Spring Swirl & Chocolate Almond Butter: Easter Shakes!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope your holiday is filled with sunshine, happiness, peace and good food. I'm so excited that spring is here so that more and more of you guys can join with me to lend up frosty, warm-weather perfect spring smoothies and shakes - filled with wellness, flavor and fun. (I know many of you are still hoping the cold exits swiftly so some spring sunshine can sparkle into your home.)

Smoothie Season. Since I kinda love posting a special smoothie on Easter (like this one!) I decided to do a duo of smoothies this year. My Spring Swirl Shake is a frosty, fruity blend with flavors of banana, watermelon and an energizing shot of green to top things off. And my Chocolate Almond Butter Ripple Shake is dessert-approved, yet healthy enough to sip whenever you crave it! (It reminds me of a chocolate peanut butter candy bunny!)

Pre-Order is happening.. You can find 365 smoothie recipes just like these in my book 365 Vegan Smoothies, out June 4th! All the details here. Cheers to spring and the upcoming smoothie season.

And ps, I have a question about protein powder brands for YOU guys..


Easter Bunny Redemption...

It is Bunny Redemption time. Yup. One of you called me out on my bunny pics in this recipe and I am back to redeem my league of chocolate peanut butter "healthy makeover" Easter bunnies. Because this recipe is just too yummy to not be super cute for Easter..


Holiday: 40+ Vegan Easter Recipes for Everyone to Love!

Happy Easter Week lovelies! Easter dinner is one of my favorite feasts to make because it is really the one big family holiday that sits on the brim of springtime. So farmer's market goodies, lively spring salads, colorful spring appetizers and desserts and cool summer-y beverages are all up for grabs...


Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Bunnies & Truffle Easter Eggs

These are my kind of eggs. And who doesn't love a cute bunny? (updated CUTE bunnies HERE.)

These easy, no-bake, vegan, almost raw, super healthy Peanut-Butter Filled Easter Truffles are shaped like eggs (sort've) and cute bunnies (hey, I tried!)

Velvet-y soft peanut butter coconut-accented filling with a soft dark chocolate coating. Rich cacao nibs and other goodies can be added too. One bite and your "peanut butter chocolate egg" Easter memories will come flooding back. Y-um. And FYI, do NOT be intimidated by confection-making - obviously you can make these truffles as refined and perfect or rustic and homemade (ha, me!) as you'd like. No special egg-shaped molds or candy gadgets needed. I say: they do not have to look perfect to be super cute & delicious!..


Oatmeal, Citrus, Goji Berry, Cacao Chip, Morning Muffins. Wheat free.

Grab your rolled oats and bake up a batch of these Oatmeal Citrus Goji Berry Cacao Chip Morning Muffins and enjoy them all week long!..

If you love blueberry muffins, try these plump-goji-berry muffins with tender antioxidant-rich goji berries in every bite! Rich chocolate (cacao nibs!) and bright citrus flavors accent the sweet-tart pink goji berries. Nutty oats and a sprinkling of flax seeds bring these tender, moist muffins together. A hint of coconut, vanilla and cinnamon too! These exotic superfood muffins gives me a sunny, tropical feeling with each bite. Perfect for your culinary transition to brighter spring flavors! Vegan, wheat-free recipe ahead..


Kamut Coconut Almond Butter Chip Bars. (Chocolate .. or Carob!)

Nibble on a Kamut Coconut Almond Butter Chip Bar this weekend and have leftovers for the week ahead!..

These puffed cereal squares are light and crisp with the earthy, nutty flavor of puffed kamut in every bite. The bars are infused with almond butter, coconut, a hint of cinnamon and your choice of chocolate-y chip. This no-bake recipe is fast and easy. A healthy substitute for "marshmallow squares" or super sweet granola bars. Just a touch of brown rice syrup is all you need for these bars. Grab my recipe + get 5 reasons why one might choose CAROB chips instead of chocolate!..


10 Vegan Shake Recipes

These ten vegan shake recipes will come in handy for those days when spring fever finally hits and all you crave is a sunbeam, your sunglasses and a frosty sweet treat to cool you off and make you smile.

Spring. Is. Coming.
Do you feel it? That warm feeling on the back of your neck. The squint in your eye and the urge to take off your fuzzy sweater and heavy winter shoes - and frolic around in a tank top and light sandals. It's the feeling of spring! And no matter where you live (sunny LA or breezy Boston) spring fever will catch your glance at some point soon and when it does you'll be wishing you had a tall frosty glass of something to match your sweet-n-sunny mood. I usually reach for a smoothie - or a vegan shake. So here are ten of my favorite vegan dessert shake recipes -..


Herb-Crusted Peppercorn Lentil-Nut Pâté. Appetizer or Vegan Entree.

At first glance, as I popped this round out of its pan and settled it on a plate, I was worried. A brownish-grey recipe dish? Great! How do I photograph and 'sell' this recipe? Then I took a bite. And all anxiety dissolved as I melted into the amazing peppery-nutty--earthy-cheezy flavors and thick yet velvety, fluffy soft texture. This Herb-Crusted Peppercorn Lentil-Nut Pâté is not to be missed...


