Crazy Double 'Coconut' Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies. Vegan.

Can you ever have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes? I think not.

These vegan Crazy Double 'Coconut' Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies have caramelized coconut undertones, a bronzed caramel color and a dreamy tropical flavor from the mingling of (double coconut) - coconut sugar, coconut oil - cinnamon, banana, walnuts and chocolate. I promise that the smell that glides from the oven as you bake these gems is one that will mellow you out in an instant. (Other recipe title: chill out cookies.) These tender cookies were enjoyed with RAVE reviews...


Vegan Passover Recipes - Matzo Treats, Charoset

I often get requests for vegan Passover recipes. And while I don't think I'll be able to "veganize" an entire Passover Seder menu anytime soon (I'm simply too un-experienced in Passover cuisine) - I can offer you a few treats and nibbles that I whipped up. First off is a delicious fruit and nut mixture called Charoset. And then three different peanut butter chocolate Matzo treats. Passover delights made easy - and vegan!..


Superfood Bliss Bowl: Fresh Fruit, Cacao Cream, Warm Brown Rice.

This Super Food Fruit Salad started off pretty simple with some sweet zing-y fruit: juicy oranges, perky kiwi, sweet banana and tangy Goji berries. Cravable and energizing. But I went a bit further and made my fruit salad into a meal, I'll call this a bliss bowl. My cravings lead this recipe...

Warm, nutty, brown rice.
Hint of maple.
Fresh zing-y fruit.
Did I mention chocolate?

So my salad turned into a Super Fruit & Cacao Rice Bowl. The cacao cream/puree/pudding in this dish could easily be served all on its own for dessert of breakfast. This nutty and somewhat unusual dish is pretty fantastic if you like to get creative with your wellness meals. So start with the fruit salad recipe and add some fun, if you'd like. Click ahead to see how it all turned out!..


Golden Caramel Coconut Popcorn Bites. Oscar-Approved! (vegan)

Tomorrow is the Oscars! A swanky night for all the Hollywood celebs means I get to cozy up at home and serve up some fun snacks to nibble while we watch those shiny golden statues get handed out. In celebration of golden Oscar, this year I whipped up these Golden Caramel Coconut Popcorn Bites. Each bite of crunchy fresh popcorn is coated in a buttery, coconut-y, rich and sweet caramel coating. Caramel-coated nuts speckled in between the fluffy popcorn.

And with only four base ingredients, this vegan recipe is a simple sweet treat to try! Especially if you are a popcorn or caramel corn lover.

This was my first recipe experimenting with organic coconut palm sugar. I also used virgin coconut oil. Double coconut flavor made these bites simple, buttery and blissful. Yes they are sweet and rich, so all you really need is a tiny bite to experience the flavor. Join me in a caramel corn toast to Oscar night! (Or any movie-watching night!)..


Creamy Cashew Veggie Pot Pie. Flaky Biscuit Crust. Comfort Food.

Oh boy guys. This recipe. THIS recipe. This is one of those recipes where I made it on a whim (I had some frozen peas in the freezer just begging to be used up!) and the recipe turned out miles and galaxies better than I had imagined. And after a few small bites during my recipe photoshoot, I simply could not WAIT until dinner time to have a proper feast-ful serving of this stuff.

And one day after, my review of this pie is: wow. yum. mmm. (Sorry that is not a very sophisticated review. ha.)

This vegan Creamy Cashew Veggie Pot Pie is silky smooth with a super rich, creamy, cashew base. Sweet petite peas, diced white sweet potato, chopped carrot and shiitake mushrooms dance and roll in this rich white, velvet-y sauce. The top layer coconut oil crust is buttery, flaky and kinda dreamy - yet SUPER easy to make.

If you have even been a "pot pie" lover you need to try this recipe! (And even if you are not a pot pie fan, this may convert you!)..


Mushroom Melt Breakfast Sandwich with Sweet Potato Home Fries.

For a hearty breakfast or brunch treat, serve up this easy-to-prepare vegan plate consisting of a warm and toasty Mushroom Melt Breakfast Sandwich, Spiced Sweet Potato Home Fries and some freshly squeezed orange juice. This guy-approved meal is my favorite way to treat myself or my husband to a weekend-style, protein-rich breakfast ... breakfast sandwiches are easy enough to prepare on a weekday even. Get my recipes, more breakfast sandwich links and a cool kitty lover factoid about Disneyland!..


Veggie-Loaded Avocado White Bean Salad on Toast. + Harissa.

This delicious Veggie-Loaded Avocado White Bean Salad on toast is an easy vegan lunch (or dinner!) recipe to try. Avocado-lovers, meet a pumped up version of "avocado toast." Serve as an open-faced sandwich for a light and lovely lunch, or serve along side a spicy broth-y soup for a hearty dinner feast. The vibrant veggies and rich creamy avocado merge perfectly with nutty rustic white beans, and accents of citrus, white miso, cayenne and pepper.

I call this recipe an "avocado salad" since (kind of like this recipe) it is creamy and thick, and perfect for piling on top of toasted bread. You could also slather this mixture on top of toasted bagels, inside pita bread or even serve it on top of a fresh bed of greens for a 'bread-free' serving solution. I loved this recipe and will be making it again for lunch for sure! Get the recipe + nutrition info..


Double Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Layer Cake. Vegan!

This Double Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Cake is perfect for some well-deserved Valentine's Day decadence.

