22 Vegan Veggie Burger Recipes

updated: 6/2017 - original: 2013

A full-proof way to make your summer weekend amazing? Have a veggie burger night! Veggie burgers of course. Veggie burgers are so flavorful, healthy and easy to make. Have a cruelty-free BBQ or beach burger bash while enjoying of these recipes.

Veggie burger meals are simple. Classic. Fuss-free. Plant-based burgers are free of saturated fat, gentle on the planet and rich in healthy ingredients like plant-based protein, veggies, whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes and more - and yes - when done right, veggie burgers can be totally flavor-tastic.

This summer, reinvent the burger, in your own kitchen! Here are my veggie burger recipes..

My Vegan WOW-Burger...

This weekend and all summer long, ditch the meat and build clean plant-based burgers that taste amazing.

Try this for a sunset hour feast: veggie burgers, fries, toasty potato chips, potato salad, cole slaw and more.

22 Veggie Burger Recipes for Summertime (updated: June 2017, original post: 2013)

1. Sweet Potato Veggie Burger

2. Black Bean Plantain Veggie Burgers with avocado

3. Turmeric Bean Burgers with Spicy Secret Sauce

4. Pineapple Teriyaki Portobello Burgers (with DIY sauce!)

5. Vegan Mushroom Philly Cheese Sandwich or Burger

6. Black & Beet Mushroom Walnut Veggie Burgers

7. BBQ Peanut Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

8. Cali-Veggie Burger Sliders + Carrot Slaw

9. Black Eyed Pea Sweet Potato Sliders

10. Black Bean Fiesta Burgers

11. Vegan Dijon Chick'n Sandwich with cheese and avocado

12. Sunny Mushroom Veggie Burgers

13. Pineapple Jerk Burgers + Homemade Sweet Potato Fries

14. Easy Summer Lentil Sloppy Joes

15. Seven Layer Sandwich (so good it is almost a burger.. burger-ish)

16. Mean Green Edamame Burger

17. Philly Cheese Sandwich ... OK not a burger but Dad-approved!

18. Spicy Peanut Tofu

19. Apple-"Bacon" English Muffin

20. Simple Vegan Veggie Sandwich/Burger

21. And finally... The Kid-Friendly Burger... aka PBJ Club

And to round things out, my WOW-burger + some wow-burger building tips at bottom! Enjoy! Happy veggie burger-ing!

22. Vegan Wow-Burger. Steps to build are below..

How-to Build a Vegan Wow-Burger:
1 - Choose your veggie burgers. There are SO many vegan options available today. For this burger, I chose Amy's Kitchen quarter-pounder patties. They are made using soy protein, mushrooms, veggies, nuts and more. Super flavorful and large in size! A few other store-bought brands include Boca, Sunshine Burgers and more. Or you can easily make your own veggie burger patties using any of the recipes below! Tip! To moisten up the edges of veggie burgers, rub them with some extra virgin olive oil before grilling or sauteing. You can also use melted vegan cheese to help moisten them up a bit.
2 - Veggie Toppings. I added sliced avocado, red onion, tomato, curly green leaf lettuce. You can also try adding sauerkraut, sliced peaches, shredded carrots, cole slaw, roasted bell pepper slices, sliced pickles and more.
3 - Cheese. For a "cheeseburger" try Daiya's meltable vegan cheese. It comes in shreds, wedges and can easily be added to burgers to make melty, cheesy bliss.
4 - Bun. I love whole grain buns, but classic white buns work too. The seeded bun I used today was Ezekiel brand. It is sprouted grain and has a wonderful nutty flavor. Tip! I brush my burger buns with oil along the edges and sides and besides simply toasting the buns, if you saute or heat them in some oil they become very crispy along the edges and simply delicious!
5 - Condiments. I added some BBQ sauce and yellow mustard. You can add Dijon mustard for spiciness or ketchup if you'd like. Vegenaise and chipotle-infused Vegenaise is also delicious on vegan burgers.
6 - Assembly. Stack your burger carefully, it helps a lot of the veggie rounds are sliced evenly so you do not create a leaning burger of Wow! You can add a few toothpicks if needed to hold things together until you present your burger.
7 - Eating the Wow-Burger. How oh how does one eat this mammoth stack? The Wow-burger is all about presentation. To serve, I simply remove the top "burger" layer and serve that as is. Then if everyone is extra hungry you have a half burger leftover. Or you can add some more toppings to the other half and serve two full burgers.

More wow-burger shots!..

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