Smoothietude Contest Finalists

To usher in my new book 365 Vegan Smoothies, last month I announced this contest. $2,000 in smoothie lover prizes sponsored by my friends at DOLE Bananas and DOLE Salads.

Today I announce the Smoothietude Contest finalists! But first, thank you to all the readers who took the time to send in an entry. They were ALL fun, creative, inspiring and smoothie-tastic. Thank you for sharing them with me. Check out these finalists..


Taquito Tuesday! "Fatty Taquitos" + Warm Mexi Kale Salad & Plantains.

I made this meal a few weeks ago and fell in love. I will definitely be making it again. Soon! Maybe tonight. #TaquitoTuesday

I lovingly call these tortilla spirals stuffed with yummy-amazing ingredients, Fatty Taquitos. A baked, over-stuffed version of the beloved Mexican appetizer dish "taquitos."

I paired these delicious bites with a warm Mexican Kale Salad and some slices of sauteed plantains - one of my favorite side dishes ever. Sweet, tender plantains with crisp caramelized edges accent the spiced, fresh salad and hearty fatty taquitos perfectly. Taquito makeover meal accomplished!..


4th of July Vegan Flag Cake with Coconut Whip & Berries.

vegan flag cake 4th of july
Happy 4th of July week! This veganized version of a classic flag cake is a delicious way to celebrate this red, white and blue holiday! Fresh berries, buttery pound cake and plenty of swirled cool coconut whip on top!..


Vegan Breakfast Burrito

This Vegan Breakfast Burrito is all you need in the morning. I'll attribute that to the inclusion of plenty of pepperjack cheese from Daiya. Any vegan cheese can be used though...


Maple-Lime Citrus Salad + 365 Vegan Smoothies Sneak Peek!

Hello summer! Oh how long I have been waiting for you. To usher in this sunny season, I broke out some of my favorite flavors. Sweet pink grapefruit, summer plums, plump goji berries and sweet oranges, zesty lime juice and caramel-sweet grade B maple syrup. Maple and lime is an amazing flavor combo on fruit. This Chilled Maple-Lime Citrus Salad is super hydrating, rich in vitamins, fiber and so refreshing! Serve chilled at brunch or snack straight from the fridge all day long like I did. Sure beats grabbing some chips or other less healthy snack munchies.

The Book. Less than 10 days people! At first I was bummed that my book was delayed a whole month. But I guess it is quite fitting that it be unveiled when the season of sunshine, smoothies and heatwaves has officially begun. Summertime! Welcome summer 2013, I think I will call you the official summer of the smoothie.

Ahead, get an exclusive peek inside my book, details on my VegNews Magazine appearance and my Summer Citrus Salad recipe!..


Mint-Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

These Mint-Chocolate Oat Cake Cookies are fluffy and soft and filled with refreshing mint-chocolate flavor in each tender bite. Fluffy oats and silky coconut oil. This is a family recipe that was always made using "mint milk chocolate chips." But I recently realized that I could achieve the same flavor using vegan semi-sweet chips and some simple organic peppermint extract...


Avocado Toast Pinwheel Platter.

As a late afternoon snack or an evening appetizer, this Summer Avocado Toast Pinwheel Platter serves up a colorful feast for the eyes with some very healthy-delicious flavors that follow. Fresh citrus from sweet and juicy navel oranges. Buttery avocado mingling with summer's freshest vine-ripened tomatoes. Sweet onion, diced into fine cubes. And the brisk and sunlight-filled flavor of fresh lemon juice marinating and mingling with the flavors in each bite. Some salt, pepper and optional spicy accents too. Get my recipe for this party or snack-approved pinwheel platter..


Creamy Vegan Ranch Chickpea + Peach Farm Salad. Peanuts + Lime.

