Easter Bunny Redemption...

It is Bunny Redemption time. Yup. One of you called me out on my bunny pics in this recipe and I am back to redeem my league of chocolate peanut butter "healthy makeover" Easter bunnies. Because this recipe is just too yummy to not be super cute for Easter..

Easter deserves cute bunnies, yes?

Cute + yummy. Peanut butter filled..

Sometimes people ask me if I read the comments posted on my blog. YES. I do.

(I love love love them. Thank you for taking the time.)

And sometimes they really do influence me.

Called Out. Yesterday a commenter (in a friendly, nice, joking (sort've) way) told me my Chocolate PB Bunnies looked like DONNIE DARKO bunnies. (Yes, they said it in all caps like that.)

I then googled "donnie darko" bunnies.

I was frightened.



They DO look like Donnie Darko bunnies!

whoops. My bunnies were not terribly cute, were they?

BUT this recipe was just so yummy I had to do it again and redeem my bunnies.

You can get the recipe (and frightening bunny photos) HERE using 5 simple ingredients:
maple or agave syrup
coconut oil
dark chocolate
peanut butter
coconut flour

(Basically you use a chocolate + coconut oil chocolate coating, melted. Then combine the flour, pb, sweetener and a touch oil coconut oil for the filling. Really easy, healthy and yummy. And now HOPEFULLY cute-r)

OK, here are my latest bunnies using vegan jelly beans and goji berries too. Cute yet???

Well, cute enough to gobble down that is for sure.

HAPPY EASTER (bunnies) (..because no one like scary bunnies on Easter..)


The peanut butter filling really is yummy. And you can add different amounts of the filling ingredients to customize the flavor. More oil = richer texture. More pb = thicker and nuttier. More flour = drier and more cake like. More maple/agave = more liquid-y and sweeter.

Oh an check out the little hummingbird and her nest in the tree outside my window! Happy spring finds...

More bunny love.

Glad I got that off my chest.
Bunny redemption at last.
Maybe not Martha Stewart perfect, but I am now proud of my bunnies. Phew! :)
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