacon Chili Beans for Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This Maple-Stuffed Sweet Potato is a one-stop shop comfort meal. Sweet maple and chili pepper accented kidney beans mingle with caramelized onions, perky black pepper, thin slices of tempeh bacon and a few crunchy raw jungle peanuts. You can serve the delicious chili bean mixture on its own or stuffed inside a sticky sweet, warm and steamy baked sweet potato. Another idea: I even added a scoop of cashew cheese to the potato before adding the filling (optional, but awesome too!)

This savory sweet, sassy-spiced vegan dish is infused with caramel-y grade B maple syrup, accented with warm spices. I really hope you give this easy, comforting and super satisfying recipe a whirl!..


Avocado-Caprese Sandwich.

Bread. I'm always inspired to make sandwiches for dinner when I get a hold of some amazing, delicious bakery-style bread. These fluffy pumpernickel-oat mini baguette rolls were the inspiration for last night's "Sunday sandwich night" dinner featuring my Vegan Avocado-Caprese Sandiwches, with homemade pumpkin-seed-cashew peppered cheese spread. (Even if you are not vegan and enjoy dairy cheese, please give this plant-based cheese version a try, you might be shocked by how much you adore it!)

Caprese Salad Sandwiches Gone Vegan. I filled each toasted roll with peppered cashew and pumpkin seed cheese that I (quickly) whipped up. Over top the creamy, nutty cheese I added Italian herb marinated tomatoes and onions, accented with basil. Then some lemon-tossed avocados and fluffy micro basil to finish things off. A drizzle of raw macadamia nut oil on top and extra squirt on sunny bright lemon too. Each bite reminds me of a classic caprese salad .. only this time veganized and sandwich inspired! Whip up these sandwiches and turn a caprese salad into your next meal..


Creamy Cashew Butternut Pasta. Easy Fall Entree. #ComfortFood

Here it is. My go-to pasta for fall. My Creamy Cashew Butternut Pasta combines fall flavors to make you swoon. Roasted butternut squash with a hint of coconut oil, cinnamon and pink salt. Creamy cashews that blend into a whipped "Alfredo Sauce" like consistency. And some spelt penne pasta. This rich and comforting pasta bowl is super easy to make. Just get prepped by soaking some raw cashews and roasting a butternut squash and dinner is almost done! Add a salad or a side of roast veggies to complete your vegan feast. Get my recipe!..


My "Mushrooms in Paris" Plate.

This dinner was the first meal I prepared after we moved into our new place this past weekend. It was a flavorful Sunday night supper with some of my favorite ingredients: exotic mushrooms all peppered and sizzling, hot from the skillet. A sprinkling of raw salted pumpkin seeds, sweet rainbow chard, chopped and tossed in a light tahini-maple dressing and some spicy soy tofu crumbles too. Spices and accents of rosemary and garlic throughout. Crisp radishes complete this plate. I also whipped up a side of brown rice (not shown).

Mushrooms are so incredibly good for you, they help boost your immune system among other benefits, so I am always looking for new recipes to feature them in. This plate generously includes shiitakes (my favorite wellness mushroom) and an accent of chanterelles to make things a bit fancy.

Get my Mushrooms in Paris Plate recipe and learn more about mushroom wellness and which mushrooms you probably shouldn't be eating..


Homemade Seitan: How-to Recipe.

Homemade seitan, made from scratch using vital wheat gluten is easier than you may think!

Vegan Cooking Basics. This is a vegan 101 cooking technique (almost) every vegan-curious cook should try. However, seitan is not gluten free, so GF sensitive people will have to skip this one. Once you learn to make your own seitan you will be adding it to hearty sandwiches, skillet sautes, stacking it onto bamboo skewers for grilled seitan skewer appetizers and rolling it into tiny sausage-like shapes for you own homemade vegan seitan sausages! Ready to give it a try?..