(Secret Ingredient) Vanilla Shake

For a quick pick-me-up treat, blend up this thick, creamy, frosty Vegan Vanilla Shake. I add protein powder for extra nutrients. Simple ingredients, and one secret pink ingredient!..

Secret Ingredient. If you follow my blog, the secret ingredient (FROZEN WATERMELON!) may not be a secret to you since I use it a lot in my shakes. I love love love the frosty cool texture the watermelon gives my shakes when blended with creamy banana and non-dairy milk. I use this ingredient in my favorite matcha shake.

Shopping Tip! You can buy a giant half or quarter of watermelon at the grocery store (year-round even!) for just a few bucks. I take it home and slice it into cubes (roughly) and freeze in a large container or plastic bags. I can get at least five shakes (sometimes more!) out of one large watermelon slice.

The watermelon acts as "ice cream" and "ice" all in one. It sweetens, adds texture, frostiness and even sweetness. Watermelon is super low in calories compared to (ice cream) the usual "shake" ingredient. Watermelon contains only 50-60 calories per cup and plenty of vitamin C, potassium and even lycopene found in red and pink-pigment fruits and veggies.

Bananas are of course very healthy and contain fiber, potassium and natural sweetness.

For the "vanilla" part, I use a vanilla flavored non-dairy milk and usually add in vanilla protein powder. A few drops of vanilla extract or even real vanilla bean seeds would also help. (But I kinda doubt you have a few extra vanilla beans lying around. A lil pricey.)

Vegan Vanilla Shake
serves one

1 1/4 cups frozen watermelon cubes
1 banana, frozen
1/2 - 3/4 cup non-dairy milk, vanilla (less liquid, thicker shake)
1 heaping scoop of your favorite vegan protein powder in vanilla flavor

Blend and serve!

tip! ripe fruit makes for a yummier smoothie, so freeze your banana and melon when they are ripe!

I use a Vitamix so that this smoothie blends up thick and creamy. But if your blender is not as powerful, you may need to add a few more splashes of liquid to get the blend moving.

Protein Powder? So many to choose from!

My best advice to you is to head over to Whole Foods and grab sample sizes of as many vegan protein powders as you can find. Then throughout the week or month, give those samples a try in your favorite smoothies. You want to find a brand that not only tastes amazing to you (otherwise you will not use it) and also has all the nutrients you are looking for. Sometimes a simple protein powder is best and other times you may be looking for a complete vitamin and mineral infused blend (like Vega One, for example.)

I tend to skip around brands to make sure I get a balanced selection of good stuff. Plus I just love trying new powders. You can also browse for vegan protein powder.

Also check out these protein powder posts by two of my fave vegan ladies, Gena and Angela:

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Shopping Tip! Remember that if you are looking for vegan protein powder, do not choose anything that contains whey or casein. Both those ingredients are dairy-based.

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Oh, and this smoothie is also kinda awesome if you want another smoothie to try..

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