This Creamy Ranch Chickpea + Peach Farm Salad is wonderful for a sunny day lunch or light dinner. Creamy peppercorn and ranch-flavored chickpeas smother crisp, crunchy greens like shredded cabbage, romaine and carrots. Juicy sweet peaches sliced on top add sweetness and a subtle tartness to the nutty, perky chickpeas. No need for dressing on this salad - the ranch dressing is built in! Accents of crunchy peanuts and fresh lime juice. Serve this salad and satisfy your summertime salad cravings. Super easy to make, I whipped it up in just twenty minutes (longer if you allow the beans to marinate in the fridge a bit)...


Doron Petersan's VGP Interview! (Sticky Fingers Bakery & More!)

Next up in my summer-long spread of my 2013 Veggie Girl Power Interview Series is Doron Petersan, known best for her amazing DC-based bakery + cafe Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats as well as her amazing cookbook (we share a publisher!) and winning appearances on Food Network's Cupcake Wars...


20-Minute Pesto Pasta Night!

Mondays call for homemade, easy recipe dinners. This 20-Minute Vegan Pesto Pasta recipe is just the thing for a comfort-food infused dinner. Lively lemon blends with fragrant fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and a few vegan ingredients like nutritional yeast, nuts and seeds that make this pesto nutty, rich, mildly spicy and creamy.

Pair this pasta with an easy salad for a complete dinner. Recipe pairing ideas + links ahead too. Have your cozy homemade "pesto pasta night" dinner ready in a flash..


My Best Vegan Cookie Recipe Yet. Plus, 7 Secrets to Cookie Success!

Ah the cookie. A perfect sweet treat. Simple and comforting yet always held in high regard. Even some of the poshest "foodie savvy" restaurants in town include a dessert offering of "milk & cookies." (I recently went to Crossroads in LA and they served up homemade almond milk + cookies!) So why all the fuss about such a classic dessert? Well one bite of your perfect cookie and you know the answer to that question.

So now. Do you wish you could bake rich, buttery, bakery quality vegan cookies in your own kitchen every time you crank up your oven and grab a baking sheet? Well these are my seven secrets to success when it comes to vegan cookie baking. Plus I share my recipe for Dream Cookies. Aka, my best chocolate chip cookie yet...


Summer. Pita. Bowl.

New make-your-healthy-happy-life-a-little-bit-easier recipe!..

Meet my summer meal featuring a "make-ahead" sandwich concept: the Summer Pita Bowl. This pita bowl features my Avo-Citrus-Sprout Hummus-Stuffed Pitas. Because everything is better with creamy avocado, crunchy light sprouts and a little bit of citrus. Check out the details on how you can be meal time ready this summer with this fun, delicious and healthy idea!...


Maui's Fairmont Kea Lani Resort & Spa. Plus, 12 Fun Things To Do.

Last week my husband and I took our very first trip to Maui, Hawaii together. Though I have traveled to Maui several times growing up in Cali, this was his first trip to the island, and our first Hawaii trip together (a long-planned must-go-there vacation!) - and this was my first trip to Hawaii as a vegan!

I am so excited to share with you my incredibly vegan-friendly vacation in Maui, all of which centered around the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort in Wailea, Maui. Check out info on the awesome special diet program at the Fairmont, view loads of photos, plus my top ten list of fun adventures from this trip!..


Cantaloupe Spin on my Fave Matcha Shake!

The culinary highlight of most of my workdays is my smoothie break. Fast, easy, delicious, energizing. And I usually whip up my fave matcha (or spirulina!)protein shake. Today I made a tiny change with some delicious results! Check out the recipe..


Quickie Cheeseless Quesadillas

Quesadillas without the cheese? Crazy talk you say. Well one bite of these toasty warm, overflowing triangles and you will not be missing the cheese at all! On the menu: Vegan Cheeseless Quesadillas. Filled with sweet chopped onions, silky avocado, bold spices, juicy red tomato (and more..) Veggies, protein, deliciousness, these triangle bites are perfect at any hour of the day or night...