Citrus Radish Avocado Platter.

Back from a quickie weekend in Vegas, I was craving a sunny, colorful platter of vibrancy-boosting fruit and veggie flavors. This Citrus Radish Avocado Detox Platter really hit the spot! A simple citrus dressing splashed on top, a few very fresh ingredients and my vibrant plate was ready. Recipe + Vegas pics!..


Since we have been in LA, my husband and I have loved taking quickie getaway trips to Vegas. I adore it because I can dine at The Wynn where every restaurant has amazing vegan options. Totally fuss-free. Steve Wynn is vegan.

These weekend we went to see Celine Dion at Caesar's Palace. It was pretty fantastic. Love her!

Radish love. This sunny platter was a welcome post-travel dish. It is really all about those radishes. ps. Radishes + "butter" and watermelon radishes and radish tartines = also yum.

Fancy Detox Platter.
This platter is delish served in place of a traditional "salad bowl" at dinner, lunch (or breakfast!) It also makes a very pretty party tray or cocktail hour platter. Serve with some vegan cheese + crackers for a totally elegant feast.

Healthy Bite.
The citrus is loaded with vitamin C and fiber. Antioxidants help to wash away all those free radicals. And the radish is great for fighting tummy acid and may even help sooth digestion. The avocado is soothing with all those healthy monounsaturated fats. Citrus like lemon and orange has been known to nurture the body from the inside-out - fighting free radicals and helping to alkalyze the body. Optional fennel seeds have been known to help digestion when chewed. I also added a few slices of white grapefruit to further enhance the citrus flavors and free radical-fighting power of my platter. Grapefruit is optional.


Citrus Radish Avocado Detox Platter
vegan, makes one platter for 1-3 people

1 bunch of radishes (red or pink, white and red)
1 large orange
1 satsuma or tangerine
1/2 large avocado
optional: 1/2 white or pink grapefruit, peeled/sliced

splash on top:
2-3 Tbsp fresh-squeezed orange juice + pinch of zest
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 small lemon, squeezed
1/8 tsp fennel seeds (optional)
salt + pepper to taste
optional: 1 tsp grade B maple syrup for a hint more sweetness


1. Wash and thinly slice your radishes into rounds. Place in small bowl. Add the "splash" liquid and toss well.

2. Peel and slice the citrus into rounds. Arrange elegantly on a plate. Add the radishes over top.

3. Slice your avocado into spears and gently toss in the leftover radish dressing. Layer avocado around platter.

4. Drizzle leftover dressing over top all the ingredients on the plate.

Serve or place in fridge to chill for an hour-overnight if you want your radishes to get a bit soft and slightly pickled in taste in texture.

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