Maple-Lime Citrus Salad + 365 Vegan Smoothies Sneak Peek!

Hello summer! Oh how long I have been waiting for you. To usher in this sunny season, I broke out some of my favorite flavors. Sweet pink grapefruit, summer plums, plump goji berries and sweet oranges, zesty lime juice and caramel-sweet grade B maple syrup. Maple and lime is an amazing flavor combo on fruit. This Chilled Maple-Lime Citrus Salad is super hydrating, rich in vitamins, fiber and so refreshing! Serve chilled at brunch or snack straight from the fridge all day long like I did. Sure beats grabbing some chips or other less healthy snack munchies.

The Book. Less than 10 days people! At first I was bummed that my book was delayed a whole month. But I guess it is quite fitting that it be unveiled when the season of sunshine, smoothies and heatwaves has officially begun. Summertime! Welcome summer 2013, I think I will call you the official summer of the smoothie.

Ahead, get an exclusive peek inside my book, details on my VegNews Magazine appearance and my Summer Citrus Salad recipe!..

VegNews "What's in Your Fridge?" - In the July/August issue of VegNews Magazine I am featured in a "What's in Your Fridge" photo plus a fun "Smooth-ie Operator" interview. Pick up your copy to see the feature! It is the issue with the amazing veggie burger on the cover. Peek in my fridge. (Who doesn't love a peek inside anyone's fridge, right?)

Fridge Shoot. I did the photoshoot all by myself, using a tripod, which was quite a challenge! If you have ever tried to photograph a full, open fridge you know what I mean. (Everyone has tried that once, right?) :) The door keeps swinging closed, the little light inside messes up the photo so the bulb has to be unscrewed, lighting the dark fridge is a PAIN, and all the while, things inside seem to mysteriously keep shifting. And it kinda sucks to keep your fridge open that long since the coconut milk ice cream starts to melt, the soy yogurt gets warm and all the foods just get grumpy. But somehow I managed. (I did have to move my fridge into the living room to get a properly lit shot but hey, success takes some muscle power ... pushing a fridge full of goodies across two rooms = muscle power.)

Here is a sneak peek at the shoot .. these are a few leftover shots. See VegNews for the official pics.

Also Check out my 72 Hours with Kathy Patalsky food diary on!

And MORE sneak peeks for you... a look at my book! If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you know that last Friday I received a giant box filled with final copies of my book. I am thrilled with the final result. The colors, the photos, the design and organization. I am in love. And more excited than ever for you to get your hands on a copy to make this your summer of healthy vegan smoothie making. Infuse your summer with wellness and join me for a smoothie-a-day challenge. With 365 recipes, there is always a new flavor to try. (Smoothie ps. entries for my SMOOTHIETUDE contest end Monday. Enter soon!)

Preview: 365 Vegan Smoothies. (Inside the Book previews are not even available yet on Amazon, so this is a very exclusive first look!)

The delivery..

Opening the book. Glee I cannot describe..

Summer + smoothies.

Together at last..

Matcha smoothie? Of course..

The back cover - thank you to Sarma of Pure Food and Wine & Food Network's Melissa d'Arabian for giving such lovely review quotes!

Nutrition info for every single smoothie (365 of them!)

Gena of wrote a brilliant foreword.

I love this photo..


Chilled Maple-Lime Citrus Salad
vegan, serves 3-4

2 large navel oranges, rind sliced off, diced into large cubes
1 large pink grapefruit, rind sliced off, diced into large cubes
1-2 red plums, sliced
2-3 Tbsp goji berries
1 large lime, juiced + zest (+ reserve one slice for garnish)
2 tbsp grade B maple syrup
1 dash cayenne
tiny pinch of pink salt (optional)

optional to serve: candied almonds + cold-pressed raw pumpkinseed oil


1. Prep all your fruit. Place in a large mixing bowl. If you have any leftover flesh or juicy skin, squeeze that juice into the bowl.
2. Add the goji berries, lime juice, plentiful lime zest and maple syrup to the fruit. Add the dash of cayenne and optional pinch of salt.
3. Fold gently.
4. Place fruit in the fridge to chill. When fully chilled and the flavors have marinated and the goji berries plumped, it is ready to serve.

Serving Suggestion: If serving on a plate, add a drizzle of your favorite cold-pressed oil. I used pumpkinseed oil and some homemade candied almonds. To make the almonds I add 2 tbsp sunflower oil to a skillet over high heat. And toast about 1/2 - 3/4 cup raw almonds for about 2-4 minutes. In the last minute I add 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup and a pinch of salt and spices. Toast for another minute or so and allow to cool before serving. Add a slice of lime and additional lime zest over top.

My blender of choice (I own this one!)..

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