Deviled Avocado. Spicy Curry Sauce. Cado-Crunch Salad.

I love a feisty Deviled Avocado.

This boldly flavored dish includes creamy avocado, crunchy apple, sweet onion, tender protein-rich hemp seeds, spices and lemon. Plus a sweet and spicy rich curry-tahini sauce drizzled generously over top. I love these flavors all sweet and sassy. Serve these 'cados as appetizers or alongside a crunchy entree salad for a satisfying and energizing meal...


Fresh Blueberry Muffins. Ginger. Lemon. Almond. Flour-Free!

These Ginger-Lemon Fresh Blueberry Banana Oat Vegan Muffins popped out of my test kitchen this morning and I knew I wanted to post the recipe asap. These tender, fluffy muffins are ridiculously delicious and healthy with just over 170 calories per muffin.

Flavors. Fresh organic blueberries in each bite, all plump, juicy and sweet and swirled with purple-blue goodness. Fresh lemon and spicy-sweet caramelized ginger accents. Plus banana, oat and almond ingredients too. These vegan muffins will wow your family as a grab-n-go breakfast (grab two!) or just make them for yourself, freeze the excess, and reheat these gems all week long.

These muffins are actually flour-free since I process rolled oats in to my very own homemade oat flour (in seconds using my blender). Each muffin is kinda like a to-go bowl of healthy oatmeal: fruit, nuts, oats, plant milk, flavor accents and sweetness. Make these muffins, pair them with some homemade almond milk, and have a very good morning..


Fast, Easy Almond Milk Recipe!

Want to learn how to make creamy, amazing, totally delicious-tasting almond milk is a flash? Good! Today I share my easy method and even a super easy TWO-ingredient recipe with a secret ingredient. (Intrigued?)

For these recipes.. You DO need a high speed blender like a Vitamix. And some sort of fine mesh strainer OR a nut bag. But that is it! Seriously, go from raw almonds in a bag to creamy-tastic almond milk in under 45 minutes. Annnnd GO!...


Chatting Desserts & Cookbooks with Chloe Coscarelli + VGP 2013!

Over the past four years I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of my favorite veggie-powered ladies via my annual Veggie Girl Power Interview Series. It has been so much fun being able to follow the inspiring careers of these veggie superstars in the years since chatting with them all. Past VGP ladies included: Marilu Henner, Chloe Jo, Portia de Rossi, Vaute Couture's Leanne, Sarma, PPK's Isa, Kathy Freston, Heather Mills, Annie Shannon, Gena, Rory Freedman and many more. You can catch up on all my past interviews here: 2011, 2010, 2009. 2013's series starts now! I am SO excited to announce this year's eclectic line-up of ladies and feature an update on a past superstar: the lovely Chloe Coscarelli!

So to kick off this year's VGP Interviews (I announce this year's full line-up ahead) - I wanted to chat all things dessert, cookbooks and more with Chloe. My interview with Chloe, plus she shares with me her dreamy recipe for Vegan Tiramisu Pancakes! (Plus enter my giveaway to win Chloe's Vegan Desserts Cookbook!)..


Green Princess Plate. Romaine Salad + Fresh Green Dressing.

So I had this romaine. Romaine lettuce that I picked up at the organic Farmer's Market, the market held every Saturday in Santa Monica. Oh my this romaine. I spotted it perched on a table, piled on top of ten or fifteen other glossy green lovelies just like it. Gorgeous, fluffy, sprawling leaves of spring green so crisp and fresh that you could easily munch them down leaf by leaf. No dressing required. So for this recipe I didn't want to do to much to these leaves. I couldn't even bare to chop them up!

Green Princess (Or Prince) Plate. I topped each spear with fresh chive hummus. Then a bit of chopped Medjool date to sweeten each bite. Cayenne. Pepper. And I needed a homemade green dressing. And everyone does "green goddess" so I decided to do Green Princess Dressing since this plate is just so pretty. Lemon, pumpkin seeds, white miso paste and some raw hemp seeds. No oil added. Light and refreshing with spring lemon zing. I actually devoured this plate for breakfast it was so irresistible!...


Vega One Bar: Review / Giveaway!

Love chocolate? Love delicious ways to feed you body nutrients like protein, fiber, omega 3's, probiotics, greens and more? Well take a peek at this new (chocolate-drenched) plant-based product from Vega..

Vega One Bar. I am already a Vega One fan - one of my fave protein powders, featured in my recent Protein Powder Guide! So when I heard about those same nutrients in "bar form" I was intrigued.

Taste Test! Ahead, read my review of the new Vega One Bar - plus enter my giveaway.
Prize: a box of bars (6 winners!)..


Tempeh Reuben Club Sandwich. Split a sandwich tonight..

