The PB&J Club (Sandwich)

I had plans today. Oh so many plans. But then I hopped on Twitter and realized it was .. PB&J Day .. and (like any good food blogger) my to-do list got tossed aside and I headed into the kitchen to pull out my trusty PB&J-making supplies. This was going to be an epic PB&J making afternoon...

My P B & J Day. Not a bad day at all...

This is not rocket science people.

Peanut Butter.
Strawberry Jam.
(Both organic.)
(Sprouted complete protein bread for me today.)

But obviously I couldn't simply blog about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You guys are a little too sophisticated for that recip1e! So I simply decided to make a PB&J .. to the MAX.

Meet The PB&J Club Sandwich. The perfect PB&J to split with a pal. Orange slices, carrot sticks, apple slices, kale salad, cucumber circles or whatever you'd like served on the plate as well. Here we go...

All while the kitty snuggled in a sunbeam..

To make a The PB&J Club (Sandwich) all you have to do is grab the basics (PB&J plus bread) and add some extras. Fruit slices or even veggies slices like cucumber and shredded carrots work well. I went super simple and used banana sliced in long lean strips.

Then all you do it slather on the peanut butter and jam or jelly. That middle slice getting a double-sided slather. Stack. Slice. Toothpick and serve.

Oh, and don't forget the chilled almond milk or cacao almond milk on the side. Or a frosty chocolate smoothie!..

(Make chocolate 'milk' in a flash by blending your favorite cacao powder with chilled non-dairy milk plus 1-2 ice cubes. Sweeten to taste or use a pre-sweetened protein powder or chocolate mix.)

Pics pics pics..

...(Yes a lot of photography here, but PB&J is just so darn pretty..)...

Oh and I have a little mantra to share..

Protein Powders! (Oh and thank you for all the protein powder advice I asked for in THIS post!) I am super excited about my vegan protein powder review feature - I am receiving oodles of samples from companies this week, so please let me know if there are any brands I am leaving out! So far I am definitely including.. SunWarrior, PlantFusion, Vega, The Ultimate Meal, Shakeology, Arbonne, Perfect Fit Protein, Philosophie, Garden of life, and more...) And just so you know, this is not a 'contest' post. I really just want to create a resource for you guys if you are ever seeking a vegan protein powder. I reference them in my book 365 Vegan Smoothies, so I want to give you guys a guide in case you need one. None of the brands are 'sponsoring' the post at all and all samples are optional from them. In the long run I would love to give you guys my personal opinion for the brand I like best, but right now I just want to educate and provide insight as to the MANY vegan brands out there - what they represent and how they might be right for your needs.

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