I already did some cute heart-shaped sugar cookies. And some chocolate-frosted banana cupcakes with pretty pink sprinkles. So why in the world would I need to do another recipe? Well, as usually happens when I browse the internet, I came across this post on BuzzFeed: 71 Reasons Candy Hearts are Stupid - and was immediately inspired. I mean oh-my-goodness look at all that decadent chocolate bliss! I needed to do a vegan version of some double chocolate, fluffy cake, drizzly chocolate, rich buttery-ness, strawberry-accented dessert heaven...


Lemon Avocado Toast + Basil Pesto on Top. Low Sodium. + Giveaway!

I think we can all agree that "Avocado Toast" is one of life's greatest culinary simple pleasures, yes? Take some toasted bread, a ripe, buttery (healthy fat-filled) avocado, some optional seasonings and such and your perfect snack is born.

Now I won't lie. I usually generously sprinkle (drown..) my avocado toast in seasoned chili salt and pepper because that is how I love it. But okay yes, even plain au natural, salt-free avocado on toast tastes delish. And for today's post I'm featuring another low sodium way to serve up avocado toast. This toast is brimming with bright sunny flavors of basil, lemon, nutty walnut, pepper ... and of course avocado. Meet my Lemon Avocado Toast with Nutty Basil Pesto.

Take your favorite snack to another level by trying my salt-free pesto dressing drizzled over top. PLUS a giveaway I'm taking part in. This recipe is part of Sodium Girl's Recipe Rally for low-sodium recipes. I was happy to take on her low sodium challenge. So... enter to win a VITAMIX! (I know you guys love smoothies and Vitamix recipes just as much as me!) All the details ahead..


Valentine's Day Heart Sugar Cookies. Almond. Coconut Oil.

Everyone needs a heart-shaped treat on Valentine's Day, and these vegan sugar cookies are both delicious and cute for your holiday.

Tender, buttery sugar cookies are made using simple ingredients like organic flour, virgin coconut oil, raw turbinado sugar and extras like and a hint of almond extract and citrus (flavors that really make these cookies memorable). Some vegan pink sprinkles and coconut glaze on top and you have a very sweet dessert platter to present to your beloved Valentine! Or anyone who you want to spread a little love and cheer to this week...


Rustic Tomato Rice Kale Stew. Comfort Soup. Oil-free.

This Rustic Tomato Rice Kale Stew is bliss in a bowl I tell you. No, really, seriously. Having a gloomy day? Need some warming up? Need a hug from your soup bowl? This is the recipe for you.

I don't know why, but I had a random craving for "Tomato Rice Soup" yesterday. Since I have not had 'tomato rice soup' in forever, it caught me off guard. But since I actually had some leftover cooked rice in the fridge and a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, I knew I could easily whip something up in a flash. Under twenty minutes actually since my rice was pre-cooked.

This thick and creamy tomato veggie soup turned out even better than my taste buds imagined. I added in some organic, sweet peas and carrots (from a frozen bag!) And some thinly chopped kale just begging to be pulled from my fridge veggie drawer. A few warming spice accents and a generous helping of nutritional yeast and my perfect tomato rice stew was born. And this was my first time making tomato rice soup since I usually use pasta or beans. So thick and creamy, I had to call this a stew. So for some serious comfort food in a flash, whip up my recipe..


Chocolate Frosted Banana Cupcakes. Vegan Valentine's Day!

Chocolate and banana is one of my favorite flavor combinations, so this Valentine's Day I wanted to share a super yummy, dreamy recipe for vegan Chocolate-Frosted Banana Cupcakes. The avocado-based frosting is silky smooth, swirled on top of sweet, moist, fluffy banana cupcakes. Add some pink sprinkles on top for the perfect Valentine's Day accent!

Plus read my 'question of the day' thoughts on using the word "vegan" (or not) in brand messaging..


Easy Mini Nacho Pizzas!

These fun Mini Nacho Pizzas are inspired by my love of two recipes: English muffin mini pizzas and cheezy vegan nachos. This recipe is also a perfect way to use up leftover jars of salsa in your fridge!

Easy recipe. Fifteen minutes or so .. and done. Hot lunch approved. Serve with a fizzy citrus sip.

This recipe includes protein, veggies and bubbly vegan cheese deliciousness..


Hummus Dip. Restaurant-Style.

This restaurant-style warm hummus dip is creamy, inviting and super easy to make in just a few minutes!

Standing in my kitchen, just staring into my pantry for a minute or so, waiting for some inspiration to hit, the can of organic garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) caught my eye and my craving hit. Hummus! Warm, delicately spiced, creamy-delicious hummus with flavors of lemon and tahini in every perfect bite. Speckled pepper-y spices, a hint of garlic, fresh parsley and a drizzle of EVOO on top. Add a platter of freshly-chopped, colorful veggie sticks and (boom) your amazing-looking dip spread is done.

This is a classic restaurant-style presentation recipe, however I've added a few tweaks to the ingredients. So if like me, you love hummus, make. this. dip.


Vegan Potato Skins! Fully Loaded. For Game Day or Any Day.

Why oh why have I never made Vegan Potato Skins before??? These party-tastic oval bites were super easy to make and oh-my-goodness amazing. Load up a platter of potato skins for game day, your next party or just because you crave them! (These bites are easy to crave once you have tasted them.)

Potato. Skins. Super crispy, buttery potato skins cradle creamy, cheezy-mashed potato filling with bubbly melted vegan pepperjack cheese shreds scattered on top. Piled on top of that cheezy bliss: vegan sour cream, vegan tempeh bacon bits and a colorful array of freshly chopped veggies including green onion, chives, red onion, tomato and jalapeno. Some micro kale on there too, to boost the green goodness. Plus I have a few more steps along the way to make sure your potato skins are the best ever!!..