San Francisco: 19 Awesome Things from my Trip!

Last week I hopped on a flight to San Francisco for a few days. LAX -> SFO. I was asked to speak on a blogger panel at the Produce for Better Health Foundation's annual conference at the W Hotel. But instead of hiding out in my swanky hotel room, eyes glued to the screen - hotel wifi on the scene - I decided to make the most of my few days in the delightfully foggy, salty-sea-air-kissed city of San Fan and have some laptop-free, heavy Canon Camera-free, kitchen-free fun. Check out 19 awesome things that happened on my trip!


Easy Miso Avocado English Pea Soup. Bright Green. Fresh Flavor!

This super easy Spring Pea Soup combines some favorite flavors: sweet protein-rich English peas, white miso, avocado and some simple spices like fine black pepper and optional cayenne. This silky soup is served warm instead of steamy hot and will be ready in minutes. The taste is ah-mazing. I made this as a quickie lunch and felt super energized and satisfied after this creamy bowl.

So grab some spring peas at the store and make this soup! Plus - please take my easy/two-question HHL reader survey..


Lemon Cashew Raw Cheesecake. Matcha Green Tea Swirl.

This zing-y Lemon Cashew Raw Cheesecake with a Matcha Green Tea Swirl and walnut crust is a delightful dessert recipe for spring. Each bite floods your taste buds with an energizing sunburst lemon flavor.

Taste: sweet creamy lemon zing! And after the bold and cleansing sweet lemon flavor lifts your taste buds into zing! mode, the silky creamy cashew texture, slight bitterness of matcha and rustic nutty crunch of buttery walnuts are welcome tones and flavors. Sassy meets earthy with a whole lot of zing.

This simple recipe can be made in minutes (with some easy prep), let it set in the fridge for at least an hour (overnight is best) and your sunny season raw vegan, no-bake dessert is served…


Homemade "00" Flour Pizza Crust. (Vegan) Pizzeria Night at Home.

I have been making homemade pizza dough for a few years now. And I have always loved the results. But recently I finally switched out my basic baking flour for "00" aka "double 0" flour. And oh my goodness was the difference remarkable.

In today's post I will give you my easy tutorial on pizza dough. (I highly advise using"00" flour, but yes any flour will work!) Plus share my recipes for vegan Parmesan (made in seconds) and an easy homemade pizza sauce. Italian pizza night for you!..


Spin on Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers: BBQ Peanut.

These BBQ Peanut Sweet Potato Burgers are a spin on one of my fave veggie burger recipes. This time around, I added in some bold BBQ flavors via dry BBQ spices and smoky sweet BBQ sauce. Plus some nutty, amazing crushed roasted peanuts to pump up the burger texture. Crushed nuts in general, taste amazing in veggie burgers. Cashew, walnut and almond burgers are quite delicious - but I had never tried peanut burgers - so this was my peanut burger success recipe!

This southern-inspired recipe really made me swoon. Serve with a side of vegan cole slaw, carrot slaw, a raw chard salad, some simple sweet potato fries (or tater tots a la Trader Joe's!) Make these burgers for your next veggie burger night!..


Spring Greening: 10 Simple Tips!

Spring is just around the corner (March 20th 2013 to be exact!) and spring is the perfect time to make a few changes in your life to clean-up your home, the planet and most importantly, green up your lifestyle. So along with cleaning out the garage, milling through outdated clothes in your closet and scrubbing the veggie drawers in your fridge, take a few steps to embrace all things GREEN via recipes, habits and activities. Get my ten tips for some spring greening! Plus enter my spring greening giveaway - one person will win a $75 Whole Foods gift card to help them green their diet!..


Lucky Leprechaun Dip! Creamy green goodness.

This Spring Green Lucky Leprechaun Dip is rich and creamy. Lively yet comforting. The amazing ingredients: raw cashews, white beans, extra virgin olive oil, tahini, kale, parsley and plenty of spices. Lemon accents in every bite too. Pair this dip with your favorite dipping snacks - carrots, celery, flax crackers, rice crackers - for a healthy-delicious snacking platter. You will be a lucky snacker with this on your table...


Creamy Maple Mustard, Raw Chard Salad: Simple Salad Success.

It is often those super simple afterthought dishes that wow me most at meal time.

I whipped up this Creamy Mustard Maple Dressed Raw Chard Salad around lunch time last week. Then I let it marinate and chill in the fridge for a few hours and by dinner time it was cool, flavorful and the perfect green accompaniment to dinner.

This creamy vegan dressing is made using maple, apple cider vinegar, spices, some creamy vegan mayo and coarse/whole grain mustard (..which I honestly do not normally prefer, but in this dressing it WORKS). This salad, with its sweet-and-spicy-mustard undertones really reminded me of a sunny spring day. I wish I had some edible flowers to garnish this perfectly simple salad dish with!

For best results, take your time finding the perfect fluffy, ruffled bunch of organic rainbow or red chard for this recipe! I found my bunch at the farmer's market...