What is better than a delicious sauerkraut-stuffed, blackened tempeh infused, sassy stacked Tempeh Reuben Sandwich? How about a Tempeh Reuben Club Sandwich! This monster of a sandwich is built for two to share and tiny mouths need not apply. OK, tiny mouths are welcome, but you may need to unstack as you devour this amazingly yummy dish. Get my recipe and find out what all the buzz is about when it comes to vegan reuben sandwiches!..


Boston Cream Pie. (Almost Raw. Vegan.) Love to Boston.

With Boston on my mind, this Boston Cream Pie popped into my kitchen. My (almost) raw dessert. The 'cake' portion is raw, including my cashew 'cream' layer. The chocolate ganache topping is simply a silky combination of melted dark chocolate chips and virgin coconut oil.

Why Raw? Yes I guess I could have cranked up my oven and prepared a classic Boston Cream Pie. But the thing is, I have these dates. These beautiful, squishy, velvet-y, sweet and luscious Medjool dates from the Farmer's Market and I was really hoping to use them in a raw dessert this week. So here it is. I hope Boston approves..


Ginger-Mint-Lemon Strawberry + Avocado Salad. Or Tartine.

This Strawberry and Avocado Tartine is infused with lively spring flavors: fresh lemon, raw ginger and refreshing peppermint. Serve this recipe as a fruit salad side dish or pile on top of warm toast for a rejuvenating spring tartine. Avocado toast infused with springtime. I sprinkled some protein-rich raw organic hemp seeds of top for added protein and texture. If you have never enjoyed the AMAZING flavor combo of strawberries + avocado, now is your moment. Get inspired...


Spirulina All in My Shake!.. Two recipes.

"Legumes all on my plate. Spirulina all in my shake. No eggs all in my cake. You don't believe it tastes great. You don't believe it tastes great. Veggie. Veggie. Veggie... Bring it on down to Vegan-ville!"

Am I the only one who still LOVES it? I cannot stop replaying that SNL Justin Timberlake "Vegan-ville" skit in my head. The lyrics keep getting stuck in my head and now I just have to sing "Spirulina all in my shake!" as I sprinkle my spoonful of spirulina into my shakes and smoothies. (SNL skit video is embedded later in this post)

Two Recipes. Today I'm sharing my Banana Island Spirulina Shake with accents of tropical pineapple and coconut, all swirled together with a dash of spirulina. And my Tropical Spirulina Guacamole Toast. Buttery avocado, sweet pineapple, lively lemon and sweet Maui onion.

Spirulina: What's All the Buzz About? There is a reason why you hear about spirulina so much. It contains over 100 nutrients including beta-carotene, iron, vitamins B12 and K, minerals and phytochemicals. Plus it is a high quality source of plant-based, complete protein.

Get my recipes + have some fun + enter my Spirulina Pacifica giveaway (5 winners!)..


5-Step Raw Kale Salad!

Add some green deliciousness to any meal (hey, even breakfast!) by learning how to whip up this simple (make-ahead approved) recipe for 5-Step Raw Kale Salad.

Go-To Recipe. I make this dish A LOT and love it because once you learn the basics you can change things up by adding in a wide variety of fresh veggies, roasted veggies, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, pickled veggies, beans and other vegan goodies.


Boxed Vegan Mac & Cheez Gone Fancy! Easy Dinner Transformation.

Everyone talks about "vegan makeover" dishes. Veganizing. Well here is a new culinary buzz word for you: transforming.

This recipe for Boxed Vegan Mac & Cheez Gone Fancy is easy, cozy (comfort food!) and tastes like it came from someone's culinary heart.

Not from a box.

Get the recipe plus my tips for 3 ready-made products you can easily transform..


Chocolate-Covered Almond Butter Energy Bites or Mini Bars

If you love reaching for a 'bar' when you want a quick energy snack or a healthy treat, these homemade vegan bites and bars are your ticket to satisfying your craving the homemade way.

I like to call these "Mini Moon Bars" and "Trail Truffles" because of the nutty raw trail-mix-y goodness in each bite and because they kinda remind me of "Luna" bars which I have always loved. With some raw Lara-bar-ness built in too.

The Flavors. Nutty seeds like sunflower and pumpkin seeds mingle with buttery raw walnuts which are rich in omega-3's, minerals and healthy fats. Add in some sticky sweet brown rice syrup, creamy raw almond butter, a few secret spices and an optional coating of maca-infused dark chocolate for an energizing treat worth dreaming about. Make a batch of these bites, lock them in your freezer and enjoy them all week long...


The PB&J Club (Sandwich)

I had plans today. Oh so many plans. But then I hopped on Twitter and realized it was .. PB&J Day .. and (like any good food blogger) my to-do list got tossed aside and I headed into the kitchen to pull out my trusty PB&J-making supplies. This was going to be an epic PB&J making afternoon...